Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kevin Gullikson’s ‘This Is Our Time’ is Out Now!

Radio Drive’s Kevin Gullickson is a one-man musical sensation who has recently released his new album ‘This is Our Time’. This skilfully crafted rock album waxes lyrical on positivity and is filled with pulsating ideas and rock anthems throughout. The music itself is well written and performed to the highest quality – songs like ‘Borders’ have a catchy use of a simplistic riff that leaves you humming the song for days.

“This is Our Time” has been met with great reviews and charted on New Jersey Stage’s 70 albums of 2012. His song “Rising” also made it onto the top songs of 2012 – a music list by Gary Wein.

DangerDog Music Reviews said ‘If you like your melodic rock well-crafted and well performed with a positive, inoffensive message, than Radio Drive’s ‘This is Our Time’ is perfect for you. The applause just keeps on coming for this talented musician 2013 is going to be a great one for Radio Drive.


Friday, January 25, 2013

I.N.F ‘Graffiti Park Love’ Single Out Now!

American hip-hop artists I.N.F have unleashed their latest single, “Graffiti Park Love”, available now on iTunes! The African American rappers have climbed to new heights with their music, by rapping male vocals and effortlessly layering them over the old-school trip-hop and rap genres popular in the nineties-‘noughties’. Do not mistake these people to be melancholy though; I.N.F display music that is bold and full of energy, and “Graffiti Park Love” is just as good hip-hop should be!

The percussion elements are that of a classic R&B, complete with layered samples and a heavy beat. The lyrics are soulful and show depth. I.N.F are a sensational hip-hop act that should not be missed! Check these guys out on their official iTunes page below!


Evolution Hip Hop Vol.1 - Blue Pie Brings you Hip Hop For You To Enjoy!

Blue Pie Records in America has brought their hip-hop crazed fans their first various artists’ compilation, “Evolution Hip Hop Vol.1”. The full-length 12-track album samples the fastest growing; revolutionary acts in groundbreaking rap of our time. The compilation features acts such as; Mr. Tac a.k.a ‘Chocolate’, Korrossive, AZitiZ, Bre and more!

Blue Pie Records have been receiving an overwhelming amount of praise for the quantity of great quality artists on their Label.

These acts are all fresh and explicit and exclusively, available for distribution through Blue Pie Records and posted directly on our iTunes pages!


Dux Jones Continues His Legacy With New Single “Bopper’s” !

Dux Jones is a former basketball player who found his true calling in the creative arts and music. Dux has since then dedicated himself to becoming the ultimate ‘emcee’ hip-hop artist. His influences vary; a huge fan of all types of music, movies, and art, Dux Jones would argue that it’s the pieces that “grab the soul”, which in turn move him.

He has since discovery convened with fellow Visionaries, ‘30Water’ and ‘Bey’. Together they formed The “Uncanny” Inc. Uncanny have become a trinity of masterfully creative minds, devoted to all things peace loving, expressed through a super funky form of R&B.

Records like Michael Jackson’s Thriller balance Dux between fantasy and reality, allowing him to create a world “Where everything’s different,” but still a reflection of his personal experience.

Dux has and will always to continue that legacy, and with his fresh new single, “Bopper’s” released now on iTunes, Blue Pie cannot wait to get on board that dream!


Winston & Yoddy Bring Their Fans The lasted In Good Feel Dance Music !

Winston & Yoddy- an electronic ensemble brought to you by SubSonic Records and Blue Pie Australia, these guys know how party! They have brought their fans the latest in innovative dance music with the newest single “Beautiful People”.

Not a pair to displease their audience, Winston and Yoddy have brought out tracks in numerous fusions over the years, with “Beautiful People”, featuring Andrew Worboys and Kyla Sexton, offered to their fans alongside mixes by Fabian Gray and Pretension.

Whether you are a fan of heavy, bass ridden ‘Dub’, or ‘Club’ anthems and ‘House’ music, this dynamic duo is not an act to be missed! Check out their latest and greatest on iTunes now!


Del Casher Receives Great Feedback From Fans On New Single “Malaguena” !

Blue Pie is delighted to announce that indie artist Del Casher “cooks” with his hot latest single! “Malaguena”, is a seductive form of Spanish folk music and dance from Malaga, a variety to the very popular “Fandango”. Del Casher will blow you away with his mesmerising rendition of the ‘Latin Guitar Experience’, which has already received five star reviews on iTunes, despite only being release early 2013!

Del Casher (born Delton Kacher) is an American guitarist, innovator and inventor. His many creations include the ‘Wah-wah’ pedal, which significantly influenced the development of rock and roll guitar style. He also devised the ‘Ecco-Fonic’, and later the solid state ‘Fender Electronic Echo Chamber’. He was the first to introduce the ‘Roland Guitar Synthesizer’ for the Roland Corporation.

To learn more about Blue Pie artist Del Casher, check out his official page!

Malaguena- ‘Latin Guitar Experience’ is available now on iTunes!


Azitiz Signs Global Agreement With Blue Pie !

Azitiz- a soulful hip-hop artist with a knack for percussive talent! This happening artist is, “ready to leave the crater, meaning she’s going to make an impact!” Her style is true to the roots that created the great urban talent of our time, and her voice floods your head with easy listening, memorable lyrics and infectious percussion. She takes her inspiration from legendary acts; ‘Missy Elliot’, ‘Basement Jaxx’ and ‘Queen Latifah’, with added flare that oozes catchy. She injects cool into your ears with her hook-heavy brand of hip-hop.

Azitiz has been recently noted as one of the must see female MC’s  by ‘Click’ and has recently began performing on Arkansas hip-hop television show, ‘Zone 24 TV’. Blue Pie are happy to have picked up Azitiz on an exclusive global distribution and publishing administration agreement. Chill and check out her latest single, “What Is Love” now available on iTunes!


Deny The Lie Release New Single !

Pop Punk rockers from Nottingham ‘Deny The Lie’ have officially release their head-banging latest single “Alright Now”. Self Made Records have announced the news alongside Blue Pie Records, and fans in the UK are excited to hear of a FREE promotional tour to endorse their latest works in May, with the band recently confirming on Twitter.

The female fronted band enjoys creating music with an energetic edge giving them a unique sound of their own. Formed in 2010 and formerly known as ‘Let’s Go Friday’, Deny The Lie have experimented with darker, more passionate material to showcase in their latest single. A wide variety of influences can be heard in their music, including artists such as; Paramore, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Blink 182, Escape The Fate and You Me At Six.

Uk fans watch out! This dynamic are sure to burst a few eardrums! Head to their iTunes or their official site for more details! Just Google ‘Deny The Lie’.


Crosson Is Infectious with Rock n’ Roll Disease !

Theatrical punk rock band Crosson is contagious with their latest single “Spreading The Rock n’ Roll Disease”. No need to quarantine though- the only thing you will catch from these people is a series case of music fever! Fronted by singer/guitarist ‘Crosson’ and two sultry back-up dancing babes, they deliver an act so theatrical you need to see it to believe it.

After two electrifying albums, these guys are back with their quirky brand of rock music. Imagine if ‘Meatloaf’ and ‘The Sex Pistols’ had a love child… Wildly fusing heavy metal/punk with rock sounds of the 80’s and tongue-in-cheek attitude, Crosson transmits a powerful and catchy, addictive sound that has gathered an extreme cult fan base.

Check out Crosson with their new single on iTunes… But be warned- They’re very addictive!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Annushka Releases Their Latest Album With Blue Pie!

Annushka is a four piece collective, driven by a playful energy that’s intoxicatingly entertaining. With a play list ranging from soulful ballads and haunting folk tunes to hot Latin Jazz, this quartet is as virtuosic in execution as it is original in interpretation. Annushka draws on the rich diversity of the members’ backgrounds which includes Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Classical, Music Theatre and Folk music. Charming, confident and professional, this ensemble’s experience includes venues from the Sydney Opera House and Angel Place to the Camelot Lounge and Venue 505 as well as countless CD recordings, television appearances, session work and live national broadcasts.Annuska’s latest album will be distributed exclusively with Blue Pie Records! We are excited and proud to promote and support musicians of such calibre and talent throughout a wide range of genres! If you’re a fan of all things folk and classical, view a seek peek of their latest works on their E-Music page.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DJ Central Volume Three is available on iTunes!

The third compilation will introduce some brand spanking new acts of dance genius including; Collin Sky, J&T Project, Alex Avenue and much more!

Check out iTunes to grab a copy!


Volume Four of DJ Central's "Dance + House" Album out now!

DJC has been bringing all the latest and hottest electronic music acts to your telly with flaming reviews since its creation last October! The genres are expanding than the quality artists are not to be missed!

This round of sizzling acts showcases works by none other than; Bella Nae, Derek Turner, DJ Diamond, Melanii Diva, Justin Anthony, and that’s just naming a few!

Get your dance fix sorted with the latest album out on iTunes now!

Following up volume 4 is an equally as catchy, hook-driving, thumping volume 5! Beat dropping, dance music fanatics from all over the globe have been raving about the quality of the DJ Central show and the content it provides to its audience.

It is no wonder DJC has quickly followed up with the swift release of Volume 5 “Dance + House”!

Volume five will establish mastermind mixers; Brio from Rio, Cosmic Gate, Luciana and much more, including old favourites DJ Diamond!

Pick up your copy today! Dig it, Download it, Play it!