Friday, August 3, 2018

Chick Nick lays down a cool club hit with " Controller ". Its 3am lets chill !!!

Real Touch Records and Chick Nick drop what we believe will be a cool new club 3am downtempo hit for the next 12 months. Not much more to say except RESPECT !!!

We are letting you do the words for this one.

PLEASE PLAY THIS 3 TIMES IN THE SUNSHINE ! Listen to this hot track on SoundCloud: Watch the hot new video: Now, it is time you to download, to listen!!!

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Sean Tizzle lays down his new song "In my head". Sean is only just beginning to churn out the hits.

Sean Tizzle aka Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, is the one of four siblings. He started his music career in 2013 with the release of his single “Sho Lee”. As at today that debut song has over 700,000 views on Youtube and close to 1M streams accross all the other leading stores like Spotify and iTunes.

For "In my head", Sean Tizzle has teamed up with DJ Prince to kick this into afro-pop overdrive. The result of this awesome collaboration is “In My Head”, this song is a foot stomping hit !

Now, it is your turn to download, to listen to this track and let your ears do the judging. 

You can check out the song and more information on Sean Tizzle at the following links:

BlaqJerzee's new release " Kpatata " is already at over 200,000 streams and growing !

BlaqJerzee is a successful songwriter and producer credited with many Afrobeat major hits. He continues to blend various genres to create his totally unique Afrobeat Pop.

Kpatata is already at over 200,000 streams on Spotify in just a few days.

Blaq has worked with many leading pop star including DJ Central artist Sean Tizzle in the past 12 months. The collaboration has led to several hits including "Like to Party" and "Kush Love".

"Like to Party" was produced by BlaqJerzee and mixed and mastered by Grammy winning Buck 3000 (New York City). Buck has worked with and produced songs for some of the biggest artists in the USA today, including Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Prince, Pink Floyd, etc…just to name a few.

Adding "Kpatata" to your playlist is ESSENTIAL for your music SOUL !

Listen to Blaq and click on the following links:

The Olivia Project bring new life to Olivia Newton-John’s greatest hits !

DJ Central goes into dance overtime and presents “The Olivia Project – Volume 2”. With 17 songs dance pop killers songs for you to dance the night away.

Paula Lacovich is the Olivia Project and now re-ignites these classic hits for the world for your listening and dancing pleasure. The albums are out now on Pride Music.

In 1996, “The Olivia Project”, had major chart success in ASIA and Europe with “Spend The Night” and " Xanadu". Both tracks achieved 10 in Japan, Australia and the UK

In 2018 DJ Central Records and Pride Music bring you a double digital release with Volume 1 and 2 of Olivia N-J’s biggest hits such as “Xanadu”, or “Twist of Fate”.

Volume 1 now has over 250,000 plays on Spotify in less than three days. Paula Lacovich aka The Olivia Project is heading back to the top of the charts again.

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Olivia Newton-John’s incredible covers are now available in an original compilations “The Olivia Project - Volume 1

DJ Central is proud to introduce you to " TheOliva Project" Volume 1 and 16 dance pop covers featuring the vocal talents of Paula Lacovich.

The songs are covers of some of Australia's pop music icon Olivia Newton-John's biggest hits. Listen hard to these as we think these are better than some of the original versions.

Paula Lacovich is famous for her vocal talents and the foundation vocalist of the " Oliva Project ", singing just about any song that Olivia recorded and turning it into a classic hit cover.

In 1996, The Olivia Project, had major success in ASIA and Europe with “Spend The Night” and " Xanadu" with both tracks achieving top 10 in Japan, Australia and the UK.

Its now 2018 and The Olivia Project are releasing their hits for all to enjoy. There are two new digital albums and they feature some of the hits including: “Physical”, “Have you ever been Mellow”, and “Magic”.

The albums are off to a great start with more than 50,000 streams on Spotify in less than three days after its release. Paula Lacovich is nothing short of amazing and one of Pride Music's top selling artists for the past dcade.

Thanks to these two fabulous compilation you can relive your childhood memories. For others who did not grow up with Grease or Xanadu, adding “The Olivia Project – Volume 1” to your playlists is a great way to get acquainted with huge 1980s classics.

Check out all the links below and DANCE DANCEDANCE !!!

Spiffy and Chingy have come together with this great collaboration for everryone to dig !

In 2006, Chingy had recent success with his album "Hoodstar" and the track "Ass N Da Aurr" gathered more than 170,000 fans on Spotify.

The new single. "Jagaban" is gethering more and more plays on Spotify and iTunes.

You can check out their music and find more information using the following sites:

The East Side Boyz hit hard with a feature from one of the worlds iconic hip hop and Rap acts Mr MC Breed for an amazing new song "Pull Up"

The Eastside Boyz have been friends since childhood. They are now hitting the airwaves hard with their new hit song " Pull Up".

They are a multi-platinum selling team who had global sucess with their collaborations with Lil Jon, with songs like “Get Low” which has over 77 Million views on YouTube or with “What U Gon’ Do” with over 28 Million views.

Fast forward to August 2018 and they drop a powerful beat with “Pull Up” which is nothing short of Hip Hop gold. This track is super catchy and an ear worm that keeps on going. Long time fans seem to already love this heart pounder party track with streams rapidly rising on all streaming networks.

Listen to “Pull Up” whether you are a party shaker or a sport lover in need of a motivational song.....or simply because you love Hip Hop !!!

Don’t waste any more time and add “Pull Up” on your playlists!

You can check out the track here: