Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Danny Vash & Nite Wolf's latest album 'Hard Life' brings some life back in to the Hard Rock scene

Since the success of their previous album "Takin Control" in 2015, Danny Vash and Nite Wolf have cemented their place in the global rock scene and continue to make significant strides in the industry with heir latest album "Hard Life". With all this momentum, Danny and Nite Wolf aren't showing any signs of slowing down. Their hard-hitting sound is a combination of Danny Vash on lead guitar and vocals, Bill Weber on drums and Mike Alberts on bass. Together they grind out crunchy riffs, complex melodies and songs with a classic hard rock sound. Danny Vash writes all the music and lyrics, bringing his patented passion and commitment into his work; this all comes together to create an authentic rock sound that will have you coming back for more.

'Hard Life' was released in April 2016 and in those few months has been receiving some serious attention and radio play on a number of FM stations based in the US and abroad, proving that good music gets played. The album includes some of Vash's finest work in songs such as 'Judgment Day', 'Hollywood', 'Highway Wars' and the title song 'Hard Life', each song has it's own unique feel whilst still maintaining that Danny Vash quality assurance. Vash is committed to pushing his brand of hard edged rock to the world and I say let him!

For more Danny Vash Check out the links below, but before that here's one of his older hits to let you know what you're in for.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Down3r Hits Up 2016 Suga Boom Boom Tour With LadyDice Rolling In For The Ride!

With Down3r already dropping the mic, beats and chasing dragons at nightclubs across New Mexico last year and more recently appearing to perform at the Renegade Roller Derby in Oregon, Down3r is back with a string of performances throughout the month of May!

Since being picked up by a number of reputable independent hip hop stations in the states Down3r’s talent is finally getting some more much deserved attention from lovers of hip hop.

Starting in April, Down3r's tour is now heading down south, with the first stop a concert a Club Lumina in Espanola, NM. Joining him is LadyDice and Precious G for a stellar show. Next up Leo's Bar and Grill in Albuquerque followed by a performance at Hat Tricks in Texas.

This coming weekend though, Down3r is out celebrating and DJing for Cinco De Mayo at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles before continuing with his tour. Down3r will be performing Suga Boom Boom and all the songs from his new EP Side chick and all the fan favourites and you do not want to miss this!
May Tour Dates 2016
May 13th 2016 - Club Lumina, Espanola NM (21+) 1187 State Road 68 Espanola, New Mexico
May 14th 2016 - Leo's Bar and Grill 1119 Candelaria Road NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico. /
May 20th 2016 - Hat Tricks, Lewisville Texas 101 E Corporate Dr #300, Lewisville, TX 75067. /
For a full list of all the dates please go to the tour and gigs section on Down3r's site at

Down3r and Side Chick !

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Let the Beast out and roll the dice ...........LadyDice drops her debut album "Beast"

 DJ Central artist LadyDice has just dropped her debut album "Beast". Now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer, you can take a listen to her tracks featuring A-Guttah in “Stars”, Lyric in “Exile”, Ariez in “Breathe”, Big Mike in “Beast” and DL Downer aka Down3r in “On the Rise”. Already on the rise to becoming an international sensation, LadyDice has used her lyrics to inspire others.

Check out and listen to our personal favorite "Beast" feat. Big Mike! ....the fans are already writing about this great debut the digital ink is still wet so have a read over some of what the fans are saying on itunes, Facebook and Instagram below.

The DJ Central radio and promotion team will be delivering this amazing debut album to the world effective immediately. Check out the links below to get a piece of her music!

LadyDice is a DJ Central Records artist and available at all leading digital retailers on the planet !


Friday, April 15, 2016

HeadBand reformed for one magical night in Adelaide and played at the AMC and were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame !!!

Seventies, Australian progressive blues-rock band, HeadBand reformed to play one magical nights live music at the Adelaide Music Collective’s 13th showcase. On the night the band were also inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside fellow legendary band the Mounty Loft Rangers founded by Peter Head.

HeadBand consisted of bass guitarist Chris Bailey; drummer Joff Bateman; singer-songwriter and keyboardist Peter Beagley (later known as Peter Head); and singer-songwriter and guitarist Mauri Berg. Host John “Pembo” Pemberton welcomed Headband to the Hall of Fame, with Head accepting the award, alongside drummer Joff Bateman.

Giving the final performance of the evening on the night they sounded just as great as their time supporting both the Rolling Stones and Elton John on the Australian leg of their tours.

Led by Peter Head (again) and Bateman, with John Carlini covering for the late Chris Bailey and Richard Semmens filling in for lead guitarist Mauri Berg due to illness. It was one magical night of prog-rock from the 70's that we are all sure that Chris Bailey would have been looking down from heaven with a smile.

Although only together for a few short years, Headband deserve the accolades they have been gifted with this year. Their album " A song for Tooley" is one of the most saught after prog rock vinyls that sells on eBay now for over $700 ( If you can find a copy ). They have made a mark on Australia's musical landscape and are hailed as musical influences with many of the modern day rock bands from as far away as Sweden to the USA. Their album when recorded in 1971 took over a year to complete and was at the time the most expensive album ever recorded in Australia by any artist. In todays money terms the budget would have been well over $1M AUD or more !!!

Check out their live performance here:

Take a listen to their hit tune "A Song for Tooley"

For more on Headband, check out their official links!
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tyehimba Kafele Joins DJ Central as BD Director for The Caribbean !

Involved in entertainment since the age of six, Tyehimba Kafele started her career doing advertisements and hosting local TV shows in Jamaica. By the age of eight she was one of the founding members of the dance group "Styrl Girlz". She achieved great success throughout the Caribbean.

A qualified Photographer, Producer and Certified Recording/P.A. Engineer, Tyehimba founded Entertainment Management & Marketing Consulting Services in Jamaica in 2000. Since this time she has represented international publications and pioneered the career development for major Jamaican artists.

DJ Central’s CEO Stuart Tabrett says:
“We see enormous value in Tyehimba’s global network and her sound understanding of the business. She will be a great asset to the business as she understands every aspect of an artist’s development process, from developing their image to having world class events and concerts, staged at the right place with the right people in attendance.”

As Tyehimba herself says:

"I don't believe in luck but more creating your own luck in life. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with the best in the business from a young age and I thank my extended entertainment family for that. I believe you can achieve mountains in this world if you only try and actually do something about it. "

Tyehimba now heads up the A & R and Business Development team for DJ Central Records ASIA and Reggae Central Records USA for the entire Caribbean. As part of Tyehimba's role she will actively seek new talent to take into markets around the world and at the same time ensure that the artists remain grounded and ready for success.

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JYoung's Fresh New Hit, "Sexy Dress" Seducing the Ears of Every Listener!

After JYoung's first single "Oxygen" smashing through into the top 20 charts of the Billboard's Emerging Canadian Artists Charts, it won't be long now till JYoung's latest single "Sexy Dress" will be climbing the charts and following in hot pursuit!
Staying with what he does best, JYoung keeps fans dancing with his blend of reggae roots and smooth vocals. From the moment Sexy Dress blows into the listener's ears, its soulful sound will have feet tapping and hands clapping. With a killer chorus following the spicy musical hooks, JYoung harmonises with backing vocals will have you in a blissful aural mess!
Make sure you check out ‘Sexy Dress’ today and purchase his new single on iTunes….and all leading digital retailers. JYoung is out now on XOXO Entertainment and DJ Central Records for the world!
Have a listen to JYoung's "Sexy Dress" right now!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jeffrey Pope's EP 'Live it up' to be the theme of Hip Hop TV!

Since the release of his EP 'Live it Up' Pope has been fighting for some more exposure and it seems like the spotlight has finally shown him some love with this new deal with hip hop TV! Hip Hop TV will now be playing tracks from his EP 'Live it Up' as the theme to the show, these tracks include; On my neck, Picture, Sippen and everyones favourite 'Up all night'!

Pope's unique style music combines elements of dance, rap, RnB and alternative music to create a sound that you just can't help but get up and dance to! This looks to be a great opportunity for Pope allowing him some more well deserved recognition in the industry. To check out this EP or Hip Hop TV for yourself click the links below.

Official Links:
Hip Hop TV:
Jeffrey Pope's Youtube: