Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Attila Hegedus pulls more than just guitar strings in his latest album Chasing Shadows

Attila Hegedus is pulling guitar strings and heartstrings in his latest album Chasing Shadows, which has just been released several months ago. Chasing the Shadows includes 11 tracks filled with moving harmonies, particularly in “Yearn”. Along with this, Attila Hegedus’s album also contains a few angst-filled tracks such as “Silence of Time”. The album exhibits Attila’s quirky rock vocals, similar to that of the Cure, which manages to keep you engaged to the lyrics till the very last word in each song. Each track contains so much heart-filled emotion that you can hear the effort Attila has put into each track in this album…and he may even jerk a few heartstrings too. So it’s very likely for you to get swept away in such raw emotion that you’ll feel everything that Attila felt in creating each track, which is all apart of Attila Hegedus’s musical charm. So if youre after listening to something that has more meaning than the repetitive rap that’s in the top charts, we definitely recommend Chasing Shadows for you! So, give Attila Hegedus a whirl in the link below and let him carry you back to the times when music actually meant something.


Cold Forty Three hits the spot with Pop Drunk

Cold Forty Three has released a new album “Pop Drunk.” They are a pop/punk trio from LA which arrived on the scene in 2010. “Pop Drunk” is easy to listen to punk music that contains catchy lyrics with universal themes. Cold Forty Three are gaining exposure having been included in The Vans Warped Tour in 2012 and have been playing all the great venues in LA. Their music is built upon hard, energetic rock beats. For a trio, it is very dynamic and incorporates many guitar riffs that are just as catchy as the lyrics. “Pop Drunk” is a great new album release from a band which simultaneously represents punk ideals combined with catchy pop tunes.


DJ 5th Mars takes techno to the next level with Natural Waves

DJ 5th Mars describes himself as the ‘grandfather of Deepscape Techno style’ and his EP ‘Natural Waves’ demonstrates his unique sound and creativity. Released November 2013, ‘Natural Waves’ showcases six of DJ 5th Mars’s most captivating and hypnotic new tracks. Originally from Canada, born into the urban jungle that is Montreal city, DJ 5th Mars quickly developed a passion for all things techno and electro and created his own genre ‘DeepSpace Techno’. DJ 5th Mars is not only a DJ but also an exceptional producer and creator who plays his own music sets. With three albums already under his belt, this EP is set to raise the bar and further establish DJ 5th Mars in the techno and trance genre. ‘Natural Waves’ demonstrates his highly experienced and hands-on style of producing with high quality tracks—perfect for all techno lovers.


Bon Scott’s hidden gem of an album Round & Round & Round has been released!

If you thought Australia’s biggest rock icon, Bon Scott, has been left in his prime time of the seventies and eighties, well you better think again! Two of Bon Scott’s good friends, Peter Head and Ted Yanni, have revived the rock icon’s talented vocals that he recorded for Mountain Lofty Rangers, his previous band before AC/DC in an EP album. Even to this day, Bon Scott’s vocal and musical talent in ‘Round & Round & Round’ still leaves as big of a mark as his talent he contributed in AC/DC, you can even hear his hardwork paying off in both tracks! The EP album contains both the original 1974 track that Bon Scott recorded himself as well as the 1996 remake that Head and Yanni produced for Round & Round & Round, which more accurately reflects the original intentions Head had with Bon Scott’s vocals. So whether you’re into the classic original track or the edgy revamped track, both will have enough of Bon Scott’s talent that will blow your mind! But don’t just take our word for it! Uncover this hidden gem for yourself in the link below! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Cosmic Nomads latest album ‘Damage’ is out of this world!

Brace yourselves fellow rock fans because the Cosmic Nomads are at it again in the rock scene with their latest album called Damage. Damage contains 10 tracks of contemporary and indie rock similar to that of The Killers and Muse which is reflected especially in Milky Way Love and I Hate You. Along with this unique blend of rock genres, the Cosmic Nomads still effortlessly maintain their raw, edgy lyrics and vocals which fans have fallen in love with for years. Even the Associate Editor of Drum Media, Michael Smith, has fallen under the band’s cosmic spell after raving about their latest album in his review:

“The Cosmic Nomads of 2011 began with his discovery of the guitar – one strum of his Gibson Explorer through a Marshall amp and he was hooked, and the songs literally poured out of him. The first ten are here on Damage for you to savour, and again, the mix is just as intoxicating, from the ethereal pop of opening track, Milky Way Love, to the ‘60s pop of the single, I Hate You. You might hear a hint of Zeppelin here, Guns N’ Roses there, The Easybeats or Neil Young, but in the end, Damage is very much pure and inescapably Cosmic Nomads – future sounds of today.

”With a review like that, how could you not be tempted to give the Cosmic Nomads a go?


Cornelia De Flor’s new album is simply irresistible!

Smooth, sexy and sultry…those three words sum up Cornelia De Flor’s latest album Simply De ‘Flore’.

Cornelia hits all the right notes in this album, as her silky voice perfectly matches the traditional RnB beats. The timeless vocal combination in this album will transport you back to the era where classic RnB was at its prime. Cornelia also provides a whole range of moods throughout the album from the heavy and slow paced beats in “Back and Forth” to the more upbeat and choir-filled tracks such as “Meet me at the Altar”. So if you’re after something a bit more on the smooth side, then Cornelia’s latest album will have your ears seduced till the very last beat. To preview or purchase Simply De Flor, click on the link below.


Third new album from DJ 5th Mars - 'Bin 606'

‘Bin 606’ is the exciting third album from Canadian born DJ 5th Mars and was released September 2013 worldwide. After the great success of ‘Bin 505’ his previous album, this entrancing new third album is destined for worldwide recognition.

A representative for DJ 5th Mars said: “The release of Bin 505 was a big success last year and DJ 5th Mars hopes to replicate that success with the release of the up and coming Bin 606. He has enjoyed success as a DJ, producer and musician, and these combined talents are reflected in the unique sounds that he has created on the new album.”

An exciting new addition to the genre of deepspace techno, this album showcases the exceptional creativity and technical skills of DJ 5th Mars both as a composer and producer.


Deepspace techno from DJ 5TH Mars with 'Bin 505'

‘Bin 505’ is the much awaited second album from deepspace techno DJ and producer DJ 5th Mars. The infectious album was a great success for an underground artist with over 12,000 album sales. With the help of social media for promotion of the album, DJ 5TH Mars was able to attract millions of views resulting in worldwide recognition and praise.

If you love techno, electro or trance style feels, ‘Bin505’ is a must for your playlist as DJ 5th Mars hits his self-titled genre ‘deepspace techno’ on the head. An experienced musician for the past 30 years and mixing for 20 years, DJ 5th Mars produces exciting original tracks with his all hands-on approach. Released late November 2013, this album is a triumph for DJ 5th Mars and the techno world.


Jack Derwin rocks on with his lastest album

Sydney artist Jack Derwin releases his new album “Rocking on a Calm Sea.”  This album features his unique rich vocals, combined with blues guitar and blues harp. Derwin’s style is evocative as he merges elements of blues, jazz and folk music. Derwin’s deep voice resonates throughout the album whilst a contrasting female vocal line employs a call and response technique which pervades the album.  The foundation of his music is built upon rich blues guitar, as he combines subtle tones of the trumpet and blues harp to create his unique sound. It is this attention to detail that makes Derwin’s music interesting and easy to listen to. This is another great album from Derwin which showcases his musical versatility within the contemporary Blues genre.


Headband new and remastered

Headband, were a progressive Rock band formed in Adelaide in 1971.The remastered version of the album “A song For Tooley” (1973) has just been released. It is an iconic album in the history of Australian rock that infuses many styles as it contains elements of rock, gospel, jazz and folk. The music is climatic and easy to listen to, complete with great harmonies and guitar solos which resonate throughout the album. The album is generally at a slow paced tempo and is reminiscent of the 70’s folk rock style. Headband have supported musicians including Elton John, The Rolling Stones and John Mayall.

An interesting characteristic about Headband’s music is the ability that the band has to dramatically change direction smoothly during a song. Symphonic rock switches to a swing style jazz and soon reverts back to a symphonic rock. Headband is able to make this into a clear transition that captivates the audience.  This remastered version captures and highlights the transcendent album that was released decades ago. “A Song for Tooley” sounds great in this remastered version and is a must have for the Australian music fan.


Fringo unleashes their talent in the Immortal Camel!

By the Immortal Camel, we mean Fringo’s latest album, which screams with pure alternative rock talent! Don’t be fooled by the short list of tracks in this album, each and every one of the three tracks in this album showcases every fibre of musical and vocal talent that Fringo has to offer in his music. The album opens with “Scraps”, a heavy track with raw vibes that hit right on the guitar chords. This track is followed with “Just Like You”, which focuses more on the instrumentals, adding an upbeat and contemporary vibe to the album that many types of rock fans will enjoy. The album then ends with the track, “Keeping Fit?” which combines a bit of both instrumental and edgy vocals. Compared to other alternative rock albums, Immortal Camel Is an easy listen, so you don’t need to worry about protecting your eardrums with this one, just allow his music to transcend you to rock haven. So what are you waiting for? Check out Fringo’s latest album in the link below and let them rock your world.