Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kama Linden New Album 'Southern Comfort' - Out Now !

Southern singer/songwriter Kama Linden has officially released her latest album, ‘Southern Comfort’ available now! The compilation offers 12 of her classic pop-rock country tracks which you can download online TODAY!

Kama Linden has been working hard on her album throughout 2012 and well into the New Year! Keep it up!

Check out her latest and greatest on Emusic and pick yourself up a copy of ‘Southern Comfort’!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Blue Pie hip hop artist AZitiZ has been pumping out the hits this year with three hit singles already released! AZitiZ enjoys spreading love, peace and happiness through her music and draws her inspiration from life events to convey the truth.

Her singles from this year include:

  • We Don’t stop
  • City Of Love
  • EZ Cuddy

Check out AZitiZ’s singles now on iTunes and let us know what you think by leaving a review!Purchase-Link

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Burning The Day Presents EP "Breakaway" in Time for Europe Tour!

Canadian thrash metal heads ‘Burning The Day’ have released an early five track EP in time for their tour of Europe!

It includes the five of their latest singles; Breakaway, Rope In Hand, Buried Beneath, Kill Song and Pistols And Pigs.

Expect the best of thrashing heavy brutality! If you like what you hear, be sure to head to the ‘Burning The Day’ Official page!

Pick up your digital copy today on iTunes!


Suzanna Lubrano Releases Greatest Hits Compilation!

Singer/song writing pop sensation Suzanna Lubrano has announced the assembly of her full length compilation, “The Hits Collection”. Fans can expect a mix of her best, and there’s a lot to choose from! 17 tracks of Suzanna Lubranno- listeners a spoiled for choice!

Included in her album are pop fans favourites; Ignora, Amor Em Abundancia, Tardi Di Mas and Justify (I Try).

Suzanna Lubrano is now available on iTunes and licenced exclusively with Blue Pie Records! Be sure to pick up a copy today!


DJ Central Volume Seven is Out on iTunes Now!

The latest volume of non-stop dance tracks from DJ Central is now available for download on iTunes.

Volume seven includes tracks from Daniel Moss, Marco Cordi, Ivan Class, Kobra Kai and more! Check it out and get it pumping in preparation for your next big night out!!

Make sure you catch DJ Central on Aurora each Friday night at 9.30pm to keep up to date with what’s hot in the dance music world!


My Own Chaos’ Album is Available on iTunes!

My Own Chaos’ self-titled album is now available for download on iTunes. The album is sure to be a quick fix of metal music for old and new fans alike.

“MY OWN CHAOS` brand of heavy metal takes the listener through melodic, hardcore and outright angst with its many mood swings. The album takes you on a journey of self-revelations as it moves through a period of self-destructive behaviour.”

Turn this album up loud enough to annoy your neighbours and go absolutely mental!


If Looks Could Kill Latest Single

If Looks Could Kill has released their latest debut single ‘The Dictator’ through Self-Made Records with smashing reviews! The act worked alongside ‘Asking Alexandria’ bassist Joe Lancaster to produce a works more heavy and guitar driven than ever before, and the results are epic! The solos are blazing and bass thick, complete with punchy drums and exceptionally dynamic vocals by front man Ben Pritchard to top it all off!

Self Made Records will work alongside Blue Pie to distribute and market the next wave of guitar driven rock stars! If looks could kill is one of the must-see acts of 2013!

“It’s fair to say ‘If Looks Could Kill’ are a band armed with all they need to break their anger fuelled post-hard-core metal to the nation….prepare yourself’

”You can purchase If Looks Could Kill’s single, “The Dictator” on iTunes Now!