Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jeffrey Pope‘s ‘Lake View Avenue’ Released!

Jeffrey Pope channels ninties alternative rock in his new pop/rock EP!

Jeffrey Pope’s new EP ‘Lake View Avenue’ is ready for the world to hear! Jeffrey Pope has been in the studio working hard to get his new EP completed. The sessions were produced by Linzi O and Damien Reilly and featured an incredible cast of session players including Sahra and our very own Angelica Greening on backing vocals and harmonies.

The first track to hit radio is the title track from the EP, ‘Lake View Avenue’. The songs are infectious and defy anyone not to have them in their head after listening to them!

You can purchase this awesome EP at Amazon or click the purchase link below for iTunes!

Curly Joe Releases His Second Album 'Walk My Way'!

Singer/Songwriter Curly Joe proves its never too late to make your dreams come true!

The second album from Australian singer/songwriter Curly Joe AKA C.J. Wise is a blues-rock fusion with country roots.

Each song on the album tells a fascinating story of C.J. Wise’s life while maintaining a quirky and catchy acoustic rhythm.  Walk My Way is a raw, emotional album that is product of a rich lifetime of experience.

Click on the link below to purchase the album on iTunes!

Phil Manzanera's Back-Catalogue Available For Licensing!

Guitar God Phil Manzanera’s entire back catalogue now available!

We are very pleased to announce that the entire back catalogue of former Roxy Music man, Phil Manzanera, is available at the Blue Pie License Store and selected songs will be made available in the Hurricane Healing compilations.

Phil was part of the driving force behind one of the worlds greatest rock bands “Roxy Music”. There is something in his catalogue for everyone, from the 808 days, to his Spanish influenced guitar solo projects, to the vast collection of pop rock titles. We are honoured to have Phil’s energy and music on the label.

For more information about Phil Manzanera go to


Johnny Bennett’s New Album ‘The Violet Hush’ Out Now!

The Violet Hush’ is an album no rock fan’s collection will be complete without!

Johnny Bennett is one of those rare, but highly sought after artists – the breed of singer/songwriter who has lifetime experience and wisdom that literally gushes into the meaning and sentiment of every song he writes

The Violet Hush, which was co-written with Ali Nikou and Suanne Gray and produced by the highly sought after Duane Lundy, is a 10-piece picture book in melodic form – each track paints a lyrical snap shot of varied life experiences in LA. From aggressive gripping rock tracks such as, World on Fire, through to the mellow drift-away tones of, Sailboat, this album delivers indulgent diversity by the bucket load.

You can buy The Violet Hust from Amazon or click the link below for iTunes!


Marshmellow Overcoat Go 'On Safari'!

This music ain’t retro – this is old school rock’n’roll!
The new album ‘On Safari’ by Marshmellow Overcoat will make you nostalgic for the good old days when rock and roll was innocent fun. This album is full to the brim of catchy hooks and riffs you won’t soon forget!

Marshmellow Overcoat are a band that above all else maintain the musical spirit of the 1960’s and 70’s in a way that makes it relevant for today. They set out to keep the music they loved alive, infusing the essence of the 60’s and 70’s into their own tracks. In the same vein as rock heroes like The Beatles and Neil Young, Marshmellow Overcoat focus on making very solid albums with classic rock-style song writing and musicianship.

You can buy the album on Amazon or click the link below for iTunes!


Franco Is The 'Last Man Standing'

This apocolyptic new album is like nothing you’ve ever heard!
Franco and the Dreadnought’s new album ‘Last Man Standing’ is an incredible record with melody and songwirting at the core. The themes of the lyrics range from achingly romantic to devastatingly mournful while the music runs the full gambit from underground electro-dance to acoustic guitar, piano and even violin.

Franco and the Dreadnought are the voice of the ‘Skins generation’ of British teens who live to get lost in the moment.

Click the link below to purchase the album from iTunes!

Benjamin Hyatt Releases New Album 'The Way You Move'

The new album from Benjamin Hyatt will rock your socks!

Benjamin Hyatt’s new album is full of his signature brand of alternative rock. This ex-Army frontman sings about love, loss and life over upbeat rock tunes. This album has been highly anticipated after he had two Top 40 charting singles and has been rapidly building a dedicated fan base.

Jump on the bandwagon now because Benjamin Hyatt is about to explode!

You can buy the album from Amazon or click the link below for iTunes!


Billy Ray Deiz Releases The First Single From The New Album

‘Daddy’s Comin’ Home’ is a masterpiece of country rock and gospel!The first single from Billy Ray Deiz’s new album is just as amazing as everyone was expecting. This American radio personality is finally stepping out on his own, with ‘The Nashville Tracks’, a 10-song collection that features some of the best musicians in the world playing Billy Ray’s original compositions ranging from Soul-satisfying R&B to Country, Blues and Rock ‘n Roll!

You’ll hear The Billy Ray Big Band, on his classic, “Rather Have Sooner”, with a James Brown groove and a “can’t sit still” feel; on “Daddy’s Comin’ Home” he is a true “Blues Brother”, and wait until you catch the stellar guitar lead by George Marinelli, Bonnie Raitt’s guitar player.   It’s as if the entire Bonnie Raitt band were backing Billy Ray in a live performance.  You can thank producer Cliff Goldmacher for assembling some of Nashville’s greatest players for these soul-stirring sessions.

You can buy the single from Amazon or click the link below for iTunes!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sabrina Fustaire Releases Her Debut Album!

Sabrina Fustaire Releases L.A. Inspired Pop Album!

This is the record we have all been waiting for! Sabrina Fustaire’s self-titled debut album is out now! The songs on her brand new album, ‘Sabrina Fustaire’ were co-written by herself and some of Nashville’s most talented writers and it shows: the songs are beautiful pop/rock delicacies. Just a few of Sabrina’s influences include the Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Carol King and Bob Dylan.

You are bound to love this album if you are a fan of sunny Californian pop such as Katy Perry or Shakira.

For more information about Sabrina go HERE!