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QELLO gets some Blue Pie Live Concert Action !!!

The worlds leader in on-demand live concert streaming has launched 4 new concerts from the Blue Pie roster. You can now watch the following concerts live 24×7 on this great platform.



Qello is an on-demand digital entertainment company. Qello Concerts is an over-the-top content  streaming service for HD concerts, music documentaries and related films.

Qello licenses a variety of long-form concerts, documentaries, behind the scenes footage and interviews from both major and independent music labels. Blue Pie Records is a content partner and we look forward to having all our concerts live on this great platform.

Now you can get your live concert music action 24×7 just visit 

Grandmother Cornflake - Songs From The Lake

Grandmother Cornflake (GMCF) is a song writing and recording team consisting of Tony Brackett (bass guitar, guitar, mandolin), David Prago (vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica, dulcimer) and Fred Smith (guitar, keyboards).

Their debut album is titled “Songs From The Lake”. This is a collection of music recorded over the course of 2014. GMCF has a wide variety of influences including REM, Tom Petty and The Beatles. We pride ourselves on writing music with strong melodies and vocal harmonies. Included is a mix of rock, pop, ballads and Americana.

GMCF would like to extend thanks to our old friend and band mate Jack Quidley as well as Jacob Anflick and Aaron Turner for providing the outstanding drumming heard on Songs From The Lake. Very special thanks to Billy Richardson and Electric Eye Studios for the mixing and mastering of this album!

David, Tony and drummer Jack Quidley formed the band Mother Cornflake in the early 1990’s. After playing with several guitarists for a couple of years, David invited his cover band partner Fred to join up. Fred eagerly agreed and his playing style was what the band was looking for to round out their sound. Mother Cornflake toured the east coast playing to packed houses as well as recording a full length album and an EP.

Unfortunately, the strains of various life challenges forced the group to disband in 1996. Jack moved home to Cape Hatteras, NC and David and Fred continued playing in their cover band for the following 10 years. Jack is currently a singer/guitarist performing well over 100 gigs a year in various venues on North Carolina’s east coast. Prior to joining Mother Cornflake, Tony was a member of The Graphic, his wife Treva’s popular Greensboro band. The Graphic played numerous shows all over the country including several at the famed CBGB.

After his stint in Mother Cornflake, he continued playing shows with Treva and played on her highly successful album recorded in the late 1990’s with their longtime friend Don Dixon and Mitch Easter handling the engineering and production duties. Tony, David and Fred remained friends over the years and got the “bug” to write some music together again.

Their debut album is titled “Songs From The Lake”  was so much fun, recording all the songs that they loved, nurtured and cherished through the creative process to recording. It seemed fitting to make Mother a Grandmother since we are all a little older, hopefully more mature and better songwriters!!

Grandmother Cornflake are a ConcertHouse Music artist and distributed on Blue Pie Records for the world. You can download this album at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Check out the band via the following links:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fraternity's ground breaking debut album " Live Stock " sees new life with original artwork !

Fraternity are one of Australia’s greatest ProRock bands to emerge from the early 1970’s. Featuring the incredible vocal talents and stage presence of Australia’s legendary  rock and roll  front man, Bon Scott. This was the band that cut Bon’s rock teeth to a razor sharp edge.

It is more than likely that without the influence of his good friend Peter Head and his band HeadBand this venture into the worlds of progressive rock and experimenting with sounds, instruments and what can only be regarded as headonistic rock tunes, would probably never have happened.

On Fraternity’s Live Stock album, Bon lets us know just how much of an incredible singer he was, cutting his rock teeth to a razor sharp edge on this body of work. It is ironic to think that in this band Bon was the relative baby, or new comer to the band and in a few short years he would take up residency with ACDC and be affectionately known as the “Old Man” by the Young’s and their fellow band mates of ACDC.

It is important to remember that Bon was 27 when he joined ACDC and his band mates were all under 21. As anyone would know who has been in bands that are out there living, breathing and eating cornflakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and paying their dues on the road with blood, sweat, tears and an empty wallet that there are not many bands that start out with such an age gap that survive. This is primarily due to the vast differences in musical time zone tastes and reference points. You tend to listen to difference music. Just think when you were at school and what you listened to and what the kids in the years above you listened to. This will help to put the age gap into perspective when you try to understand that unusual dynamic between the Young brothers and Bon that existed in ACDC.

One of Bon’s first comments when he saw ACDC play was ” they are all just kids “. When your 21, you are not hanging out with 27/28 year olds. They are the ” old men ” on the music battleground playing fields of hunting girls, parties and a non-stop good time.

Fraternity had two very distinct periods in their evolution. They are the 1970-73 line up with Bon Scott and the post Bon versionwith the 1974-75 line up.

Uncle” John Ayers (harmonica, vocals) 1971-73
John Bisset (keyboards) 1970-73
Tony Buettel (drums) 1970
John Freeman (drums) late 1970-1973
Bruce Howe (bass) 1970-73
Mick Jurd (guitar)
Bon Scott (vocals) 1970-73
Sam See (slide guitar, piano) 1971-73

Uncle” John Ayers (harmonica, vocals)
John Freeman (drums)
Bruce Howe (bass)
Jimmy Barnes (vocals) 1975
Mauri Berg (drums)
Peter Bersee (violin)
John “Swanee” Swan (vocals) 1974, (drums) 1975

In early 1970 John Robinson ( Blackfeather ) had penned what would go on to become a classic Australia song called ” Seasons of Change “.  John Robinson, had recently launched his own band, Blackfeather and was a friend of one popular Adelaide night club owners a Mr John Sinclair who owned a club called ” Johnathans” in Adelaide. Sinclairs brother David had recently been appointed by Festival Records to run their new progressive label Infinity. A labaryth of relationships all lead to the Adelaide music Nirvana to get a recording contracts and music made. Jim Stewart a known producer at the time was right in the midst of this melting pot.

Robinson often stopped in at Jonathan’s late in the evening to jam with Fraternity, and as a result he became good friends with them, especially Bon Scott. One of Blackfeather’s biggest live numbers was a new song called “Seasons Of Change” which had begun life as a Dave Miller Set jam back in 1969 ( You can watch the video of the band below live on GTK ). Fraternity’s Bruce Howe was one of several Sydney musos who were much taken with the song, which had an unusual “olde English” feel. In late 1970 Blackfeather began recording their debut album,” At The Mountains Of Madness”, and as a result of the friendship between the two groups, Bon agreed to pay recorder on Blackfeather’s version of “Seasons of Change” and Bisset played electric piano on the album’s closing track “The Rat”. That version of this song is below for you to watch on YOU TUBE.

Fraternity’s first single “Why Did It Have To Be Me?” (backed by a version of The Moody Blues’ “Question” was issued on Sweet Peach ( Jim Stewarts Label ) in October 1970. Around this time Buettel left and was replaced by another former Clefs member, John Freeman, formerly of noted Adelaide band Red Angel Panic and a legend on the drums. The group then went into Sydney’s United Sound Studios to record their debut album Livestock, which was produced by Doug Ashdown and Jimmy Stewart and then released on Jim’s label ” Sweet Peach”.

After the LP came out Adelaide businessman Hamish Henry took over management of Fraternity and the group moved to Adelaide. Most of the band took up residence at Hemmings Farm in the Adelaide Hills, where they wrote and rehearsed communally (in the spirit of Traffic and The Band) while Bissett and his wife rented a flat above Henry’s art gallery in North Adelaide.

Vince Lovegrove reported on the group’s new base in the June 1971 edition of Go-Set:
“(Fraternity) live like no other band in Australia, in a house in the hills 17 miles from Adelaide. It’s surrounded by seven acres of bushland. They’re from everything but nature. What a buzz! Once a week they come into the city to have a meeting with their management and collect their pay. They only leave their pad to play gigs. “

“Bon Scott, vocalist, recorder and timbala player, is constantly in a dream world of his own but he’s having a ball. He says: ‘The point is, the dollar sign is not the ultimate. We want to try and help each other develop and live. So that the thing inside of us, whether it be creative or not, is satisfied. Something makes us tick and it’s up to people to satisfy that something. We are satisfying ourselves and others by creating an environment.

”The group’s next single from the album Livestock was “Why Did It Have To Be Me?” b/w “Cool Spot” was issued in January, but did not chart. Their second single of the album ” Seasons of Change ” became their only major hit here in Australia, it reached #1 in Adelaide and made the Top Ten in other cities, but for reasons beyond their control it faced strong competition from the original version by Blackfeather.

As noted above, Fraternity had wanted to cover “Seasons of Change” for some time, and with the blessing of David Sinclair and John Robinson, they cut their own version, which was released in March 1971. It would probably have been a major national hit, because John Robinson had generously obtained an undertaking from Infinity not to release Blackfeather’s version as a single. Predictably though, as soon as Fraternity’s version became a hit in Adelaide, Festival reneged on its promise and rushed out the Blackfeather version as a single.

On the back of the success with Livestock and Seasons of change, Fratenity expanded taking on two new members in late 1971. This took the band to a seven-piece. Harmonica player “Uncle” John Ayers joined in May, and not long after that the group achieved another career peak, winning the 1971 Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds.

Next on board was guitarist-pianist Sam See (ex Sherbet, Flying Circus) who was apparently approached to join Fraternity by Bruce Howe. Sam left Flying Circus at the completion of their Australian tour in September. Flying Circus had relocated to America earlier in the year and they were beginning to build up a following in Canada, where they recently toured, and they returned there after their Australian tour and it eventually became their permanent base.

Adelaide has been one of the most incredible melting pots for rock icons in Australia. Casting metal form to artists and bands like Fraternity, The Mount Lofty Rangers, Bon Scott, Jimmy Barnes, HeadBand and Swanee to name just a few. With the help of Peter Head from HeadBand and Australian producer Jim Stewart, Blue Pie Records is extremely excited to announce the re-issue of one of Australia’s greatest prog-rock albums, featuring Bon Scott on vocals. The album is available for the world to download and stream on iTunes, Spotify and other leading digital retailers.

We hope that you will take the time to view the videos below and download this pioneering work of Australian prog-rock.

Fraternity – Live Stock:

Fraternity – Live on YouTube:

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Suzana and Machel get to STAY on the global radio charts with the release of their duet " Stay "

This hot track features Machel Montano. Machel has over 159,000 followers on Twitter, a staggering 40M plays on Youtube and over 83,000 subscribers and tens of millions in streams on Spotify to Deezer, Machel brings a punch to this hot new record. Suzanna has won just every award you can in Africa and has amassed over 20M combined plays on YouTube. In September 2015 she had up to 6 singles in the iTunes charts for Africa at any one time. She is widely loved throughout Europe and Africa and is now constantly touring. This amazing new song is being added to radio play lists world wide.

Remember to watch for news updates and live dates via the official artist sites below. You can check this song out at the following links:

iTunes – Suzanna Lubrano & Machel Montano – Stay

Sound Cloud – Suzanna Lubrano & Machel Montano

Official Websites:

Social Media:

Downer walks the streets of life with his hit song "Suga Boom Boom"

Downer takes us on journey down the streets of his life. He has walked down roads that many people never travel and in some cases would never want to. With his life stories he talks to the listener at a heartbeat pace. His  song has resonated with his fans. With over 16,000,000 YouTube plays and counting, constant downloads on all major retailers and a touring schedule that does not stop this is not the 1st of last time you will be hearing Downers stories of life. With the release of his hot new song “Suga Boom Boom” out now on Blue Pie Records,  life has never been better.

As Downer says, “I am ready to take my music to the world and make a positive impact on everyone who comes in contact with it.  One day I recorded my song Suga Boom Boom using a beat I did off of the refrigerator and uploaded it on Facebook and overnight it went viral.  It now has over 10 million views and counting. The song has taken on its own life and continues to grow everyday.”

Downer is building on this momentum and creating and writing new material. He is constantly touring and performing in his home land of California. You can check out live dates via Facebook just search “Downer Suga Boom Boom”

James Williams aka Downer is a Blue Pie Records USA and available now at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Just search “Downer suga boom boom”

Downer is available on iTunes and SoundCloud for the world. To download Downer please click on the official links below:

iTunes – Downer – Suga Boom Boom

Sound Cloud – Downer – Suga Boom Boom


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Diggsville wind their way down to Adams Street !

Diggsville return with a vengence of smooth cool silky groovin jazzzzzzzzzzz. We are totally bias as we simple love Karen Mitchell and Diggsville.

When you look up the word Cool in the dictionary you will find a picture of Karen standing their with her band of merry jazzmen doing what they do best and being the coolest katzzzz in the business playing the grooves that everyone wants to listen to. We love you Diggsville. There is no need for fan fare or a rave about the record that they have released, We just need to let the world know that Karen is back with her merry band of Jazzmen and this is their latest tune for your listening pleasure. DIG IT !!!

Business was down and so was he. After a fruitless encounter with the First Lady of Nova Scotia (married to the boss a’ Nova)at a state dinner in Manhattan, the aging gigilo known only as Jaques-Pierre Francois Boudin, was slowly making his way down the coast, south to Key Largo. His real name was Randy Lee and as he stood by the side of the road with his thumb out, he held a secret dream close to his chest. He dreamt of being a drummer in a band, in San Francisco where in his imagination he could smell the espresso and sourdough as it mixed in the air with the sound of jazz(he’d read a lot of Jack Kerouac in his youth).

Then it happened. A silver roadster pulled off the road, driven by a mysteriously striking woman. After she finished striking him, she asked,

“Where’re ya headed, Daaaddddy?” …the answer was “to Diggsville mannnnnn”

Blockdown Productions kicks into overdrive with the release of OnnaDi !

Blockdown Productions kicks the music production into overdrive with the release of OnnaDi and her debut self titled album “Omnadi”

“OnnaDi” is one of Blockdown Productions new and emerging artists. She is a singer/songwriter, hard-hitting lyricist/MC, music producer,and actress. OnnaDi has desired to be an entertainer her entire life, spending all her time writing and composing songs in her home studio since her preteen years. She accepted internships with local recording studios in Ohio from which she hales, and before finishing high school she convinced her mother to relocate to Staten Island (Shaolin) New York to be closer to her dream.

After graduating from Curtis High School, OnnaDi hit the New York scene. She did a little modeling, attended open mic-nite events, recorded in several local studios and accepted an internship with Code Red Entertainment that culminated in working with, writing for and recording with members of the Wu-Tang Clan. She appeared on American Idol Season 4”and the series “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”.

Dionna a.k.a OnnaDi is pursuing all angles of the industry with her projects being released overseas and in the states. Look for her on the compilation “Paris to Brooklyn” , “Souldalicious” & TRASFOR3MISTA

OnnaDi is distributed by Blue Pie Records for the world on the Blackdown Productions label. You can download the release on itunes at the following links:

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Patrick James Clark writes letters to Beatrice and releases his debut EP !

ConcertHouse Music recording artist Patrick James Clark is one talented song writer. He has just released his Nashville produced E.P “Letters to Beatrice”  which is now available on iTunes.

Playing live to growing crowds in Canada and already developing a large fan base his future is looking very bright indeed !

Working under the watchful eye of Ross Tonkin from ConcertHouse Music he is is constantly playing live at every opportunity he can. He graduated from Mohawk College in 2013, and in the summer of that year completed an online certificate program through Berklee College of Music. In the fall of 2013 he was signed to “Artist Accelerator” a development company/record label in Nashville. Through Artist Accelerator he went and recorded his debut E.P “Leters to Beatrice” and was spotted by Ross early in 2015.

With a strong work ethic and a great fan base already growing and now industry heavy weights are taking notice we are all hoping that Canada will have an answer to USA’s John Mayer. He can sure as hell cut the mustard on guitar.

You can catch all the latest news and find out when Patrick is playing next by visiting his website at

We love the title track from this great EP and we hope you do. Check this out on SoundCloud below.

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Bogdanl and his hot new EP

We are very pleased to annouce the release of Bogdanl’s new song ” No Sin”. You can check this great track out on Soundcloud below.

All the way from Poland, Bogdanl is an electronic music artist with a straight-forward, yet unique attitude. Catchy and well balanced synth melodies are sitting on top of the tightest beats. How can you not feel like jumping on a dance floor and stay there all night dancing to this rhythm? Sometimes people over-think things a little too much, especially in electronic music, where many producer try to fill their song with all sorts of sound. Bogdanl just keeps it to the bare essential, and the sound is roomy and direct, with just what it’s really needed to get stuck in your head and pump you up for the night.

With edgy artists and producers such a Bogdanl, it is no wonder that Europe is becoming one of the world’s best respected source for electro, house and dance, animating the nightlife all over the planet. You can find all the latest news on Bogdal buy checking out and following his Twitter feed:


Isaac Roosevelt makes you have a Happy Day !

Isaac Roosevelt has made a major dent into the Euro Pop markets over the past decade. In recent times he has been featured on numerous ads in Germany, supporting major artists on tour and now after his ground breaking appearance on the Voice in Germany things are now rolling his way.

Constantly touring and working PINK! (September –2007), Solomon Burke (June -2009), Lionel Richie in 2014 / 2015 Isaac and his band Funky P have become a dynamic eight piece, a mixture of those involved in the album along side some serious new talent.

He is one of the hardest working entertainers in the world today and basically lives on the stage. With his new song ” Happy Day ” we think he has hit the mark. This song is detined to become a staple on European radio and looks set to not only crack radio but a number of great license placements as well thanks to the Blue Pie License Team.

As Isaac says:
You may know some of my past recordings byt honestly, if you haven’t seen me and my band live then you are missing out on some incredible soul music. We all give 100% on stage and my band is just one of the best in the worldl. I look forward to making you HAPPY and giving you some joyful music in your day.

Check out the new track on Soundcloud below:

DJ 5th Mars cuts loose with his intergalactic new release "Cant Stop" !

DJ 5th Mars originally from Montréal (Québec), Canada. Born in the urban jungle of Montréal city, he quickly develops a passion for techno and electro sounds. In 1999 he created his own style that he named DeepSpace Techno. DJ 5th Mars is not the typical DJ, but more a producer and a creator that plays is own music sets. As a hands-on artist, with experiences has a musician for the past 30 years, in production and mixing for 20 years, for the past 14 years he has exclusively produced EDM music.

In 2012, DJ 5th Mars finally release 2nd album called “BIN 505”, that was a great success for an underground artist with over 12000 album sales and only use the social media to advertise, he was able to bring over 9,5 Million visitors from Oct 1st 2012 (album release of BIN 505) to August 10th 2013.

In 2014 DJ 5th Mars was signed to DJ Central Records and has since gone from strength to strength. In early 2015 he landed a sponsorhip with Sennheisser and has been in constant demand working with some of Blue Pie’s leading artists including Suzanna Lubrano on her new release “Sera Ke Amor”. DJ 5th’s remix is now out on iTunes and doing strong business on the dance floors in Europe.

With the release of his new album “Worlds Collide” he has gone way way way out into the galaxy to bring back his space trance genre that he coined and deliver his best work to date. The first single from the album is “Can’t Stop” and we defy anyone to stop moving to this track. Check it out on below on the Blue PIe SoundCloud site. You can get all the latest news on DJ 5th Mars by visting his website at