Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Israeli hit artist, Mosh Ben Ari, releases new album “Look into My Eyes”

Blue Pie is proud to announce the release of Mosh Ben Ari’s newest album “Look into My Eyes”.

Mosh Ben Ari is an Israeli based artist whose influences of Middle Eastern music, Bob Marley, Led Zeplin, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and Celif, have helped in the creation of their rock and roll, soul sound with reggae undertones.

Mosh is one of Israels greatest musical exports with major chart sales and success in Europe for the past 10 years. Mosh’s previous work has quickly climbed its way up on the charts, earning himself a ‘gold record’ and the name of  Israel’s foremost singer and songwriter.  His work with his band has also been translated and performed by a number of artists and choirs around the world.

“Look into My Eyes” is a celebration of groove and spirit which majestically manages to blend rock with rich and unique vocals and lyrics. A few notable tracks on the album being, ‘Until We Understand’, ‘I’d Tell You Everything’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Learn How to Forgive’. Mosh has just completed his Australian tour to critical aclaim.

Mosh is a Globalev World Music Artist and distributed by Blue Pie for the world. To check out the new album just head on over to his MySpace. Also make sure to show your support and click on the purchase link below!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Threshing Ground release EP titled "Last Beer In Bondi"

Blue Pie are excited to announce that Aussie based pop/punk band Threshing Ground just released their new EP titled “Last Beer In Bondi”.

The incredible new piece by the band includes song titles such as “Last Beer in Bondi”, “Any Whole’s a Goal” and “Tyranny of Blues”.

Despite their likeliness to a number of different genre’s, their influences of Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Clash, David Bowie, The Cure, Neil Young and Johnny Cash (to only name a few) have given the band music which is undeniably raw sound which is undeniably communicated through the newest EP.

So make sure you check out their official MySpace page for information on tour dates and the purchase link below to get your hands on the new album!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mike C hits the ground with his debut EP " Street Life "

Mike C has been on the hip hop scene for 20 + years. Mike dispels any doubt when he steps up to the mic to let you know that he has a story to tell. These words of life and living and loving in a world that often overlooks the underclass has made Mike C a cult within his own community. Always ready to step up to the plate to tell you how the real world is, this is Mike C and his ” Street Life ” all boiled down to a sonic blast that will leave you gasping for more and more of his pulsating poetic hip hop beats that only he can produce that is ” The Real Mike C “.

Mike C was born and raised in San Bernardino California, where he first discovered his musical talents. Because of his Mother’s guidance he was kept out of the streets, out of mischief, and remained focused in his musical environment. Mike C had joined a  local Rap group called the “City Mc’s” in which was a Top Award Winner for The 1st Annual Inland Empire Music Awards.

This is his ” Street Life ” – Dig it !


Friday, May 4, 2012

Eleven Dollars hit the airwaves with " Lighter Shade of Gray "

The wait is over ! ….. Eleven Dollars hit the airwaves with their 1st single from their debut self titled album with a song called ” Lighter Shade of Gray “. The song is now available for all media and radio networks via the bands AIR PLAY DIRECT site at

The track brings out the best of the best in the bands vocal harmonies. Fresh from touring and about ready to get back on the road, the band will be dealing with the track being added to 100’s of the key indie and rock stations throughout North America. The song is already receiving strong license interest from the Blue Pie license teams with a number of indie film makers requesting the track for their productions.

This song is sure to break new ground for the band who are already seeing their fans constantly increasing at all live venues. We LOVE YOU Eleven Dollars.

You can download this track at all iTunes stores globally. For more information on the band you can visit the bands website at