Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blue Pie records have formed a Strategic Partnership with TraxAir in an effort to give more value to your digitally distributed music!!!

Operating as a record label, producing, patenting, signing and digitally distributing music; the ability to securely utilise the digital network for use in the music industry is a top priority for Blue Pie Records. This is an aspiration shared by a number of other companies working in the music industry, one company in particular, TraxAir, provide a cross media music identification solution giving industry professionals the technology to easily track, protect, monetise and promote audio contents.

This quote from the CEO of TraxAir Cédri Gaudard, showcases the companies' beliefs and ambitions in their business model. "In our digital era, music is too often considered as a free good. At TraxAir, our everyday mission is to give value back to music by developing the first cross-media monitoring solution. We believe everyone should be able to track, protect & monetise it's content easily and accurately." - Cédric Gaudard CEO / Co-founder of TraxAir.

TraxAir's goals and services are well aligned with Blue Pie's priorities and services making this partnership all the more beneficial for both companies!
This partnership looks to greatly profit both companies and their customers alike, we look forward to working with TraxAir and hopefully we can achieve something great.

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Blue Pie:

Michael Jameson will have you tapping your feet to his funky NYC beats !!!

Hailing from Asbury, New Jersey comes masterful studio artist Michael Jameson. Born May 20, 1955 Jameson spins an infectious funk sound distilled for the NYC back alley set, the perfect theme to smokey streets, neon lights and early morning affairs. With a strong foundation in the styles of American music and influences such as the likes of the Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder and Al Green; Jameson’s an artist that successfully travels that line of taking retro elements of American Popular music and bringing them into the contemporary landscape.

A well versed performer on the east coast circuit, tight nit production perfectly translates to the stage which anybody who has been lucky enough to see the man live can vouch for. Jameson got his start in the local gigs around his home town of Jersey, quickly focussing on his career as a solo artist and begun developing his own trademark sound.

After the great success of releasing his first record 'Summer Love' in 2009 Jameson teamed up with Damien Reilly and Danny Saber in 2015 to re-work a number if his tracks from the 80's and give them a new feel. The results have been astounding with more than 500 radio stations througout North America playing "Summer Love". A top 10 radio hit in Australia with "Summer Love" with a huge note of thanks to Andrea Marr and the accolaides and success shows no sign of slowing down.

The Blue Pie License Teams have been very very very busy with the music licensed to a number of TV shows. We expect to have announcements on the shows and dates for episodes to air shortly .......did we say show was CSI something ? .....Ohhhh we forgot to mention that !!!

Shhhhhhh more news to follow and so if you're into Urban American Funk Rock look no further than Michael Jameson.

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I am Duckeye, Punching Dicks so you don't have to!

Have you ever had that insatiable urge to just run around repeatedly punching all the dicks you can find?... Me neither. Though the same can not be said by metal band I am Duckeye in their 2012 official video clip for the catchy single, appropriately named, 'Punching Dicks'. As you may have already imagined the hilarious video clip consists of the 3 of the 4 band members; Matt, Sam & Jules (unfortunately and i quote "Sean was @ soccer on film day") running around town punching themselves and each other in the dick, as well as some general idiotic fun in children's play grounds and the middle of the street.

The song is a lot of fun to sit back and laugh at, so check it out if you're up for a laugh or just have nothing else to do!

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Sound Cloud:

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

J. Young's "Oxygen" rises into the Top 20!

DJ Central Record's very own Mr. Josh Young has broken through into the top twenty of the Billboard's Emerging Canadian Artists Chart! With his hot song "Oxygen" coming in at number 19, it won't be long now till J. Young's latest single "Sexy Dress" will be climbing the charts and following in hot pursuit. "Oxygen" produced by Adam H. Hurstfield, leads the way with the most hit songs Written and Produced by a Canadian on The National TOP 40 Charts.

Young has expressed his gratitude across his Facebook and Instagram platforms, "I really appreciate and thank all radio stations for playing my song here in Canada. It has meant the world to me and has opened doors for the fans and the followers to hear what XOXO and Jyoung has to offer in the music industry."

J. Young will be performing at the 2016 JUNO awards this April 3.

Check out "Oxygen" right now!

For more information on J. Young follow the links below:

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Downer's 'Side Chick' picking up some serious momentum since being picked up by radio stations all over the world!

Lets face it. If you've been fortunate enough to hear anything from Downer's latest EP 'Side Chick' you most likely loved it; don't worry though, so does everybody else! Since being picked up by a number of reputable independent hip hop stations in the states Downer's talent is finally getting some more much deserved attention from lovers of hip hop that may never have heard of the likes of Downer before. These indépendant hip hop stations include K-100, Zulu Radio, WNYU and KGNU, these guys should be thanked for doing their part in spreading the word about Downer; they're doing everybody a favour by giving him a spotlight.

After working with producers throughout 2015, this new EP gives fans 4 brand new songs that are sure to have everyone singing along and listening to the new tracks all day. Showing his connections Downer works with other big names in the rap community for this EP including Nicho Savant in the title track 'Side Chick' and Ripped in 'Lay Me Down'.

Everybody loves this EP and its good to see Downer being exposed to a wider audience. Be sure to check out Downer via the links below, and here is the Title Track of his EP 'Side Chick'.

The 'Side Chick' EP

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Official site:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Riveting Australian Independent Drama "Who Pays the Hitman" Keeps Audience Guessing

Planet Blue Pictures have secured the rights to distribute a great aspiring independent film " Who Pays The Hitman". From the moment of the opening scene, an extreme eye close up of a man to a heavy rock soundtrack, the audience is hooked. Released this year on Planet Blue Pictures network, Who Pays the Hitman is the debut film for Australian, Rod Millner.

Set in a run-down emergency room on a Saturday night, Who Pays The Hitman follows the story and interaction of a doctor, two patients, a priest and a Hitman. The doctor patient relationship and priest’s vows bind them both to silence as the Hitman slowly reveals his purpose. They both face an ethical dilemma when a badly mutilated prostitute is brought in by the man responsible for her condition. The film poses several questions to the audience. Will he get away with murder? Do the Doctor and Priest sacrifice everything they believe in? Who is going to pay the Hitman?

Director and Producer Rod Millner has brought together a diverse group of misguided characters, added a camera and has included a killer soundtrack to get Who Pays The Hitman onto the silver screen. The all Australian cast do a brilliant job in exploring how far things can go wrong. Or right, depending on which perspective you watch the film with.

Interested? Check out the trailer here!

For further information on the Who Pays The Hitman follow links below:

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Planet Blue Pictures Official Website:

What do you get when you throw a group of middle aged men into a makeshift basement studio in Hamilton for the third year in a row?......... Thats right everyone the long wait is over, Season 3 of the Cadillac Bill show has arrived !!!

It was only yesterday night i was lying in bed thinking to myself... 'I need more videos of animals, pointless banter, nonsensical news reports, aliens, poorly edited scene transitions and old men in golden jackets in my life'. Thank god The Cadillac Bill Show Exists to satisfy these very specific needs!

For those of you who've never heard of The Cadillac Bill Show do yourself a favour, grab a bag of Doritos, a mild hallucinogen, sit back and prepare your face for the most comically cringe worthy variety show the world has to offer. Based and filmed in the small Canadian town of Hamilton, The Cadillac Bill Show has been providing its low budget, hilariously dry toilet humour for 2 seasons already; now by the will of God and overwhelming demand of the fans Bill is gracing the world with a 3rd season of wackiness.

Cadillac Bill and the creeping bent orchestra have been around since their hay day of rock N' roll in the 80's and what other group of middle aged men are more qualified to host pointless Canadian variety show other than a crew of washed up rockstars of the 80's? Absolutely nobody! Bill himself was voted the number 2 TV personality in all of Hamilton losing only to Matt Haze the weather man on account of his brilliant tan, no word of a lie, check out season 3 episode 1 if you don't believe me. Aside from the return of the regulars, famous guest star 'Drew Barrymore's portrait' is making another return for the 3rd year running which is some great news, as that picture is probably the most famous thing the show has going for it.

Despite what reservations all you nay sayers may have this is a genuinely entertaining show if only for its pure insanity and the priceless attitude of the Host Cadillac Bill, who seems to be physically incapable of expressing emotion. Whether intentional or not Bill's inability to change the tone of his voice makes many of the shows skits and his reactions just that much funnier, the show's content is random, hilariously dumb, doesn't make a lick of sense and Bill knows it. How many other shows do you know that can go from watching clips of penguins frolicking to an inside look at the transgender night life of Hamilton? The answer is none, there are no rules on the Cadillac Bill show.

Season 3 has somehow achieved the impossible and brought even more random variety to the most random variety show in existence. So if your living under a log and want to find out whats going on in the world or have absolutely nothing else to do with yourself, don't waste any more of your precious time not watching season 3 of The Cadillac Bill Show! If no guilty pleasure is derived from watching this insane show then you may want to see a doctor for treatment of a chronic case no sense of humour.

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Season 3 Episodes:

Trees Die Standing newest album 'The Forest' Stays Solid in the Alternative Rock Scene.

Spanish power trio Trees Die Standing are back with their second album 'The Forest.' Released last year in September, Trees Die Standing have harnessed their alternative rock music to produce fourteen tracks more distinctly their own sound. With resounding percussion, leading guitar and bellowing vocals the trio have produced a solid, cohesive album.

Forming in 2010, the band ties honesty, meaningful lyrics, and rocking riffs together to continue spreading their message of "updating the world." The trio consists of brothers Jack and Mario Garcia playing Bass and Guitar respectively as well as Javier Martin on drums.

Check out their latest music video 'Break Me In Case Of Fire' from their new album 'The Forest'.

For More on Trees Die Standing, Here's their Official Links;


John G Delivers Powerful EP 'Hustle With Conviction' Reflecting His Life in Music.

African hip-hop artist John G has released his new EP Hustle With Conviction this year in February. The five tracks are a teaser for what could be a larger project in Gangsta Rap and Hip Hop for John G. Collaborating with fellow artists such as rapper Sky Dymex and singer who goes only by the name Stephen, John G has created music that reflects the world around him.

The first number on Hustle With Conviction is the only song where John G offers just himself. ‘My Story’ keeps a heavy bass beat and acts as an introduction to the whole EP. His verses muse about the vices around him but staying close to his faith keeping John G on his musical path. Expressing his music isn’t a stereotype, it’s just real life.

The next two tracks on the EP pick up the pace rapidly. ‘From the Street’ delivers a faster paced dance beat as John G raps about rising above the individuals trying to hold him back. Stephen features in this track to sing the main hook “I come from the streets.” ‘Increase the Peace’ is more aggressive, with both John G and Sky Dymex spitting out verses about the street violence they see. With a grunting “c’mon” dropping into the beat, ‘Increase the Peace’ is a critical reflection about the life both rappers have experienced.

The final numbers in ‘Hustle With Conviction’ look at different aspect of John G’s life. ‘Thug Love’ and ‘Teach You Right’ are tunes centred around love. Thug Love a slower tune that is dedicated to the woman is sticks by his side and Teach You Right is making a promise to show his love interest what love could be like with John G. Stephen provides vocals in both tracks, his deep voice featured in the chorus adding another element to the songs.

Hustle With Conviction is just the beginning for John G as a rapper and artist in the industry. Purchase his music now on iTunes.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Unexpected featuring between the winner of the first edition of Nigeria's Got Talent Reality Show and Phyno

Winner of the first edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent Reality Show, Amarachi Unyanne releases her first featuring with Phyno, Nigerian rapper and record producer. An amazing clip, let us say that for sure this feature is a very good idea.Phyno started as producer in 2003 and releases his first album ‘No Guts No Glory’ in 2014. The 21’s years old rapper did not waste his time, he produced singles like ‘Ghost Mode’, ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Parcel’ or even ‘O Set’ and as producer worked with Timaya, Flavour, Ruggedman, Bracket, J Martins sand Mr Raw.The young girl Amarachi has 11 years old and is already a rising star. She ever had released singles like ‘Amarachi dance’ and ‘Get down’. Her funky look is just amazing, we love her.

Let’s listen the featuring now!

For more information on Amarachi, follow the official links below:

Smacby has finally released her official tracks under her newly created independent label

Sheba Macby is Nigerian born in Netherlands but currently based in Lagos is a recording artiste with the stage name Smacby. The rapper releases 3 new singles ‘No lies’, ‘Comport (Dirty Mind)’ and ‘Mr Ronaldo (Freestyle)’ with with her usual talent under the label which is her newly created independent label, Sheba Entertainment.

The Smacby’s fanbase know her for ‘murdering beats’ and they call her ‘Wizkid,s beta’ that is a better version of Wizkid.

Smacby expresses through the tracks ‘No lies’ her feelings in words and melody catchy. She describes her single as inspirational. ‘I hope my listeners get inspired to put on their dancing shoes, and forget about their sorrows’.

Download the single on iTunes:

Listen the single now!

Her singles ‘Comport (Dirty Mind)’ and ‘Mr Ronaldo (Freestyle)’ was so expected into her fanbase!

And now it’s finally available here on iTunes:

Listen ‘Comport (Dirty Mind)’ here:

Listen ‘Mr Ronaldo (Freestyle)’ here

For more on Smacby, follow the links!

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Hard rock trio Danny Vash and Nite Wolf unleash 'Takin' Control'

Danny Vash and Nite Wolf wail into the scene with their new song ‘Takin’ Control.’ The five minute hard rock saga that is ‘Takin’ Control’ beings with a classic metal electric guitar riff and pounding percussion. The song centres around the competition created in the music scene, but Vash isn’t interested. The sole focus must be rock and roll. Taking back control every night, through every performance, playing as Nite Wolf. Danny Vash howling out the lyrics and unleashing epic guitar solos throughout the track, scaling the fret board to emulate monster influences such as Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osborne.

The title track comes from their second album released November last year. Danny Vash fronts his band Nite Wolf in lead vocals and guitar with Mike Alberts shredding on bass and Bill Weber on drums. Other hits from the hard rock power trio, from Albuquerque New Mexico, include ‘Passion Dreamer’ and ‘Fantasy Girl’. With a percentage of Nite Wolf’s final sale prices going towards the ASPCA Charity (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) there is no reason not to go out and purchase their album ‘Takin’ Control.’

Check out the Video Clip for Takin’ Control-

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K-liostro Slips on Top Hat for New Song

Growing from his previous music comes the latest release by K-Liostro, ‘You’re The One.’ Featuring Vicky Jackson, the single written by K-Liostro is surely to become another pop hit. ‘You’re The One’ was released this February, separate from his EP that dropped last year.

Based in Switzerland, K-Liostro has forever been interested in the dance music scene since turning fifteen, his dream at first to become a DJ. His life now evolves around writing great pop and dance tracks ranging from Dance, Electro, R&B and house. As K-Liostro says “Variety is the spice of the musicians life and I really enjoy all kinds of music.” Influences from different genres is interwoven throughout ‘You’re the One’ to produce one great pop hit. Go purchase it now on iTunes!

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Young Nigerian Rapper Creddy F Breaking Through the Music Scene With "Scooby Scooby" ft. LKT

Creddy F growls into the start of Scooby Scooby with a ragga infused dance beat and layers of electronic vocals. Featuring fellow hip-hop artist LKT, Creddy F expresses his daily encounters, spitting out vividly imagined verses whilst till remaining a brilliant mix to keep dancing. Launching into the music scene in 2012, Creddy F is beginning to thrive in Nigeria’s growing music industry.

Born in the 90’s, Creddy F is one of the many young rappers to emerge from Anambra state, Nigeria. He has shared the stage with great artistsLike 9ice, Phyno, Olamide, Chidinma, LKT, OritseFemi, Jay Ru and Elphlex. Creddy F is able to deliver lyrical prowess not only in English but also in Pidgin, Igbo and Yoruba. Creddy F is exceptionally positive about where his music will lead him stating, “As long as I keep bringing up good music and never relenting, I hope to see myself wherever God wants me to be. The sky is the starting point.”

Check out his single Scooby Scooby Ft. LKT right now!

For more on Creddy F, follow the Official Links:

Kiss Daniel's new single as good as his previous songs! He doesn't disappoint us with his brand new hit 'Good Time'

Nigerian singer, performer and entertainer Kiss Daniel was remembered with his single ‘Woju’. He use to play afro-pop songs and now he is back with a brand new song hedonistic in witch ‘he just wanna have a good time’ ‘if you know what I mean’.

Kiss Daniel started his career as singer in 2013, he is a very young artist but he ever have a fanbase. He released his first song in 2014 with ‘Shoye’ produced by Beatburx. He is currently signed to G-worldwide Entertainment. After he won two awards in September 2015, with his song ‘laye’ he came back with a successful single ‘Good Time’.This happy song is good to listen in holidays, with friends, to share good moments and so on. So do not wait more time and listen this song.

Listen to ‘Good Time’ now!

For more information on Kiss Daniel, follow the official links below:

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Destiny Records Flourishing Out of Nigeria and growing new music markets for their roster with the help of the Australian Government and Blue Pie Records!

Emerging from the 10th most populous country in the world with over 180M people, Nigeria's "Destiny Records Nigeria" and "Destiny Records Africa" are building a world class roster of artists with the help of Blue Pie Records.

Founder and CEO of Destiny Records, Judah Chiedu has been working with Blue Pie Records for over eight years and in 2014 he established his very own record label in Africa, called Destiny Records Nigeria named after his wife. Destiny Records Nigeria was developed on the belief that talent and good music will rise to the top. And this is certainly happening now for Judah's label and its roster of artists.

“Destiny Records was founded on my belief and desire to provide a totally transparent reporting process for artists and labels in Africa that will allow them to be able to develop new markets with global business partners." Jude Cheidu, CEO Destiny Records Nigeria

Ever since its formation, Destiny Records Nigeria has worked closely with Blue Pie Records to develop the systems and processess to streamline the ingestion of music and video clips over the internet. This global partnership has opened new markets in the USA, Asia and Australia to provide real opportunity for African artists and label partners that previously was not possible due to poor internet services and the high cost to open up these markets.

With the help of Blue Pie Records and its 115 + distribution and media partners, Destiny Records has been able to grow and offer an incredible opportunity for its roster of artists to access these new markets. With most services asking for up to $200 USD a year to get an album and a single track out to the global music markets, this cost has prevented many artists from distributing their music. $200 USD is almost a months wages in Nigeria. Destiny Records has been able to offer a no cost up front business model to its artists and label partners, with thanks to Blue Pie. With this support and the help of the Blue Pie label teams in the USA and Australia, all of the ingestion costs have been paid for by Blue Pie, so the artists and labels do not have to pay for artwork, basic marketing tools or distribution fees upfront.

"We are a label and distribution company that understands what it takes to make an artists successful and delivery of a transparent reporting process to the African content that has not always been available in the past. It is an exciting time for our company as we grow our business. Nigeria is an emerging 3rd world market and people do not realise that $200 USD is close to a months wages here.

With the help of Blue Pie and my supporters here in Africa we have been able to offer a zero cost model for all artists to get an album or a single on the retailers and we pay all the costs upfront. This means artists that have limited budgets, but ones that are still producing incredible music can now access the global music markets and at least be able to get their music out to the world without having to pay delivery fees.

We would like to extend a huge note of thanks to Blue Pie and the Australian Government for its support of Blue Pie and our label. We see a great future building and one that will have real change in our local market with this support. This program and the work that Blue Pie does in Africa does not go un-noticed and we expect to replicate the model into our surrounding African nations over the next 24 months. The market is massive and we are already swamped but we are excited about the future and what this means to our country and the artists we have signed."
Jude Cheidu, CEO Destiny Records Nigeria

Check out Destiny Records Nigeria's soundcloud with artist Mahansa with his song "I Can't Breathe" below. This is just one of over 200 + artists that now enjoy the ability to reach a global audience without the huge cost burdens upfront that other outlets may charge.

For more information on Destiny Records Nigeria, follow the official links below:

Official Links-
Official Website:

If you're a young artist looking to learn and network, then Uncle Phil's your guy!

Uncle Phil Records was established to provide talent development and a vast network of resources to their artists and label partners in order to help them grow and develop new markets for their music.

Phil Hansen the founder of Phil Records has been a music teacher since 1973, has taught at two local colleges, two high schools, and in many music stores since that time and travelled throughout the USA expanding his student’s music minds. He has written eight published guitar and mandolin manuals, and many assorted articles on guitar styles and techniques in several publications. He continues to teach, perform, and live in the greater Puget Sound Region of Washington State. Phil brings his fun, zen management style to the business, focussing on keeping it simple and all about the music.

You would be hard pressed to find another individual with Phil's depth of experience; his ever growing network of musical partners now including an agreement with Blue Pie records provides an invaluable means for new up and coming folk artists to reach new markets and sky rocket their career to the next level.

If Uncle Phil records is just the thing you're career as an artist needs then check out the links below!

Official Links- 
Official Website:

Looking for a fresh way to get your name out there in the music industry? Well look no further than ConcertHouse Music!

Having decades of experience behind them, working with some of the biggest names in the business such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Madonna and the list goes on; CEO Ross Tonkin, Josh Langton and Damien Reilly run a very tight show over at ConcertHouse Music. Each with their own networks and connections in the music industry these three individuals are a force to be reckoned with and definitely the people any up and coming musician should be talking to if they want to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Providing artists with over 600 digital retail stores and over 100 mobile platforms and operators ConcertHouse Music provide their artists with access to leading industry professionals that have a proven success history and partners that deliver results. Ross Tonkin and his team are professionals who take alot of pride in their work; they are able to develop a program that works for the artist as well as develop an effective marketing strategy, live performances, touring advisor and a support infrastructure.

So if you're a young artist looking to make it big, here's your ticket in! For more information check out the links below.

Official Links-
Official Website:

DJ Puddee Slamin' the Beatz

challenged herself and overcome personal adversity to discover success in the industry. Catherine is the CEO and founder of SlaminFatbeatz Media & Promotions. Affiliated with Blue Pie Records, Slamin Fat Beatz is a multimedia company consisting of radio, magazine, Ustream television and record distribution located in Portland, Oregon.

Starting out in the eighties as a radio presenter, Catherine developed her skills to become the CEO over years of further schooling and training. From starting a mobile DJ service, studying communications in her second degree, to producing a spoken word album based around her trials and tribulations in a dark period of her life titled 'Transitions Spun and Spoken.'

“I had no idea I could do all these things it had to have been on a subconscious level, I mean we all have gifts, abilities and talents but all this came out of my spirit and I am still in awe” - Catherine Matsuura, CEO and founder Slamin Fat Beatz

Slamin Fat Beatz began in 2012, where Catherine has developed understanding of the workings of the music industry. Learning how to market, distribute, license, and promote her products through her medium as well as other mediums and to industry contacts. She also works with other Indie artists through artist development and promotions.

Here's DJ Puddee latest release, R&B track called “Babee” (Remix) Feat Jstring and Da Mind.

For Further Information on Slamin Fat Beatz check out the links below.

Official Links-
Official Website:

Peter and his Farm Animal friends are ready to dance and play!

Peter's Animal Farm, a fun, musical way to educate young kids, is making a comeback and revealing new ways to interact with children today! The popular collection of children’s music, lyrics and old fashioned story telling has just launched a new wave of social media accounts. Providing a new way to access the educational media, parents and children will soon discover the friendly characters from the Farm including 'Daisy the Duck,' 'Horse Next Door' and 'Piggy Wiggy.'

Authors Peter and David have made this long-running and popular children’s music come to life. Through their dreams of creating poetry they set out to educate younger generations about the land and nature of Australia through colourful animal characters and catchy tunes.

From his very first album, Peter, inspired by his very own Farm in the Caboolture Shire in Queensland has grown into five other albums, covering new landscapes such as 'The Outback' and 'Under the Sea.' Now joining different media platforms, Peter's Animal Farm is set to become a children's classic animation in the near future!

Official Links-

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Isaac Roosevelt is one Happy Man showing us just who is the Real .......Soulman !

Creating and producing music whist living in Mannheim, Germany, Issac Roosevelt continues his strength and direction in the music scene. For over twenty six years, Issac Roosevelt has been gracing listeners ears with his soulful voice and funk hits. His participation in the third season of The Voice Germany in 2013 pushing his career into more active opportunities.

Since the show, Roosevelt toured throughout 2014, has accumulated over four million views on YouTube and has past 119 000 likes on Facebook. This same year he gained even more commercial success, with being the voice for the 2014 VW Golf Sportsvan TV Spot “Couples,” as well as gaining some radio air for his duet with Pamela Falcon titled "Lost in a Mad World."

Isaac Roosevelt boasts striking stage presence, an outstanding feel for his audience, and above all an emanation of music joy as you rarely see them. "He manages to bring all kind of audience to dance" comment his band mates about him. In July, his first EP "SCREAM" was released, the five songs on this EP show how diverse and varied Isaac Roosevelt’s brand of Soul is.

Most recently, Issac Roosevelt was announced as a semi finalist in the 2015 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for his song "Happy Day." With more than 18,500 entries, as semi-finalist, Roosevelt ranked in the top 10% of the competition.

Check out his song here!

For further information and to keep up to date on what Roosevelt is doing, follow the links below.

Official Links-

This all American soul singer / song writer has conquered it all and he's not putting down his guitar any time soon!

Stewart Francke has been a household name for lovers of folk rock since the early 90's when he released his first album 'House of Lights', since that point Stewart has been killing it in the rock scene, being recognised by and compared to other rock legends including the likes of Bruce Springsteen. Unfortunately there was a Major speed bump in the Stewart's momentum upon being diagnosed with leukimia in 1998. Despite this terrible news Francke had no intentions of slowing down or tapping out, he continued to fight, eventually beating the disease; now he continues to write and record, focusing all his energy into his family, craft and bone marrow donor activism.

Stewart has opened for some huge gigs for dozens of high priority stars ranging from Sheryl Crow to Steve Earle. In 2011 he recorded a duet with the one and only Bruce Springsteen 'Summer Soldier', Springsteen speaks very highly Stewart claiming he makes "beautiful music."

More recently our folk rock idol has released a new CD 'Midwestern: the very best of Stewart Francke 1995-2015'. This latest project is now available worldwide! Compiled from 20 years of studio albums, 'Midwestern' features 16 of Stewart's finest work plus two new unreleased songs. "When we went back through all 14 releases, and put these songs together as a whole, it quickly formed its own identity as a record. The collection came alive with a few recurring themes that are present lyrically. It’s a lifetime of musical peaks that work together.” - Stewart Francke

Stewart Francke is a treasure to the American folk rock scene and you all should check him out!

Here's a small taste of the new CD Midwestern "Drive North".

For any more information check out the official links below!

Official Links -
Official site:

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why'd the blonde climb the chain link fence? Jackie Martling has the answer

If political correctness is your shtick, being offended comes easily to you or hearing dirty jokes is an absolute repellent, look away now! Or really looking away should have begun since the late seventies considering that's how long Jackie Martling has been in the comedy business. Starting out in a music comedy trio The Off Hour Rockers Martling in 1983 took his ample collection of jokes into radio and television. For the next eighteen years Martling became a fixture in the business, gracing audiences of the Howard Stern Show as the "joke man."

Whilst on the show and after he left, Jackie continued to expand his comedic repertoire with the indecent, lewd and downright hilarious. Self-producing comedy albums such as What did you expect? and Goin' Ape! Martling also since 1993 has released six more dirty joke CDs, a DVD (A Safe Distance From Genius) and five joke books including best seller Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling's Disgustingly Dirty Joke Book. Jackie also released an app in 2009 called the Jackie Button, which currently houses the more g-rated jokes and sounds from the Joke Man's own collection.

Today you can find Jackie still touring as a stand-up comedian, currently performing in shows across America and stay very present on social media. With over thirty-five thousand followers, Martling likes to tweet out a joke every day as a reminder that collection of jokes still has yet to be used up.

To have a laugh and retweet a joke or curious about more of his work check out the links below.

Official Links-
Twitter -
Official Website -

The Cure for your Rock Drought

Not too sure what Rihanna could possibly be working on? Definitely do not want to share a pillow with Zayn or figure out what Justin Bieber means? If you're just missing the pure rock sounds of KISS, Black Zabbath or AC/DC look no further than Swedish rockers Märvel.

Forming in 2002, The King (John Steen), Speedo (Ulrik Bostedt) and The Vicar (Tony Samuelsson) bonded on a USA high school exchange over drinking beer, lousy grades and playing rock n roll.

Since their first two albums Five Smell City and Thunderblood Heart the band not believing in replacing members have brought in two new bassists, The Aviator and the Burgher. So for those who are counting, Märvel is a power trio with five members.

Following the addition of new members, Märvel have released two further albums (Warhawks of War and Hadal Zone Express). Their latest work though is mini album The Hills Have Eyes released in February 2015 and produced by Fred Estby.

With their second release on the mini-album being a W.A.S.P. cover of 'L.O.V.E. Machine', Märvel flaunt their high energy vocals, flesh throwing guitar riffs and head banging beats transforming this classic into a killer work of their own.

Performing at The Pipeline in London this March, Märvel give a riotous show dressed up in leather balaclavas and outfits to match their very own alter egos.

Rock out out their second single release from their mini-album The Hills Have Eyes

So if you're still in search for a hard rock revival with a flair of Scandinavian glamour, check out everything Märvel has to offer!

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Official Website:

Sabbath played on Hello Kitty Guitar, Def Leppard Tour and Free Stones Show in Cuba

Classic Rock, self-proclaimed high-voltage, rock'n'rollathon of a magazine has come out this week with some of the latest trending news. If rock is what you like, they've got it.

Frontman of metal band Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde has received some strange looks and praise from fans. Performing an acoustic version of the Black Sabbath song on a Hello Kitty mini-guitar, fans commented on the youtube video as "better than the original" and "managing to rise above the kitty litter." The band has a European tour planned over the months of May and June.

Check out the video here

In other news, Classic Rock Magazine confirms that Def Leppard will be undertaking a 55-date North American tour. Support by eighties rock bank REO speedwagon and California rockers Telsa, the tour will kick off from May through till October.

In keeping with news of epic rock bands performing, The Rolling Stones are set to play a free show in Cuba on March 25. The concert at Havana's Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana is scheduled to follow the Rolling Stones' South American tour. It will be the biggest act to perform since Cuba's 1959 revolution and the first open-air concert in the country to feature a UK rock band.

For the latest trending rock music news, features and interviews, head to the Classic Rock website -

Official Website:

Voice of a Growing Community of Artists

Filled with singing, dancing, film and spoken word, "Woman Rise Up!/Balance" was a showcase of the power of women and the harmony created between both the feminine and masculine. Hosted by Africa In America, this dedicated magazine has not stopped moving since.

Releasing now its seventh issue in February, all about looking back at a memorable black history month and travelling to Senegal in West Africa, Africa in America has continued its primary role in supporting the community of African based artists and growing awareness of this culture in America.

The creative behind the founding of Africa in America is South Carolina gal, Kara Mack. Choreographer, dancer and singer, Kara is determined to make an impact within the dance and musical domains.

Most recently being involved in the choreography for Kendrick Lamar's stellar, politically-charged 2016 Grammy performance, but also working for Shakira's Waka Waka which was used a the official FIFA World Cup song in 2010.

Kara's latest song "I love you so" is a musical extension to the work that she has already produced. Delicate and soulful but with a distinct African inspired beat throughout, the song is something to serenade a loved one or dance to. Have a listen,

For any more information on Kara Mack, her music or Africa in America Magazine, follow the links below.

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Africa in America Twitter:
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Let Your Love Be Out For Missy Crissy

Missy Crissy has burst onto the scene with her first album release. Self-titled “Missy Crissy” is eight tracks filled with electronic pop pleasure.

The Romanian singer was introduced to the music world from an early age, being inspired by her mother who was a very famous singer in Rep. of Moldova.

From the age of sixteen Missy Crissy has been working in the studio with various artists. Things started truly growing from the moment she was discovered by a recording artist named Smiley who is also the owner of one of the biggest recording labels in Europe “HaHaHa Production.

”Missy recorded her first single with HaHaHa Productions “Let your love out” and very soon after the video was released. The song was a massive success. Starting with a sugary piano melody, the track, after Missy giggles “HaHaHa production,” drops into a full blown pop tune. Missy Crissy’s demand to ‘let your love out’ staying in your head long after the song finishes.

In August 2011 Missy Crissy toured this track throughout Asia. Spotting talent, many brands jumped on board as sponsors including “Chivas Regal” which was a massive achievement for an emerging new artist. This lead to the Elle Fashion Show Magazine feature on her 2012. In December of 2015, with the help of Raz B (B2K), Missy was spotted performing in Shanghai. Shortly after Missy was signed to world wide publishing and recording deal, DJ Central Records.

As of March 2016, Missy has over 3 Million Youtube plays and a growing global fan base. She is performing in Europe and China throughout 2016. With her debut album ‘Missy Crissy’ out now it’s sure to make its way up the charts.

Have a listen to the first single on her debut album here.

For more information on Missy and tour | live show dates please visit the following official websites. Missy Crissy is a DJ Central Records recording artist and distributed for the world by Blue Pie Records USA.

Missy Crissy Official Links –

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missed giving your loved one a present for valentines day? The Cadillac Bill Show has got it covered.

On behalf of the punished lovers who failed to gift their better halves with a Valentines present last month, The Cadillac Bill Show has found the perfect make up present. Forget flowers, chocolate or even a diamond necklace, Cadillac Bill is certain that women love toiletries and what could be better than a toilet brush? In this infomercial segment as part of the bizarre Canadian variety show, Cadillac Bill's very own branded toilet brush will leave viewers thinking what else could this show entail.

Wearing a blonde wig and aviator sunglasses, Cadillac Bill ensures the self designed toilet brush is beautifully crafted with multiple uses. Of course the most unusual use for a toilet brush you could think of is no match for the outlandish ways Bill suggests to incorporate the simple toilet brush into home life. From an 'organic' dog brush, a girl's doll to a plant duster are just some of the video's side-splitting suggestions.

Check it out the hilarious segment for yourself.

Cadillac Bill and the Creeping bent are well into their second season of their show. If this small teaser isn't enough check out the full episodes available on YouTube or their official site -

Great new single released by Pete Hawkes, "Riddle of the East" from his album Acoustic Collection

From his album The Acoustic Collection comes the soul churning 'Riddle of the East.' Leading with his quintessential folk acoustic styling, Pete Hawkes entwines the instrumental with electric guitar, violin and saxophone at the very end. Influenced by blues guitarist Davey Graham in his early years as a performer, 'Riddle of the East' may not hold the rhythm of a typical blues song but holds all the melancholy and sadness that is expected.

The acoustic and electric guitar battle throughout the number. Hawkes composing the performance of the guitars as if locked in a lovers quarrel, starting gently but quickly building into a great crescendo of strings. The other instruments featured tie in terrifically to tell of a bittersweet sorrow.

The title of the track 'Riddle of the East' perhaps even explaining the turmoil Hawkes faced during his time and subsequent deportation during the time of Communist China as part of the underground Jazz scene.

Take a listen

For any other information and music have a look at the links below.

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Everything will be just fine, just listen to BJ Sam

Ever since airing his single 'Show Me Some Love' across thirty radio stations in the USA and UK in October of last year, BJ Sam has continued in spreading his universal message of equality, inner strength and embracing love. Not only is BJ Sam a singer-songwriter, he is an internationally recognised composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Nicknamed by fans as Sammy Wonder, BJ Sam is an international reggae and R&B artist who connects with his audience through heartfelt lyrics and rhythmic beats. With his latest video released 'You are Special, So am I" it's easy to see why his fans reverie him as wonderful. Set in the natural African landscape, BJ Sam in an all white suit and fedora sins alongside dancing children with a simply positive idea. No one is inferior, we are all equal.

Inspired by artists such as Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson, BJ Sam is taking a refreshing angle on what it means to be a musician today. BJ Sam's latest single 'Everything Will Be Fine' resonates with listeners the power of resilience and positivity in the face of adversity.

Take a listen and feel the vibes right now.

For more information on BJ Sam check out the links below.

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Stevie Klasson's Book 'Rock N' Roll Tales From A Crooked Highway' is officially available worldwide and comes with the his new band's Debut Album 'Black Weeds'.

If anybody out there has ever wondered what it might be like to to saddle up on the steel horse that is a tour bus and hit the road with a band, then allow one of Sweden's most respected Guitarists, Stevie Klasson, to be your personal guide to the life of a rock god in his new book 'Rock N' Roll Tales From A Crooked Highway'.

Born on July 28 in 1968 in Södertälje, Sweden, Stevie Klasson, guitarist extraordinare, renowned in his craft and the star of bands such as, Diamond Dogs, Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders and more recently, Black Weeds. His talent and fame are unquestionable making him an ideal individual to give the inside scoop of what living a life of rock n' roll is like. Stevie's book has only been available since the 24th of January and sold with an early access CD of Black Weeds debut album which was released on the 5th of Febuary. The Book tells of Stevie's countless escapades, gigs and trouble he's gotten up to over his years of performing; it's sure to be a interesting read, just try not to get too jealous of the life you and I may never get to live.

Copies of the book can be internationally ordered from the link below -

Check out Black Weed's Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the latest info on the band and an up to date account of Stevie's adventures.

Official links -

Pete Hawkes releases a new Video for the Title track of his latest album 'The Sultans Daughter'.

Australia's very own folk artist and award winning composer Pete Hawkes has released his new album 'The Sultans Daughter' along with a very simple yet captivating music video for the title song. The track consists of only three instruments, a saxophone, violin and Pete on an acoustic guitar, despite its simplicity the song has a very soothing melodic feel, with hints of inspiration from traditional Arabic music.

The video and piece were recorded at Toyland Studios Melbourne and feature performances from two other world class musicians, Shane Lestideau on the violin, and saxophone legend Lok Davidson (who's credits include Stevie Wonder, John Farnham, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Maria Schneider among others). These three artists compliment each other to create a truly unique sound that shouldn't be missed.

To check out the video for yourself follow the link below.

For any other information and music have a look at the links below.

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Once this French Virtuoso picks up his accordion you wont wont him to put it back down!

Ever imagined yourself strolling through the streets of Paris to the gleeful tunes of an accordion, just like the actors in those movies? Well thanks to French Composor and accordion player Jacques Pellarin we lovers of traditional French music can experience the sounds of France wherever we go (unfortunately the Parisean streets will remain in Paris). Jacques Pellarin has brought the sounds of the French country side to all corners of the globe and we should thank him dearly for that.

Pellarin begun his career as a soloist musician in 1984 with performances of classical and Russian music in Switzerland and Rhone-Alps. He Continued touring Europe performing in classical concerts and perfecting his art for the next 20 years up until 2004 where Jacques decided to end his career as a classic concert performer. From here Pellarin decided to pursue a more 'jazzy', up beat style, whilst still paying homage to his 'classical' origins. From 2005-2007 Pellarin joined somewhat of a Jazz 'dream team'; accompanying Pellarin on his accordion were the likes of, Yann Pajean a master of percussion, Diego Fano on the saxaphone, Bertrand Belly with the bass and Claude Noventa plucking his acoustic guitar. This group travel around Latin America and a number of European countries with a diverse list of musical styles including; Latin jazz, nuevo tango, waltzs swing, mambo and samba. Jacques still performs with members on this group in his new crew, the 'Jacques Pellarin Quartet' which has managed to create a modern and innovative sound through the combination of the accordion and the electric bass.

Pellarin is a superbly lyrical writer and player, his style of writing will put an instant skip in your step and inspire a great appreciation for the melodic, upbeat rhythm of the French. Below is one of his newer compositions 'Valse Pour Lucette', give it a listen and enjoy the artistic genius of Jacques Pellarin.

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