Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chris Melotti releases dance track "Give The People What They Want"!

Christopher Melotti is one of Australia’s most motivated, down to earth, and musically engaging talents of the century.

The latest hit from Chris is his powerful dance track “Give The People What They Want” featuring Sabrina Fustaire. Produced by Chris Garcia and Damien Reilly, the song showcases two extremes of the world and the way people live in it. Juxtaposing the glamorous lifestyle of the “dance music” culture and the poverty and riots that the majority of the world’s popularity undergo every day.

The clip is to be featured on dance music television program “DJ Central”, and is also live on YouTube for the world!

Be sure to look out for upcoming releases and from Chris Melotti, and more information at his Official Website!


DJ Central Volume One now out for the world!

DJ Central is a new and exciting global show that features the hottest DJ’s playing the hottest hits, awesome remixes and mash ups, lifestyle segments, news and gossip, new music suggest by DJ’s, clubs and culture.

Each week the show features the hottest up and coming dance and house clips that are circulating across the globe.

On the first volume of a new compilation series to blow your mind, DJ Central releases some of this seasons praised clips in an audio collection to take the listener to their favourite hot-spots wherever they may be.

Fill your iTunes will beat-dropping tracks by Dave Sharp, Electric 9 and Dale Bozzio and join the dance music revolution!


DJ Central "Dance + House" Volume Two!

The follow up to DJ Central’s “Dance + House” Volume One compilation is now here, and just in time for Christmas!

Each week on DJ Central, the show features the hottest up and coming dance and house clips that are circulating across the globe.

In this round of the latest compilation series, feature artists such as, Marco Cordi, MNF, Electroholics, Ivan Klass and Electric 9 pump out their latest tracks!

Grab a copy on iTunes today and crank up these carefully selected tracks at your next summer dance party!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas with the blues never sounded so good with this four track, easy to download EP from New Orleans singer-songwriter, Olga.

Olga’s North Mississippi Christmas takes the Christmas traditions and makes them her own. She tells new stories through her lyrics and brings inspired images into the set with instrumentals that capture the peaceful calm that we all seek this time of year. “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” has some swamp blues tones going on, better bring out that pudding and a cup of good cheer!

This EP is available through iTunes and features tracks, “O Christmas Tree”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear” and “Deck The Halls”! A great gift idea to play you through the Christmas season!

For more information on Olga, check out her Official Website!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tony Vila releases album

Toni Villa’s new album “Super Me”, is an emotional, inspiring and transfixing compilation of songs that leave you uplifted and humming his melodies for days after.

Toni’s all laid bare approach to lyrics and unique style of pop, artfully incorporates a sophisticated use of modern rock and soulful piano. “The Real Super Me” is one such song that gets under the skin with its slow and ear catching introduction which transitions into a full blasting rock anthem with guitar riffs that are set to have an rock lover on the edge of their seat – contrasting this completely Toni also has beautiful serene heart stopping piano pop ballads such as “Just Fine” and “Around here” that are reminiscent of Legends Five for fighting.

The likes of Queen, Train and Killers would be chuffed to be the inspiration for Toni’s musical style which has inspired this skillful Texan into writing and performing for over 15 years- drawing crowds in their hundreds with his crazy performance style captivating his audience and ever growing fan base.

“Super Me” is live for the world on iTunes, so be sure to download, and add to your playlists. For more information on Tony Vila, be sure to check out his Official Myspace Page.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Jack Derwin releases acoustic collection

Jack Derwin’s latest release “Covered All In Blue” fuses elements of folk, pop, rock and a little oldschool blues, yet is true to the proud Australian sound. It is an ecelectic acoustic collection, inspired by travels with a guitar, woman, blue’s harp and never wanting to get caught in the mainstream.

The 18 track album is a collaboration of foot-tapping 12-bar blues tracks which segway into the deep, heart-wrenching tunes to sooth every soul.

“Covered All In Blue” features the talents of Jack as a multi-instrumentalist alongside Geoff Jones, who holds down the bass, Kosta Theodoridis on drums, Paul Cutlan and Stephen O’Connell on saxophone, John Revai on keyboards and Stephanie Jansen who accompanies Jack with back-up vocals on four tracks of the album.

Fueled with passion and filled with all styles of instrumentation, you will be blown away by the musicality of harmonicas, slide guitar and saxophone accompanied with chords by keyboard and guitar.

The stomp box adds a percussive sense to the album alongside the acoustic guitars, which are used as a muli-lingual instrument throughout the album, a talent which is executed by Jack to the finest degree.

The crisp acoustic guitar chords and vocals merge as the harmonies cross through eachother to create a beautiful blend that treats the ear.

Jack often writes about the blues, or reflects on the land of Australia and the ancestors that inhabited it. On “Covered All In Blue”, Jack captures true stories and tales of land, life and love through his lyrics on tracks like “Magnolia”, “Woman Let Me Know” and “Take Me Back Home”


Monday, October 15, 2012

Rob Marin releases "I'll Give Your Weak My Strength" for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Blue Pie are excited to announce the release of Rob Marin’s new single “I’ll Give Your Weak My Strength” which will be benefiting the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation!

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go straight to the Foundation to help the community create awareness of Breast Cancer, and support those in need that are struggling with the disease.

Greg Lato and Rob Marin wrote the song after a meeting, talking with some of the 2013 Calendar Girls and hearing their stories and how Breast Cancer affected their lives, especially being diagnosed under the age of 40.

Greg and Rob donated their time and cost of Recording and Producing the song both in Boston and New York studios. They were fortunate to have the very talented Kelley Lennon as a featured vocalist on the track singing the duet with Rob.

We urge all to support the track by purchasing it today! Your one download will help more than you know.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sydonia Release New EP ‘Waiting For Words That Don't Exist’

Melbourne-based Alt Rock/Metal band Sydonia have just released a new EP this month entitled ‘Waiting For Words That Don’t Exist.

’The 5-track EP has spawned two singles; ‘TL,’ and more recently, ‘Words.

’Be sure to check out the official videos for TL and Words on YouTube.

If you like what you hear, you can download Sydonia’s EP from the iTunes link below.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jacco Muller and Victor Ghannam release "Palace of Dreams"

Blue Pie Records is excited to announce that recently signed Flamenco guitarist Jacco Muller, has just had his latest album “Palace of Dreams” made available for purchase on iTunes. The 15-track album features Jacco on flamenco and electric guitar and Victor Ghannam on oud, qanoun and electric oud.

The dynamic duo who have worked together previously on Muller’s “Viento del Desierto” in 2009, have come together once again to produce a fresh and innovative sound that effectively combines different worlds and cultures to produce a high quality record.

The artists have successfully collaborated to create a unique blend of flamenco and Middle Eastern music with underlying influences of rock, jazz and belly dance. The album features lyrics in English, Spanish, Arabic and French combined with Middle Eastern percussion, Indian tablas, acoustic guitars and a rocking telecaster.

The title track “Palace of Dreams” which uses bright guitar tones, upbeat percussion and Arabic lyrics by a female vocalist, is one example of a host of tracks that not only showcases this unique musical concoction but Muller’s superior technical skills on the guitar.

Palace of Dreams is out on iTunes for the world. You can download your copy via our purchase link.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trees Die Standing release album '2012 Update the World!'

Trees Die Standing are an alternative rock band from Madrid. The first Release is “2012 – Update The World”. The album is pure indie alt rock and takes this to a new level for Spain. Released and out now on the new ConcertHouse Music Label in Canada and under the watchful eye of Ross Tonkin, the labels that founded this band are heading for bigger things.

With thunderous riffs and solid melody we know this one will put more holes in your ears and that’s what rock is all about. Distributed by Blue Pie from Australia for the world you can get this record at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Be sure to grab a copy off iTunes today!


Supastar Bre releases "F.L.Y. Chick"

Supastar Bre has released her new rap/hip-hop single called “F.L.Y. Chick.” This single is perfect for a night out or for those who enjoy listening to a new hip-hop beat. It’s a single worth listening to and you are able to find Supastar Bre’s new single at various digital retailers.

Listen and purchase her new single today on iTunes!


Ramize releases new album "Love Potion"

Reggae artist, Ramize from Kingston, Jamica has just released his new album ‘Love Potion’ in July of 2012. The 14-track album features songs such as ‘Pretty Lady’, ‘Good Love’, and ‘Come Over’.

‘Love Potion’ demonstrates his Jamaican native music, reggae, with a mix of R&B that soothes and relaxes the mind. Ramize spent years listening to various genres of music that he found close to him and you can hear these influences in his new album. Ramize can be easily found on Facebook, Youtube, and various digital retailers.
Purchase the album today on iTunes!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ruffa releases album 'Coming to America!'

New artist, Ruffa has recently released his record ‘Coming to America!

’The album is compiled of 13 tracks, including ‘Put Your Hands Up’, ‘Til It’s All Gone (ft. Haitian Baby)’ and ‘Good Man’.

‘Coming to America’ is a mixture of Hip-Hop and Rap, which will have you bringing out your inner gangster and pulling off moves you didn’t think you were capable of!

Ruffa collaborates with other artists including Adina Howard, Haitian Baby, and Rochella, who add an extra element of colour to Ruffa’s already catchy beats.

Grab a copy from iTunes today!


Olga releases new album 'Whatever You Want'

New Orleans singer, Olga has just released her new album ‘Whatever you want.

’The 12-track album features ‘They Want More’, ‘Nothing More to Say’ and ‘Birds of Sorrow.

’‘Whatever you want’ sets the mood of the 80’s with a blend of pop, blues and alternative. It’s the kind of record you would put on in the car to make your trip relaxed and easy.

Purchase a copy today on iTunes!


New album 'Gun Powder Riddim' for fans of reggae!

Gun Powder Riddim is a must-have for fans of reggae!

The 13-track record features various artists including Don Royal, Droop Lion, Sophia Brown, Powerman and more!

Gun Powder Riddim is the perfect music to blast through your headphones while soaking up the sun and enjoying a nice, cool pina colata!

Buy yourself a copy on iTunes today!


Reginelli Carleone Releases Debut Single ‘Bingo’

Rising rap star Reginelli Carleone has just released his debut single, ‘Bingo.’

With a sound resembling that of 50 cent, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, Reginelli Carleone has an aggressive and flowing sound that undoubtedly will continue to be heard in the years to come. The music reflects the current music trends at the moment, with a heavy emphasis on rhythmic and repetitive dance beats.

Reginelli Carleone is an artist that all rap and hip hop fans must keep an ear out for more hits like ‘Bingo’ in the future.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Burning The Day release "Buried Beneath"

Burning the Day have released their latest single, “Buried Beneath”.The single shows the ongoing growth of the band with the addition of rough, yet clean vocals mixed with their signature brutal screams. Though this single has incorporated new elements of musicality, Burning the Day still manage to keep the essence of metal which make them one of the greatest up and coming metal bands.

The single also comes with a bonus track called “Kill Song” and is available now on the iTunes store.’


Sonja Prinz releases single "Petit Oiseau"

French pop diva Sonja Prinz has just released her latest single “Petit Oiseau”

It is a fun, mellow tune that can be enjoyed by all people of all languages and cultures. The track features a variation of pop-electro qualities that seem to be sweeping the European markets by storm.

Sonja’s sweet, jazzy vocals complete the song, making it a definite hit!

You can purchase the song on iTunes today, see the purchase link for more details.


Summit Music Group's "Zion Train Project"

Summit Music Group have just released “The Zion Train Project Riddim” a compilation album filled with various Reggae and World Music artists from around the world.

It features songs such as “Zion Train”, “Nuh Feel Safe”, “African Daughter”, “We Need a Miracle” and more! The album is stripped down and the instrumentation consists of acoustic guitars, heavy, yet simple, bass lines, and is littered with nyabinghi drums throughout.

A must for anyone who enjoys some compelling yet relaxing tunes to groove to over the weekend.

“The Zion Train Project” is available for purchase on iTunes today!


"Odors V. II" - Latest album from Dogar T. Oppenheimer.

Rap king, Dogar T. Oppenheimer has released his new album “Odors V. II

”Touching on various subjects within the broad span of the Hip-Hop lingo, the release gives listeners the opportunity to enjoy many styles within the genre, as every song has it’s own individual theme and production style.

“Odors V. II” is an album for all who appreciate agressive, honest music from the Rap/Hip-Hop and RnB scene. Pick up a copy today and add it to your collection.

The album is available to purchase today from the iTunes store.


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eric Ricaud and Darren Percival from the Voice ...wanna dance with you !

Eric Ricaud gets his reggae mojo happening with Darren Pervical on vocals. Darren was the runner up for Australia’s ” The Voice ” and we are pretty excited about this cooking little number that Eric wrote. Eric has been building momentum with all his great songs and was a recent semi-finalist in the International Song Competition. For more information you can check out Eric on the net just google ” eric ricaud”. Eric is pretty busy these days as one of Blue Pie’s in demand lyricists and song writers.

Stay tuned for more hot tunes from Eric and the Blue Pie Productions in house music and production team.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kama Linden’s latest release “Better Late Than Never” is a raw, true journey of a single woman’s race against the “clock”. Kama’s lyrics speak deeply about realising the person you should have been with all along was right there all along, to the rights, wrongs, and injustices.

It is a follow up to her debut album “Uninhibited”, still accentuating the stories of independence, love and emotion. Kama proudly claims, “I made this album the way I wanted, an album that gives an in-depth look into my personality, and views of the people around me. Not overly polished and over-produced.”

Each song embraces her fresh, raw and intense vocal tone, which lays parallel to the lyrical content of both albums. “Her vocalizations flow with the music, as if it was another instrument in the band” states Donnie G, from The Rag Mag, NJ.

Teaching the audience that the real truth in life is in the Creator and in ourselves, “Better Late Than Never” captivates all with its vast and emotive tales.

With songs like “You’ve forgotten Me” and “Last call”, you will weep, then transport to the dark side with “If Looks Could Kill, Drink, and “Easier” then be bouncing out of your seat with “All About”, “Been There, Done That” and “Better Late Than Never”.

Both “Better Late Than Never” and “Uninhibited”  are available to purchase through iTunes so make sure you check out Kama Linden today and show your support!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eddie's Brother releases the highly anticipated album "Marinenville" for the world!

Blue Pie is very excited to announce the release of “Marinenville”, the newest album by the incredible self-taught virtuoso guitarist known as Eddie’s Brother. Eddie’s Brother, also known as Chris French is an artist known for his unusual, self-pronounced songs that combine jazz and pop tempos together to produce a sound that can be described as nothing sort of musical genius.

Drawing his inspiration from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths, The Stones and The Beatles, “Marinenville” is a ten track album that combines Eddie’s Brothers personal life experiences with humorous undertones.

The album includes titles such as “Flying Car”, “Pretty Things”, “Sweet Shop” and “All Ready Already” and has been made available for purchase on iTunes.


Americana/ Rock duo, The American Strays release their self-titled EP!

The American Strays, being the newest and hottest sound on the Americana/Rock scene, is what can only be referred to as the “brainchild” of Minnesota grown artists Suzanna and Matt Honer.

With the help of music producer Scott Matthews, who has worked alongside artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Elvis Costello, Roseanna Cash and John Hiatt, the dynamic duo has pulled together a six-track self titled EP that we can assure you will bring listeners back for more.

“Bound” the third song on the track sets the bar for the entire act, its even layering and unique melody stamping the song with its own personal identity which has been described as “fresh and real” by A&R man Ted Myers formerly of Concord and Rhino Records.

So if Americana/roots music that has a great rock edge is the type of thing you look for in a great act, make sure to check out The American Stays self titled EP today on iTunes!


Kim Germaine returns to the music scene with her highly anticipated self-titled EP!

Despite taking an eight year break from live performance to raise her son, Kim Germaine, in combination with signing agreements with Concerthouse Music and Blue Pie Productions, has recently released her highly antipated self-titled EP to announce her return to the music scene.

Up until her hiatus, Kim was an integral member of the Niagara music scene and with having over ten years of valued experience within the scene, its hard not to understand why.

Kim’s debut album “A Slice of Life”, which was released in 2000, set a high bar for Kim’s early success. Through the combination of this success and Kim’s renowned ‘go-getter’ attitude it’s safe to say that we expect great things from the release of this EP and any other work Kim expects to release in the future.

To check out the five track piece, which includes titles such as “Without Command” and “From the Pain”, make sure to follow the Purchase Link below to her iTunes store.

Dirk Lind makes waves with his incredible new album

“Division Street” is the newest release by the incredibly talented Folk Rock, Reggae artist Dirk Lind, and if anything it is nothing sort of a testimony to Lind’s sheer commitment as an ever-developing artist.

Throughout the recording process of “Division Street”, not only did Lind teach himself the banjo, mandolin and the ukulele in order to develop the albums unique Old Time instrumentation vibe, but he also spent months studying the production process of studio recordings. He did this in order to prepare himself for process in which he self recorded and mixed the album, in his home studio throughout January and February of 2011.

The album, which also features Lind’s son Seth on piano and his wife Tracy on backing vocals, is an eight track piece that includes titles such as “The Winter Line”, “Delilah” and “Lovers Left Behind”, and was influenced by artists from around the world, including sounds such as Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, Bob Marley and African artists such as Thomas Mapfumo, Youssou N’Dour, Baaba Maal and Sam Fan Thomas just to name a few.

If you’re looking to check out an incredible release by and even more incredible artist, make sure to check out “Division Street” today on iTunes.


Hip-hop, rap artist LarryLe releases singles "Get It Girl" and "SWAGG" to the world!

With influences such as Baby, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Ditty, Drake, 3-6 Mafia, Yo Gotti, Tupac, B.I G., and Bones Thugs N Harmony, LarryLe is an artist who has found the way to both create and There are a lot of artists out there who are trying to make their mark in the hip-hop scene, but LarryLe is an artist that really stands out from among the rest. Not only does he have the look and the attitude, but he also has the talent and the support that follows him around everywhere his music is heard.

perform his work in a way that retains his unique originality.

“Get It Girl”  and “SWAGG” are two newly released singles released by LarryLe, that have been brought to listeners around the world through AyeLook Records and Blue Pie Productions. We’re very excited to get the opportunity to work with this artist, we believe his attitude and his great sound is what will make him an act to keep an eye on.

Make sure to check out “Get It Girl” and “SWAGG” on iTunes today and show your support for LarryLe, who is one hell of a rising star!


Dallas based rock band Altered State releases new EP "Wanderlust"!

Formed in Dallas, Texas in 2010 over a few beers and a mutual passion for playing music, Altered States is a collection of musicians of contrasting styles, drawing their musical inspirations from artists such as Radiohead and Pink Floyd, to Tool and Led Zeppelin.

“Wanderlust”, released earlier this year, is a five track EP that includes tracks such as “In Between Dreams” and “Entrapped in Colour” and is absolute necessary purchase for all listeners of progressive rock with electronic and psychedelic blue undertones.  The album combines  the inspired tastes of its members and creates a number of thought evoking sound scapes that draws its listeners in through layers of meaningful lyrics, intricate guitar riffs, thumping bass lines and floating keyboards.

The album is now available for purchase on iTunes so make sure to check it out today!


Johnny Bennett releases new EP titled "The Standard Sessions"!

“The Standards Session” is the second release by Johnny Bennett in his series of Jazz EP’s.

With Bennett on vocals, Mason Embry on piano and Scott Mulvahill on bass, the album is complied of five songs, titled “Moonlight Serenade”, “Drinking Again”, “That Old Black Magic” (Featuring Kate Paradise), “Send in the Clowns” and “Pennies from Heaven” and was produced, engineered and mixed by Aaron Cieslikowski.

“The Standards Session” will be distributed through locations such as iTunes, where you can also find his pervious work.

Johnny Bennett is distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie Records.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adam Purski releases his debut album "The Rising Sun" for the world!

Adam Purski, previously known as ‘Element A’ has been rapping since the young age of 12. Now 17, with five years of valuable music experience under his belt, the young rap artist has collaborated alongside Blue Pie Productions to bring about the release of his debut album “The Rising Sun”.

“The Rising Sun” is an impressive fifteen track album that has been brought together under the influences of artists The Hilltop Hoods, Eminem, Biggie Smalls [Notorious B.I.G], 2pac and Dr Dre. It includes tracks with titles such as “Capture the Moment”, “The Opening”, “Save the World” and “Don’t Know”.

Make sure to check out the hit album today on iTunes!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Israeli hit artist, Mosh Ben Ari, releases new album “Look into My Eyes”

Blue Pie is proud to announce the release of Mosh Ben Ari’s newest album “Look into My Eyes”.

Mosh Ben Ari is an Israeli based artist whose influences of Middle Eastern music, Bob Marley, Led Zeplin, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and Celif, have helped in the creation of their rock and roll, soul sound with reggae undertones.

Mosh is one of Israels greatest musical exports with major chart sales and success in Europe for the past 10 years. Mosh’s previous work has quickly climbed its way up on the charts, earning himself a ‘gold record’ and the name of  Israel’s foremost singer and songwriter.  His work with his band has also been translated and performed by a number of artists and choirs around the world.

“Look into My Eyes” is a celebration of groove and spirit which majestically manages to blend rock with rich and unique vocals and lyrics. A few notable tracks on the album being, ‘Until We Understand’, ‘I’d Tell You Everything’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Learn How to Forgive’. Mosh has just completed his Australian tour to critical aclaim.

Mosh is a Globalev World Music Artist and distributed by Blue Pie for the world. To check out the new album just head on over to his MySpace. Also make sure to show your support and click on the purchase link below!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Threshing Ground release EP titled "Last Beer In Bondi"

Blue Pie are excited to announce that Aussie based pop/punk band Threshing Ground just released their new EP titled “Last Beer In Bondi”.

The incredible new piece by the band includes song titles such as “Last Beer in Bondi”, “Any Whole’s a Goal” and “Tyranny of Blues”.

Despite their likeliness to a number of different genre’s, their influences of Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Clash, David Bowie, The Cure, Neil Young and Johnny Cash (to only name a few) have given the band music which is undeniably raw sound which is undeniably communicated through the newest EP.

So make sure you check out their official MySpace page for information on tour dates and the purchase link below to get your hands on the new album!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mike C hits the ground with his debut EP " Street Life "

Mike C has been on the hip hop scene for 20 + years. Mike dispels any doubt when he steps up to the mic to let you know that he has a story to tell. These words of life and living and loving in a world that often overlooks the underclass has made Mike C a cult within his own community. Always ready to step up to the plate to tell you how the real world is, this is Mike C and his ” Street Life ” all boiled down to a sonic blast that will leave you gasping for more and more of his pulsating poetic hip hop beats that only he can produce that is ” The Real Mike C “.

Mike C was born and raised in San Bernardino California, where he first discovered his musical talents. Because of his Mother’s guidance he was kept out of the streets, out of mischief, and remained focused in his musical environment. Mike C had joined a  local Rap group called the “City Mc’s” in which was a Top Award Winner for The 1st Annual Inland Empire Music Awards.

This is his ” Street Life ” – Dig it !


Friday, May 4, 2012

Eleven Dollars hit the airwaves with " Lighter Shade of Gray "

The wait is over ! ….. Eleven Dollars hit the airwaves with their 1st single from their debut self titled album with a song called ” Lighter Shade of Gray “. The song is now available for all media and radio networks via the bands AIR PLAY DIRECT site at

The track brings out the best of the best in the bands vocal harmonies. Fresh from touring and about ready to get back on the road, the band will be dealing with the track being added to 100’s of the key indie and rock stations throughout North America. The song is already receiving strong license interest from the Blue Pie license teams with a number of indie film makers requesting the track for their productions.

This song is sure to break new ground for the band who are already seeing their fans constantly increasing at all live venues. We LOVE YOU Eleven Dollars.

You can download this track at all iTunes stores globally. For more information on the band you can visit the bands website at


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Suzanna Lubrano new track “Tardi di Mas” OUT NOW ON BLUE PIE

Suzanna Lubrano’s hot new song and video clip called “Tardi di Mas” is out now on Blue Pie Records and Electrik Blue Records for the world ….AND the track is now available on iTunes for the world. Click on the link below to download now !

Suzanna Lubrano has been extremely busy working on the launch of her eight solo-album. The first single and video clip from the new album is an incredible Zouk Pop song called “Tardi di Mas” (In English “Much too late”).

The song was produced by Akon’s production partner Giorgio Tuinfort. The music video was created by Ferry van Schijndel and Joanna Wesseling. The song “Tardi di Mas” is not the first project for Suzanna Giorgio Tuinfort and looks like there will be many more songs on the way. Giorgio Tuinfort produced Suzanna’s impressive 2004 song “Silencio”. Giorgio Tuinfort has produced songs for many superstars including Akon, Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani to name just a few.

Ferry van Schijndel and Joanna Wesseling who were responsible for the music video of “Festa Mascarado” have become great fans of Suzanna’s incredible vocal range and talent. The “Festa Mascarado” clip and the song were the winner of the Best Cape Verdean Music Video in 2009/2010. The clip featured Michael Jackson’s “This is it” dancer Timor Steffens as Suzanna’s on screen co-star.. Timor won fame in the Dutch version of “So you think you can dance”.

For the hot new song


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Twitch Album 'Freak Flag'

Classic hard rockers, The Twitch have released their album ‘Freak Flag’ – and with much aniticipation. Infused with pure hard-rock style and their natural quirky personalities, the album is tough, rough and overloaded with classic/psychedelic rock. The Twitch are dedicated to making music that rocks the listener to their core, and the album does exactly that. It also feature two new songs “Speak Out” and “Free Rider” which are absolute taste makers.The Twitch are currently in video production for these two songs, which are expected to be released in early May.

You can check out the album for yourself at bandcamp.

The Twitch are also busy rehearsing for upcoming gigs in the Seattle-Bellingham area. So keep a close eye on them for finalised dates. You can follow the band on the following links:


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blue Pie’s latest release- Visual Images

Blue Pie Productions are happy to be a part of Frank Benn’s latest album release- Visual Images.  The album is a 10-track mix of upbeat rock tunes & funky ballads, all accompanied by infectious guitar hooks & smooth vocal work. The album highlights that this Fiji-born, new-Zealand raised singer-songwriter is on a clear path to success!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

CedKeyz Album 'Love Songz'

Grammy award winning keyboardist and producer creates an amazing album titled Love Songz. The album travels through various genres including soul, funk, hip hop, slow jam electronica and petite piano melodies. It is very ambient and has an airy vibe, making the whole album feel like a love ballad. Stand-outs include I Believe In You and Tambral. Be sure to check it out, if you like the sounds of Boyz II Men or 112.

The album is available on Itunes to listen and purchase here.

For more information on CedKeyz,


Suzanna Lubrano's Single 'Ca Bu Para'

Suzanna Lubrano’s new single Ca Bu Para is now available on Itunes. This slow-jam track is filled with afro latino beats, layered with Suzanna’s smooth seductive vocals – perfect for a late night chill. With a voice often compared to that of Cloria Estefan, Celine Dion and Mirah Carey, Suzanna is drawing a lot of attention to herself, not only in her hometown on the Netherlands, but worldwide.

Her success has gone far and wide. She received Gold and Platinum albums in the Lusophone market. Suzanna is also the winner of the 2003 Kora All African Music Award for Best African Female Artist, in a televised event (held in Johannesburg, South Africa) watched by millions of people in Africa and beyond. She has also won the 2010 Museke Online African Music Award for Best African Artist based in the Diaspora, being the only Cape Verdean artist to be awarded in an election dominated by the major English and French language African countries. In 2011, Suzanna Lubrano was the most awarded female solo artist at the internationally widely televised first Cabo Verde Music Awards Show (CVMA), winning two awards for her song Festa Mascarado.

You can check out the song here.

For more information on Suzanna Lubrano, visit:


Suzanna Lubrano New Single

Netherlands based Suzanna Lubrano, has just released her new latin-pop single justify. Also featured on the track are Latin American singers Kenny B and Benaissa. Suzanna Lubrano is one of the most popular female pop artists in the Lusophone markets and has an ever-growing fanbase. Be sure to check to her out if you like the sounds of Shakira, Beyonce or Mariah Carey. While her trademark latin rhythms remain in this single, it appears to have an RnB/jazz-type influence.

You can have a listen and purchase justify here.


Suzanna Lubrano "Don't Go Changing"

Latin-pop singer Suzanna Lubrano’s new single Don’t Go Changing is now available on Itunes. The track is filled with Suzanna’s magnetic voice and layered with dance-like synths. This song is sure to be a hit among euro-pop fans.

Suzanna has achieved so much attention in a short space of time, including No. 1 chart placements on the Urban charts for The Box (MTV Networks) and FunX Radio (The Netherlands’ leading Urban radio station). Her ever-growing fanbase is likely to jump onto this song very quickly.

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CedKeyz Album 'The New Wine'

CedKeyz has released his newest album, titled The New Wine. This album has a more mature sound, if compared to its precedor Love Songz. The New Wine has stronger experimental-electronica influences, yet still remains CedKeyz familiar style. Fans will enjoy his trademark smooth Rnb, soul-funk rhythms and alluring vocals. In particular, be sure to check out the opening song  hello, along with the more up-beat song Runnin to Wealth.

You can listen and purchase the whole album on Itunes here.

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Jessy Tomsko New Single

Fans will be excited to hear that acoustic folk-pop act Jessy Tomsko has released a new single titled Come Get Me. The track is slightly more upbeat,  yet still retains Jessy’s trademark sound. The song is available to listen and purchase on Itunes here.Jessy is also currently working on another song called Daddy Don’t Cry. The song is still in the works, but you can listen to the demo here.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


BLKRAW clearly has a thing for capital letters, having released his new EP ‘P.S.T (Pain Sweat Tears)’ which is now available for purchase on itunes. BLKRAW is an upcoming and very determined Hip-Hop/Rap artist. The EP is released leading up to his much anticipated album ‘Alter Ego’ which will be released on March 28. BLKRAW has taken time from touring to “focus 100%” on his brand album. Not long to go now !

P.S.T (Pain Sweat Tears) Tracklist:

  1. Meet Me In My Room
  2. Tatts
  3. Done Somethings (single)
  4. Swag Like Mind
  5. Thug Life

View P.S.T on itunes here:

‘Alter Ego’ Album release date – 28th March 2012. For more information on BLKRAW