Saturday, July 28, 2012

Burning The Day release "Buried Beneath"

Burning the Day have released their latest single, “Buried Beneath”.The single shows the ongoing growth of the band with the addition of rough, yet clean vocals mixed with their signature brutal screams. Though this single has incorporated new elements of musicality, Burning the Day still manage to keep the essence of metal which make them one of the greatest up and coming metal bands.

The single also comes with a bonus track called “Kill Song” and is available now on the iTunes store.’


Sonja Prinz releases single "Petit Oiseau"

French pop diva Sonja Prinz has just released her latest single “Petit Oiseau”

It is a fun, mellow tune that can be enjoyed by all people of all languages and cultures. The track features a variation of pop-electro qualities that seem to be sweeping the European markets by storm.

Sonja’s sweet, jazzy vocals complete the song, making it a definite hit!

You can purchase the song on iTunes today, see the purchase link for more details.


Summit Music Group's "Zion Train Project"

Summit Music Group have just released “The Zion Train Project Riddim” a compilation album filled with various Reggae and World Music artists from around the world.

It features songs such as “Zion Train”, “Nuh Feel Safe”, “African Daughter”, “We Need a Miracle” and more! The album is stripped down and the instrumentation consists of acoustic guitars, heavy, yet simple, bass lines, and is littered with nyabinghi drums throughout.

A must for anyone who enjoys some compelling yet relaxing tunes to groove to over the weekend.

“The Zion Train Project” is available for purchase on iTunes today!


"Odors V. II" - Latest album from Dogar T. Oppenheimer.

Rap king, Dogar T. Oppenheimer has released his new album “Odors V. II

”Touching on various subjects within the broad span of the Hip-Hop lingo, the release gives listeners the opportunity to enjoy many styles within the genre, as every song has it’s own individual theme and production style.

“Odors V. II” is an album for all who appreciate agressive, honest music from the Rap/Hip-Hop and RnB scene. Pick up a copy today and add it to your collection.

The album is available to purchase today from the iTunes store.