Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snap up the NEW Anthology of R&B, Vol. 2 – Out Now!

The success of Vol. 1 has led to the much anticipated release of ‘Anthology of R&B, Vol. 2’. Artists like ‘Billy Lofton’, ‘MLU’ and ‘Theo’ (to name a few) grace this exquisite second volume with epic results. Give your ears a gift, take the afternoon and let these funky soul jams go to work. This classic collection is available on iTunes so snap it up via the below link!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Auto-Tune In With Innoss’B

Innoss’B aka Innocent Didace Balume has released his latest hit album ‘Innocent‘. The young singer song writer brings his youthful exuberance to R&B for exciting results! Innoss’B’s lyrics bring an edge to contemporary R&B with songs about Facebook, Twitter, partying and girls! In a clash of pop culture and R&B styles this album boasts sixteen highly produced and well-crafted pop songs.

If you love the melodic styling’s of auto-tuned vocals, tropical beats and blissful synths this album is for you. Innoss’B will lighten up any day with his new album ‘Innocent’.

Purchase from iTunes from the link below


It’s An African Synth Anthem!

“Africa break it down” with Innoss’B’s new single ‘Big Afrika’! This R&B classic off Innoss’B’s latest album ‘Innocent’ is sure to be a hit! The crisp vocals on this track dance above the playful euro synths in what’s sure to be an anthem to remember! Innoss’B’s attention to detail and pop expertise bring this track to life with clean production and his trade mark melody infused auto-tuned vocals!

This tasty track will have you dancing so make sure you jump on the good foot and have a listen.

Purchase from iTunes via the bellow link.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paul Bailey Revitalises a Genre

If you miss MJ don’t miss Paul Bailey’s NEW album ‘Find Me Somebody’.  In a fusion of R&B and electronic music Paul Bailey brings acid house inspired synths and drum machine beats to Funky grooves in a way MJ would be proud of. Paul Bailey’s melodic vocals pop in the mix so to speak, through highly produced tracks that range from mellow ballads to mid-tempo dance music.

‘Find Me Somebody’ the title track and opener to the album sets the tone. This acid house styled pop song speaks of Paul’s trials and tribulations in the game of love. The soulful and crisp vocals paired with radio distorted backing vocals on this groovy track showcases Paul’s ability to re-contextualise his influences with today’s production and pop aesthetics.

Paul Bailey’s intelligent mastery of R&B and EDM takes his music to the next level. For something fresh of the cutting floor check out Paul Bailey’s new album ‘Find Me Somebody’.

Purchase from iTunes on the link below.

Jet Set Lounge

Pack your intellectual bags armchair safari-ers and prepare for the musical impressions of destinations from the distant and foreign to the closed eyelid dreamt mythical shangri-las. This Anthology of Lounge-Exotica, Vol.1 is a combinations of chilled out dance music and tropical impressionist space aged pop!

The opening track ‘Aquarian’ by d.C. soulplusmind is a pulsating and tropical tour de France of production. With a loopy entrancing style d.C. slowly introduces and subtracts elements from the sonic palate to create a busy and fruitful track. Clean guitar hooks punctuate the bit crushed rhythm in a light and chilled out way.  This track is then followed by Doomwork’s ‘Independence’ is an eerie and deep club track that seems to be bottomless. Its groove is hypnotic and the seminal vocals delicately intertwine with the bass focused sonics.

This anthology is as diverse as it is long with each track adding a new twist to the tale and yet carrying on the one theme. Let this album entrance you!