Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Juice Up the Caboose

What a smasher - this album is fun yet violent, smooth yet hard to swallow and all together like a kick in the behind that will leave you angry but glad you go given the push. if you like to be played with like a cat plays with a mouse then you'll defiantly enjoy this - lets consider it like jumping out of a plane without a parachute - it's stupid but incredibly fun.

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Sneaky Sound System

If you aint heard of the sneaky then your probably been living in some sort of a cave with a fury red lining. They've been played and remixed into almost every dance music style, they are the candy that every one wants to hear when they're munching candy. Jaw popping electro pop candy ready for the audible tasting - if your not satisfied after downing this one - you probably still have too much of that fury red lining stuck in your ears.

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to munch down the sneaky sound

The Bob Marley Collection

Bob Marley is known as the greatest reggae artist of all time. His message of the Rastafarian way became popular culture channeled through his music. He also has become one of the biggest Marijuana icons of all time, He's not only cultured the message of peace between humans, but also that a bit of a smoke defiantly doesn't go a miss. If you wanna be inspired, relax and smoke it up, grab this one, it's got the best of the best in a massive 3CD set.

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Yeehaa Boys and their Toys

October sees the Yeehaa boys playing with some real nice toys. “Red Wagon” is due for release in October, and will see the Boys in a red hotrod in their new music video shot in the Australian outback. They expect huge responce from the ladies on this one - I mean 5 red hot lads in a red hotrod, every lady in the country will be pouncing onto these guys after see the new clip. So watch out for this sizzeling video. www.myspace.com/yeehaaboys. The boys have also jumped to #28 on the country music charts with their single knocking boots.

What about Jord?

Well here we a have a young handsome man who might just make it to the top. But unfortunately good looks aren’t enough. So it's lucky Jord has a bit of talent under his coat. Sounding a bit like Pete Murray / Ben Harper he blasted himself all the way to number two on the V AIR music charts a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately he's already been blasted right out of the top twenty - good work on the high position and I hope to see Jord up there again very shortly. He also made it to 19 on the ARIA charts. This fella is not one to be missed – get his EP called get happy – you can download his EP from emusic, also check out his MySpace.

Monday, September 29, 2008

First Blog

Hi all,

What a great start, I almost posted this and missed the L out of blog in the heading, sure it would have made you all feel warm and fuzzy
It's tough to know how to start one of these things - it's even tougher when I've just comeback from Parklife in Melbourne, great party even better after party.... very sore head.

Here's what to expect from me. I'm gonna tell you all about "the truth" on the music, video and other stuff we have at blue pie and related stores. Every couple of weeks I'll put some sort of poll up to find out your opinions on stuff. I might even let you tell me what you wanna here me rant about - if I'm feeling generous.

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Till next time....