Sunday, April 10, 2011

D-Dollar - New Generation/We Are The Pigs

There are three words to describe this massive new album from D-Dollar (aka Donnell Sanders) - original, fresh and raw! The combination of D-Dollar’s talent for spitting and experience of growing up on the mean streets has come together to create and reflect the harshness of the world he grows up in, through edgy lyrics and clean beats.

His new releases “New Generation” and “We Are The Pigs” are an example of thought-provoking music. Not only does D-Dollar hit you hard with his strong vocals and reverberating beats and his lyrics will not go unnoticed by any politically aware fan! As his lyrics express, D-Dollar doesn’t want to be misunderstood – listen to this album intently and treat it as the work of art it is!

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Tommy Dease - Soul Figure

No one flows better than Tommy Dease in his new single “Soul Figure”. With a hypnotic beat and ear-catching lyrics, this is one cool jam not to leave hanging. It will send you into a world filled with soul! R&B beats, couped with soothing rap vocals from Tommy and jazz-inspired instrumentals make this the perfect song to unwind to with a cold beer. Put it on while cooking dinner, or just jam it in the background at a dinner party!

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Rob Marin - Warning You

Rob Marin fans, the wait is over. And if you're not already a fan, then you soon will be. Marin's new single “Share My love” is out now! With his cool blend of R&B and pop he creates deep music with an immense emotional feel. On the same album, he also turns respected past his like 'Here Waiting For You', into newly transformed masterpieces of his own!

Whether you're searching for an upbeat song or a romantic ballad, this album has it all. You are sure to embark on a long love affair with Rob Marin through his evocative vocals and beautiful instrumentals. The mixing of R&B and Pop means there's a wide variety of choice and you'll be wondering what exactly is round the corner. This album is far from your typical musical experiment and Marin is sure to be a fixture in the music scene for a long time to come! Some personal favourites of mine include "Share My Love" and "Drive My Car".

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fernando R Fernandez Vol. 1

Fernando is bringing the taste of tapas and Sangria straight into your living room, with this breezy and smooth album. Self-titled “Fernando R Fernandez Vol 1”, the album is certainly easy and pleasant on the ears. Whether you feel like romancing a new love or sipping wine peacefully on your veranda while the sun sets in the distance, this album is definitely one to lull the mind.

If you’re a fan of Santana this will definitely appeal to you – the beautifully composed guitar solos provide a harmonious break to the vocals – not that you need one! You’ll be begging Fernando to keep singing even as the last note peters off into the distance. And if his soothing voice isn’t enough for you, skip to the penultimate track named “Arena” and enjoy the wonderful vocals of Melissa.

This album will not go unnoticed amongst contemporaries and ladies will be swooning over the underlying romance of this album. Husbands and boyfriends beware, because chances are you can’t compete with the Fernando’s sexy serenading.

Grab this album now and join the experience. Download on iTunes now!

Reign Lee - Angels In The Dirt

Reign Lee is certainly the current queen of soul-infused rock. Her album, "Angels In the Dirt", is a testament to the fact that amazing vocals paired with raw melody really is the recipe for amazing music. Born in the outskirts of a small Canadian town, Reign’s music is also a showcase of her multi-multiculturalism.

Her travels across the globe have taken her from Alberta to Hong Kong, and along the way she has definitely collected a serious amount of talent. Time Out magazine has even called her new album “cinematic”, proving that she has the ability to wow seasoned music critics and fans alike with her fusion of rock, alternative and folk sounds.

My personal favourites in this album include the evocative track I Bleed which is jam-packed with emotion and beauty. For something a little more up-tempo and for those who want to rock out, "Angels In The Dirt" is the track for you! The list goes on but you'll have to check it out for yourself.

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Billy Lofton - Tell Me Tomorrow

Ah, the 80s – era of the legwarmers, shoulder pads, crazy hair and last but not least, funky dance music! And you certainly won’t want to tell Billy Lofton anything tomorrow. In fact, after hearing his new album, “Tell Me Tomorrow”, you’ll want to tell him everything today.

You’ll want to let him know how his sweet melody “Baby I Love Your Way” made your partner woozy and intoxicated with love. You’ll tell him how you dance the night away under a shiny disco ball to his song “My Best Friend’s Girl”.

You’ll also tell him how you almost got arrested for blasting the jam “Love Sneaks Into Your Heart” way too loud at 2am, while dreaming of the date you just had! And don’t forget to GRAB YOUR BOOTS! Lofton’s new spin on “These Boots are Made for Walking” generates a new upbeat version. Forget about line-dancing to this one. This creative piece of work will have anyone up and grooving away.

Time is ticking so stop wasting it and download this amazing album on iTunes now!

4Qua - 4You

It’s Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin had a lovechild, 4Qua would be the result. With soulful and smooth rock remnants and reggae beats coming together to form a unique sound that is almost impossible to pinpoint into one genre, 4Qua can definitely touch your heart. 4Qua’s ability to transform his voice and music on so many different levels has been presented with wonder in his new album.

The album, appropriately titled 4You, is a definite testament to this original sound, which seems like it was composed for a long lost love. Put this track on and you will be floating in a sea of daisies, transforming your living room into an ode to the 60s. Flower Power and Free Love will be the catchphrases of the day with 4Qua’s sound. It has the ability to allow you to travel back in time.

Whether you want to jam out to some reggae-inspired beats through Ooh Says God Don’t Like Sex or philosophise your life through a quirky track like Whatever, there’s a little bit of magic for everyone in this album. This can be the soundtrack to your life! So don’t miss out on this experience – share the love.

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