Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dean Sutton proves himself as our summer Champion with his latest Summer Dance Anthem!!!!

Dean Sutton has done it again releasing yet another hot new summer party anthem cementing himself as our musical “Champion”! The acclaimed Electronic musician and DJ has created an album of Party anthems that are sure to be the highlight of your 2014 summer! The album is indicative of Dean’s slick production credentials and skills and is a polished example of what good club music should be! This album is a must have for anyone looking for infectious dance tunes that will get people up and moving no matter where they are!

Dean Sutton is a music producer from Titenbar, NSW, Australia. Dean has had an extensive amount of experience in the music industry through producing his own record label “Got House Records” for several years in the North Coast of NSW. He is currently the producer and owner of his new record label “4 House Digital”.bDean Sutton has already made several hits in 2010 on the ReverbNation Electronic/Dance charts for Local NSW in Australia from #30 all the way to the top #1. Dean Sutton music is best described as having a strong techno beat with a fast-paced edge that has gained quite a large following on his ReverbNation profile and his Facebook pages. Dean continues to create more remixes and house tracks as well as manage his own record label in the process.

From managing and owning, two record labels while still producing and making music in the process. Dean Sutton is busier than ever, yet showing no signs of slowing down. Dean Sutton’s music can be described as having a powerful, fast-paced, techno beat with an edge. Dean has been working hard to produce his latest musical offering and has provided fans with music, which is truly magical! The single "Champion" is now available for download Airplay Direct, iTunes and Soundcloud.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Tony DeSimone Walks The Walk To A Fantastic New Album Release

The team at Blue Pie are excited to announce that one of our talented artists, Tony DeSimone, has released a new album for your aural pleasure titled ‘All The Roads I’ve Walked’.

The latest album includes 6 tracks of indie tunes from the upbeat, toe-tappin’ “Blame It On Me” to the deep, heartfelt acoustic “More Than Lost”. The album has recently been released and ready for you to download on cdbaby.com in the link below and will also soon be released on iTunes to download and purchase. To preview the first single of the album “Afterthought (I Don’t Want To Be)”, click here for Tony’s official YouTube channel. The video has already received over 700 playbacks!

For the latest info on Tony DeSimone and his music, check out his official website here.

Lou Dominguez new album is more than meets the ears!

Lou Dominguez is back on the music scene and has released a new album titled ‘We The People’ that stands out from hit tracks. The album includes new tracks that are more than just catchy beats. Instead of repetitive and catchy lyrics, Lou’s songs tell a story that many will be inspired, heartfelt, or intrigued about. Lou Dominguez even tells the story behind one of the songs in the album:

“Cornelius Dupree was convicted of a crime he did not commit. He spent 30 years in prison because he refused to make a plea bargain or to admit guilt and be released with time served. I can’t stand being accused of a mistake when it’s not my fault, so this kind of story has always intrigued me. The manner and the dignity with which he handled this awful period of time is nothing short of remarkable.Cornelius Dupree was freed with the help of the Innocence Project, and now works with the project helping free other wrongfully convicted innocents.

”To share the excitement of his new album release, Lou Dominguez has even released a free song titled ‘The Facebook Song’ that you can download on his official website here. The song explores the truth about Facebook and the damaging effect it can have on its users. So if you’re tired of listening to the same old repetitive catchy songs on the chart hits, venture outside you comfort music zone and give Lou Dominguez album a go in the link below. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Dom Digital Donato new EP 'Stylus' will keep you wanting more!

Crowd pleaser DJ/Producer Dom Digital Donato’s new EP ‘Stylus’ is now available on iTunes. There is four tracks on the EP, ‘Flash’, ‘Dark nite’ (remix), ‘The World’ and ‘The World’ (Tech Bomb Mix).‘Stylus’ is a heart pounding EP full of exciting upbeat tracks storming the club scene and it’s easy to see why. It’s upbeat, fresh, exciting, electric, fist pumping, alarming, head pounding and catchy. ‘Stylus’ will keep you wanting more. Go on, listen to the previews in the link below, you won't regret it.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet the new sweet sound of France: Jack & Co

With just the talented combination of vocals and an accordion, “Jac & Co” captivate audiences and transport them to the dance halls and street side cafés of France’s yesteryears. On their worldwide “Paris Café Tour”, they will inspire audiences with the eternal sounds of France and Paris! According to the French magazine Le Progrès, they “bring back almost a century of the traditional French ‘chanson’ songs in the likes of Édith Piaf and Francis Lemarque.

”For over 27 years, virtuoso accordionist Jacques Pellarin has brought the sounds of the French countryside to all corners of the globe. With international song placements, 7 albums and multiple world tours, he has shared his musette-inspired accordion compositions with world-wide audiences. And now, for his most intimate performance to date, he will tour with his lifelong muse, Corinne Pellarin, as Jac & Co, who have already released their first EP album which you can download in the link below. The EP “Jack and Co” will also be available on Itunes and Amazon soon. In the meantime, get swept away with a preview of their music on Youtube here.


The Twitch turns up the heat with their new single “Fire In My Soul”

Rock band, The Twitch, have been exciting their fans lately by easing their anticipation through releasing a single from their upcoming album (which will be released in 2014) called “Fire In My Soul”. And their latest single does not disappoint! “Fire In My Soul” has the fast-paced, edgy beat and tempo matched with raw, rock-based vocals that the fans love! Not to mention it’s a great song to add to your summer rock playlist for those summer road trips or lazy barbeques. So what are you waiting for? Feast your ears on one of the ‘hottest’ rock singles of the summer, which you can purchase and download on Itunes through the link below.


Eliel Uceta sets the mood with new track 'It’s going Down'

Singer/songwriter Eliel Uceta is back with a new track called ‘Its Going Down’. It is an incredible track, difficult to turn off. With many fans easily falling under his spell, due to his smooth silky voice and irresistible flirty beats and lyrics. ‘It’s going Down’ is a super smooth, yet catchy track due to its incredible sound of mix Caribbean, Jazz and the great soul of 60’s and 70’s influenced. You can listen to the track on intunes now.


Farelli takes ‘This Love’ to new heights!

Renown rap artist, Farelli, has achieved a lot this year with music.

He’s collaborated with Andre 3000 and Beyonce for one of the remix songs in the popular The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and now he certainly hasn’t held back with his latest single ‘This Love’. With an addictive bass blended perfectly with an epic choir instrumental back drop, Farelli has raised the bar of the rap scene to a much grander scale, making this track seem refined compared to most. Add Farelli’s genuine and deep lyrics with the talented vocals of Oh Monika and you get one hell of an addictive track! Go on, listen to the preview in the link below, you won’t regret it!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Here's the Naked Truth: These Guys Will Rock Your World

As an African American metal band in Georgia, the road to success was not easy. Naked Truth consists of Doug Watts on vocals, Jeff on bass, Bernard Dawson on drums, and Jimmie Westley. The band was discovered by former punk icons The Clash manager, Bernie Rhodes. Initially based in Atlanta, they relocated to the UK, where they released Green with Rage (1991).

The band was described as having an aggressive sound with some jazz and funk influence. Homesick bassist Jeff was then replaced by UK native Kwame Boaten. The follwing year, the band’s ability to incorporate various genres was again seen in their EP Read Between the Lines.

The band later toured the UK, building a cult following before the release of Fight, in 1993. Their album received rave reviews from the Heavy Metal community. Kerrang Magazine said the album “should be heard now and often- because ‘Fight’ is unlike anything you heard in a long while.” Head over to iTunes for all of Naked Truth’s Blue Pie releases and click on the link below.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kenny McGeorge is Back – and He’s Going All In

Kenny McGeorge describes his music as acoustic folk/pop with a dash of rock. In his first release since 2008’s successful Above the Clouds & Rain, the New Jersey artist brings us the work of a more mature artist. Go All In will have you singing along to tracks like Weavin’ Over the Line and Walk to My Tune. Get this instant classic now on iTunes.


Newest Hip Hop Compilation Out

From Tamara Bubble to Prince Gudda, the latest volume in our hip hop compilations covers a wide array of the genre. Smooth R&B, explicit rap and rhythmic hip hop meet to create one of our most bumping mixes yet! We bring you B-Bless, Championz, Stringa T, and many more. Don’t miss out – download it now on Itunes. Just click the link below.


DJ Central releases latest compilation

DJ Central continues to gather electronic dance music’s best on their TV show. Now, we bring you the crème de la crème on our 14th compilation. The Beast Project, Oceandrive, Collin Sky are among others featured on this mix. Their beats will keep you dancing for hours. Purchase it now on iTunes and find out why so many dance music fans love DJ Central TV.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snap up the NEW Anthology of R&B, Vol. 2 – Out Now!

The success of Vol. 1 has led to the much anticipated release of ‘Anthology of R&B, Vol. 2’. Artists like ‘Billy Lofton’, ‘MLU’ and ‘Theo’ (to name a few) grace this exquisite second volume with epic results. Give your ears a gift, take the afternoon and let these funky soul jams go to work. This classic collection is available on iTunes so snap it up via the below link!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Auto-Tune In With Innoss’B

Innoss’B aka Innocent Didace Balume has released his latest hit album ‘Innocent‘. The young singer song writer brings his youthful exuberance to R&B for exciting results! Innoss’B’s lyrics bring an edge to contemporary R&B with songs about Facebook, Twitter, partying and girls! In a clash of pop culture and R&B styles this album boasts sixteen highly produced and well-crafted pop songs.

If you love the melodic styling’s of auto-tuned vocals, tropical beats and blissful synths this album is for you. Innoss’B will lighten up any day with his new album ‘Innocent’.

Purchase from iTunes from the link below


It’s An African Synth Anthem!

“Africa break it down” with Innoss’B’s new single ‘Big Afrika’! This R&B classic off Innoss’B’s latest album ‘Innocent’ is sure to be a hit! The crisp vocals on this track dance above the playful euro synths in what’s sure to be an anthem to remember! Innoss’B’s attention to detail and pop expertise bring this track to life with clean production and his trade mark melody infused auto-tuned vocals!

This tasty track will have you dancing so make sure you jump on the good foot and have a listen.

Purchase from iTunes via the bellow link.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paul Bailey Revitalises a Genre

If you miss MJ don’t miss Paul Bailey’s NEW album ‘Find Me Somebody’.  In a fusion of R&B and electronic music Paul Bailey brings acid house inspired synths and drum machine beats to Funky grooves in a way MJ would be proud of. Paul Bailey’s melodic vocals pop in the mix so to speak, through highly produced tracks that range from mellow ballads to mid-tempo dance music.

‘Find Me Somebody’ the title track and opener to the album sets the tone. This acid house styled pop song speaks of Paul’s trials and tribulations in the game of love. The soulful and crisp vocals paired with radio distorted backing vocals on this groovy track showcases Paul’s ability to re-contextualise his influences with today’s production and pop aesthetics.

Paul Bailey’s intelligent mastery of R&B and EDM takes his music to the next level. For something fresh of the cutting floor check out Paul Bailey’s new album ‘Find Me Somebody’.

Purchase from iTunes on the link below.

Jet Set Lounge

Pack your intellectual bags armchair safari-ers and prepare for the musical impressions of destinations from the distant and foreign to the closed eyelid dreamt mythical shangri-las. This Anthology of Lounge-Exotica, Vol.1 is a combinations of chilled out dance music and tropical impressionist space aged pop!

The opening track ‘Aquarian’ by d.C. soulplusmind is a pulsating and tropical tour de France of production. With a loopy entrancing style d.C. slowly introduces and subtracts elements from the sonic palate to create a busy and fruitful track. Clean guitar hooks punctuate the bit crushed rhythm in a light and chilled out way.  This track is then followed by Doomwork’s ‘Independence’ is an eerie and deep club track that seems to be bottomless. Its groove is hypnotic and the seminal vocals delicately intertwine with the bass focused sonics.

This anthology is as diverse as it is long with each track adding a new twist to the tale and yet carrying on the one theme. Let this album entrance you!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Fall Back with AZitiZ

AZitiZ is back with her newest track “Fall Back” following the success of her last song “What is Love”. The track hip hop collaboration with Teq-illa Da Lyrical Blakout and Siyanda ‘Stylez’ Khoza and was inspired by a trip the group had to South Africa and New Orleans

This rnb and soul track has resemblences to Lauryn Hill & Jill Scott. AZitiZ doesn’t insult listeners. She doesn’t hypnotize the uninspired with heard-it-before complacency. Her artistry is grounded in originality and truth-speaking. Musically, AZitiZ crafts songs that come alive with the fervent spirit of creativity in which they are formed. Lyrically, AZitiZ speaks what she knows, never faking and never, ever hiding from reality. Music, for her, is about joy, freedom, honesty and forming a connection with others

AXitiZ’s evocative blend of hip-hop and soul elements ride an electric line along the cutting edge of urban music. Teaming up with two of Johannesburg’s local hip hop artist TEQ and STYLEZ this track is a banger and goes Hard. She spreads the message of peace, love and Happiness

Purchase from iTunes on the link below.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mack Attack

Kara Mack new release ‘A Negroe’s Spiritual’ tingles the senses. If youre a fan of old school rnb than this is the album for you. Full of love songs that sooth the soul Mack’s expressive voice and grundgy vibrato allows the listeners to escape into the world of soulful jazz and rnb.

“Kara Mack is a Columbia, South Carolina native with an old soul and a voice as sweet as a river. Understanding the power and gift of words, Kara uses the messages in her music to teach audiences of all generations. A multi-talented soul/world artist, Kara counts Lauryn Hill, Adele, Whitney Houston, and Be Be and Ce Ce Winans among her influences. Her ability to write and sing in other languages, including Italian and various languages of the African Diaspora, has made her a sought after songwriter for artists in the Los Angeles hip hop and R&B scene.” – TheUrbanMusicScene.com

Kara has brought that Southern heart and soul with her with this album, speaking to the african communtiy as well as relating to all other audience. Members Cedric Lilly, Dani Lunn, Kahlil Cummings, Kurt Marshall, Peter Walden, Sam Wright have a knack with leaving audiences with a natural meditation.

The ablum has had rave reviews such as, “Beautiful voice and sound mix on “Hazel Eyes” Kara!!!” – John Revitte, Reverbnation and “Just got a chance to hear Black Man…really loving the vibe of that one!” – Turtles Patience Productions.

Album avaliable for purchase at iTunes


We Found The King.....and he lives in Queens !

B-Bless brings back the drum-machine rhythms to create a polished record production stye. This album inspires dance as the lush vocal arrangments and electronic influences create smooth r&b and soul tracks.

“I’m just trying to bring good and respectable music back to New York” Bless states. Because of his drive and determination, B-Bless has successfully made a mark in his territory by a “word of mouth buzz”. He exposes an audience to his attractive stage presence, technical ingenuity and diverse music selection.

Bless’ lead single “She’s looking good”, a vibrant song with riveting, yet subtle synths behind it, allows listeners to know that he is here.  His follow up single “Let it go” is just as strong, showing that the music he still got his hit making skills from the previous years of his group.  His debut “The Found King” is due out July. Stay tuned, for the King will arrive.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tipping to Success

Blue Pie Larryle has released a new single ‘Tip Her’. Rap meets pop in this catchy Rnb  track as Larryle & C-money  finds a happy medium between seduction and distortion.

Larryle might be new to the scene but he has the gift of an old time rapper with his catchy chorus being ones the fans have grown to love. ‘Tip Her’ allows Rnb listeners to relate to the orginal sound they love.

‘Tip Her’ released on June 1 is set to rock the charts as a fresh new hit amongst the rnb scene

Franskild brings house back to life

Denmark’s Franskild  are a collaboration of wonders shown again in their new track ‘eden’. This electro duo are self describing re-creations of  the blissful sounds and magnificence of the early eighties house music, 90’s french touch, mid-00’s jackin house and contemporary garage. The sound is a melancholic, melodic dreamy outlook on house music.

Members: love ojensa & tim söderström, hope to appear on DJ Central within the next few episodes to promote their tracks ‘shards’ and ‘majestic mountain’ and their newest ‘eden’ all of which is on their debut ep ‘majestic mountain’

‘Eden’ is released on August 2nd so keep your ears peeled for more tracks from this talented duo as thier combination of deep house and electro send tingles to the soul.


Anthology of Trance released on July 10th can be described as the trance album of the year. This compilation disk of uplifting trance is the 1st volume released involving all of blue pies best trace DJs.

This albums tone is a little softer than other trance albums useing chord progression that will build up your spirits. With songs such as 2B’s ‘Island Mode’ & Afterlife’s ‘I Miss You’, this album will convert any music lover into a  trance fan.

Purchase and download link below


We're Giving Everything to Storme

This eclectic album is storme’s desirable voice teamed with guitars and brass, that results in a soothing album for those who love pop and country. ‘Somethings Gotta Give’, released on June 17th by Blue Pie’s Storme is an album that will rock the adult pop world.

With reviews such as “Definitely the most well rehearsed, confident and talented  female performer/songwriter here tonight, make it your life,”- President of the Australian Songwriters Association Brian, and If you have seen Storme in action theres a good chance you would be interested in listening to her Debut Album, This CD is definitely worth hearing” – Reverb Magazine 2003, Page 12, you must be crazy to not be interested in this Australian’s album!

The album tells tales of love, lust and loss that listeners cant help but love because of the hardship shown in stormes voice. The obvious hardship expressed in “What does it Take?” reminds the audience that she not just a talented artist but has gone through the tough times too.

Purchase the album at iTunes on the link below


King Kitten Kong

Here it Comes! This band inspired by the Goodies have released their newest EP. This album brings back the soul of rock & roll, from the husky vocals to the high pitched electirc guitar this album is a rock lovers heaven.

Released in itunes on June 19th, this self named EP from Kitten Kong depicts everything rock and roll has to offer. Dont let the name fool you – “These guys are CUUUTE” commented by Jarrad White – this album is ferocious. ‘Walk Alone’ talks on regret and moving on becoming a favourite because of the guitar riff.

Purchase at iTunes now


Monday, July 15, 2013

No voice like Ryan Sampson's ... 'Till Now'

Country music has hit an all time high with Ryan Sampson new release ‘Till Now’.  A combination of his melodic husky voice and his acoustic talent, Sampson’s tracks screams masculine country energy.

Don’t be fooled by the playful song names and upbeat tempo, Sampson provides songs that stroke the heartstrings touching on social issues of women’s body image as shown in “Marilyn Monroe was a Size 14” and wise words on life choices in “ Don’t Burn Your Bridges.

”This album is the next step in the Australian County Music scene as mentioned by an impressed reviewer stating “Ryan’s voice is as refreshing as you can get.

”To hear what all the fuss is about the album is available to preview or download on iTunes, in the link below


A Remedy to Shake of the Anthology of Blues

Anthology of Blues is the perfect combination of rhythm, jazz, husky vocals and a sneaky sax solo.  The album is a compilation of blue pie records finest Rhythm and blues artists, which could result in a much needed for a day of relaxation.

Each song will take you to a place of simplicity with the combination of brass instruments being used to paint a picture of the Western days. This album incorporates everything the vintage style of blues has to offer from Chicago blues to urbane, uptown jump blues to material like Jack Derwin’s “Covered All in Blue.” This album has it all.

If you like the easy, calm nature of blues or you’re just looking for something to unwind to, than this album is for you.

DJ Central Strikes Again

DJ Central has done it again, releasing their latest compilation album ‘DJ Central Vol 12′ which features the latest tracks makes everyday feel like Friday afternoon.

With a combination of DJ Central artists featured, this album reflects why the show has become so successful. This album consists of electro, deep house and everything in between, making the listeners feel that weekend itch from as early as Monday morning.Featuring hit singles from talented DJ’s including DJ Marco Cordi and Andrea Montorsi, this album is not for the faint hearted, as it takes distortion and synth to the next level!

So you can forget about hibernating this winter, because this album will make you want to stay out and dance all night long! DJ Central Vol 12 is now available to preview and download on iTunes in the link below.


Allen Anthony hits all the right notes with his ‘Urban Pop’

It’s hard these days to find musicians who go outside the music genre box and create something different that sounds great. Well that’s exactly what Allen Anthony delivers in his latest album ‘Urban Pop’ – an album that has the perfect combination of urban and pop.

With a silky voice like Usher and sultry beats like George Michael, it’s hard not to get into Allen’s latest album. The album features 7 smooth tracks including ‘Can’t Get Away’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Everybody, ‘My Room’, ‘One 2’, ‘Sentimental’, ‘So Devine’ and ‘Zig Zags.’ Urban Pop also features 3 remixes of his popular song ‘Who You With’ including the Radio Edit, Robotic Remix and a duet remix featuring Stick Emz. So if you’re one who likes their nights laid-back, this album will make it complete and give it that ‘Mr Smooth’ touch.

Urban Pop is available to preview and download on iTunes in the link below.


J.Ryan shines with his new track ‘Candlelight’!

J.Ryan has just released a new killer track called ‘Candlelight’ which is the perfect tune right to now to cure those winter blues! With it’s pop-based, light hearted tune, Candlelight has the ultimate summery feel that will take you back to those summer times where the days were relaxing and fun. Going on a road trip?‘Candlelight’ is one of those ultimate tracks you can play in the car on repeat and never get tired of. It’s also a great track to play for pool parties or any outdoor event in the summer time. So get ahead of the pack and be the first to own one of the next biggest tracks for this summer.

Candlelight is now available to preview and download on iTunes in the link below:


Friday, July 12, 2013

Let Will Ready seduce you with his latest album ‘Seduction’

Watch out ladies and music lovers! Will Ready is on the rise and will have you tantalized with his latest album ‘Seduction’. The album is the perfect Funk and Soul fix, which features 15 smooth tracks of Will’s velvet voice that will have you craving for more. These silky tracks include ‘One Night Stand’, ‘Seduction’, ‘One Love’, ‘It’s On Tonight’ and many other irresistible tracks. The album is now available on Itunes for the great price of $14.99—that’s $0.99 per smooth track!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out his album on iTunes in the link below. We guarantee that you’ll be hooked!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Johnny Bennett’s ‘One Night Bag’ Is A Crowd Please

Sick of the same generic pop and RnB you hear in the chart hits?If you want something different to soothe your soul, look no further than Johnny Bennett’s new hit track, ‘One Night Bag’. With its soft melody and deep lyrics, it’s hard not to be moved by this track. Unlike many chart hits who rely their success on catchy beats and dirty lyrics, ‘One Night Bag’ is one of the rare and genuine songs that gains popularity through its heart-felt emotion that a lot listeners can relate to.

Don’t just take our word for it though, even Josh Bernstein from Royal Flush is impressed with Johnny Bennet’s work: “The Lonesome Highway has had a lot of casualties over the years. Few survivors like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Gram Parsons and Jackson Browne have found a way to capture that struggle, longing, and pain into music that has captured even the most blackest of hearts. Well, it’s time to let little more love into your black heart. His name is Johnny Bennett; his music: sparse and engaging; his lyrics: dark and cutting; his voice: aged with cigarettes, whiskey and broken dreams. It’s only a matter of time that Johnny Bennett will take his place among the mavericks, gunslingers and troubadours mentioned above.”

‘One Night Bag’ is one of those gems that you can play over to your heart’s content and not get sick of it. It’s now available on iTunes in the link below for you to replay on your playlist. So go ahead, give it a go and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this song.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LeGrand Whitt Brings Out His ‘Maintenance Man’ With His New EP Album

Picture the perfect blend of Soul, RnB and Funk—this is exactly what LeGrande brings in his new EP Album “Maintenance Man”.

This short but sweet-as album features two edits of LeGrande’s latest track: ‘Maintenance Man (Groove Edit)’ and ‘Maintenance Man (Radio Edit)’. Both tracks feature LeGrande’s smooth tunes and silky vocals, which will caress your aural senses in a soothing and sensual manner. The hypnotic and melodic tones in these tracks will also make you feel like you’re in a flashy apartment, sipping a glass of wine near a modern fireplace as you look over the night skyline of New York City. LeGrand has already enchanted many audiences across many benefits and talent showcases, and he’ll have you hooked with his velvet voice in his latest album.

LeGrand Whitt’s album ‘Maintenance Man’ is now available through many digital retailers, including iTunes.

Kenny K’ore Takes On The World With His ‘Eledumare Classic’

If you’re searching for something to lift your spirits, look no further than Kenny K’ore’s latest album ‘Eledumare Classic’.

As a former member of the multiple award-winning gospel group ‘Infinity’, you can expect nothing but the best in Kenny’s new album which features eighteen epic tracks. These tracks include ‘Ordinary Man’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Eledumare’, ‘Bebelube’, ‘Psalm 23’, ‘Abeemo’, ‘Halleluyah’, ‘Skit’, ‘Somore’, ‘Ibuchinmo’, ‘Yalako’, ‘Yanibo’, ‘Indispensable’, ‘Official Baby’, ‘Eternity’, ‘Born Again’, ‘Press On’ and ‘Midnight’. As a gifted and versatile songwriter, Kenny mainly bases his songs about the faith in our lives.

His hit song in this album, ‘Yanibo’, is one example as it is based on the story of a seductress whose cunning ways were foiled by a faithful husband’s loyalty to his marriage. With two tracks already becoming big hits (‘Yanibo’ and ‘Somore’), Kenny’s album has already spread like wildfire in many people’s hands and is already rapidly increasing his popularity in Nigeria, especially among the youths. Adding a touch of jazz, soul and even classical elements to his gospel music, it’s hard not to raise your arms and rejoice to the magnificent pieces that Kenny presents in this album. With other music projects in place, this album is just the beginning of a musical legacy that Kenny will leave in our lifetimes.

Kenny K’ore’s album ‘Eledumare Classic’ is now available through many digital retailers, including iTunes.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Stinga T Sets The Bar With His Latest Album ‘Underdog Status’

Aussie hip-hop artist, Stinga T, has released his latest hit album titled “Underdog Status”. Similar to his first album “Two Face”, Stinga revives the old-school hip-hop but adds his own edgy flair to each track, which makes his music standout compared to most of today’s hip-hop music.

His new album “Underdog Status” contains 8 tracks: 4 are the original tunes including ‘Underdog’, ‘Wishing For A Better Deal’, ‘Dominating’ and ‘Who Got Our Back’ and the remaining are the ‘clean’ radio edit version for those who aren’t fond of colourful language in their songs. Stinga has also collaborated with other talented hip-hop musicians including Lil Jayo E to provide his listeners and fans with more epic and infectious tunes. His track “Who Got Our Back” featuring Lil Jayo E will also be released as a music video, which will come out soon. This Aussie talent has set the bar on his gifted hip-hop abilities and is sure to reach new levels of success with this release.

His album “Underdog Status” is now available through many digital retailers.


Janice Lore Brings Her ‘Country Sounds’ To A Whole New Level

Janice combines traditional and contemporary country beats and tunes to create country songs like no other in her debut album “Country Sounds”. “Country Sounds” features five great tracks including: ‘Temporary Satisfaction’; ‘Livin, Lovin & Hurtin’; ‘Been There, Done That!’; Secret Love and ‘Ocean In My Mind’ .

Don’t be fooled by the short album! Unlike many music artists these days, Janice Lore writes and sings from the heart about relatable and personal matters, which has gained her quite a large fan base. ‘Secret Love’ is one example of her passionate and personal lyrics, as Janice admits, “This song came to me because of a relationship that I was in. It seemed like I was his “Secret Love” and so we had to end the relationship.” Janice also delivers a wide range of vibes in her album that’ll suit any mood from the edgy rock beats in ‘Temporary Satisfaction’ to the harmonious melodies in ‘Secret Love’. The soothing blend of gifted male and female vocals within the album will also suit a large variety of listeners. As a driven songwriter who has been practicing for more than fifteen years, we can guarantee that you’ll hear nothing but the best authentic country music in her album.

Janice Lore’s debut album ‘Country Sounds’ is now available through many digital retailers, including iTunes.


Friday, May 24, 2013

I am Duckeye Unleashes New Album

Australian train-wreck rock band “I am Duckeye” have released their new album “Husband” for the world to hear.

After countless gigs, EPs and ‘Duckisodes’, the band promise that ‘Husband’ will be their best album, as mentioned on their website: “Recorded and mixed all over Melbourne by the band and their friends, this album promises to be the most exciting, naughty and FUN comedy rock monster to tickle your ears this year!”

The album contains 15 original and cheeky tracks that have been popular in many of their gigs including, “The Riff”; “It’s Time”; and the ‘People’s Song of the Week’, “Punching Dicks”.

Feel free to preview their songs and purchase the album in the link below. The minimum price for the album is $14.00, which works out to be less than $1 per song!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check them out!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Exclusive DJ Central artist, Chris Melotti, has recently released 2 new fist-pumping singles for your aural pleasure.

In both of his new singles, Chris Melotti has collaborated his dance beats with the sultry vocals from the fabulous female vocalist Sabrina Fustaire, which sets his usual dance tracks on a new and more electro dynamic.

His first new single, “Don’t Let Me Go”, includes softer beats and a lower tempo which gives the track more of a light-hearted pop vibe that’s so catchy, it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day—and in a good way!

His other latest release, “Best Friend”, gives a more upbeat and energetic vibe similar to popular DJ artist, Calvin Harris that will have you dancing the winter blues away with your ‘best friend’.

So whether you need an escape from the weekly grind or are trying to relieve some ‘road rage’ steam, play these tracks and you’ll feel like you’re on a summer road trip in no time.

For all the latest news on Chris Melotti please visit his official website below:


Friday, May 10, 2013

One More Little Chance

Eric Ricaud and Craig Fraser have been busy asking for one more little chance with someone. This is their super infectious new track that is hot off the studio press called “ One More Little Chance”. This is currently being pushed to radio and will be featured in the new compilations series that we are releasing out on SONY RED’s platform for the world.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Djcentral release their 11th Compilation album!

Djcentral have lapped up recent success, spawning from not only their TV show, but the albums released alongside the program. Now, Blue Pie Productions have released DJ Central’s 11th compilation album. In support of the hard Style theme, the compilation host’s tracks by artists featured on the show, including Smoke, Karati & Black Force. This compilation album is a hard-style music goldmine!

Dj Central Volume 11 (Hard Style) has just been released on Itunes, so get your hands on it now!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rock Music’s best compilation welcomed to Itunes!

Last week the highly regarded compilation album, Anthology of rock, released the second & third installments on Itunes. These two albums showcase some of the genre heavyweights, including G-Zero, Johnny Bennett & Godhead. The twelve tracks on vol.2 & the ten tracks on vol.3 are an edgy mix of all rock kinds, and they are a must-buy for anyone, regardless of whether you want some classic headbanging material, or if you just love good music.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The best of urban – all on one album!

After the success of the first Urban Connections, Volume.2 has finally been released! The second compilation album features artists MLU, Bokey, Suzanna Lubrano & Von – some of RnB/Soul’s finest, along with other developing & established Blue Pie Urban artists. This compilation hosts a wide palette of talent, so make sure you check it out!

It is now available on Itunes.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Silver Mountain’s Live Reunion now on Itunes!

Rock Music legends ‘Silver Mountain’ recorded their 2010 Live Reunion Show in Sweden. Now, the band has released the album on Itunes, allowing fans all over the world to re-live the unforgettable night. As a band with an album discography spacing over 30 years, their reunion was not only one of the most anticipated of all time, but has left a footprint in the world of rock, highlighting that Silver Mountain are one of the all time greats.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chris Melotti Releases His Latest Hit 'Don't Let Me Go' Feat Sabrina !

Chris Melotti’s down tempo dance track is sure to make crave more, and features the incredible vocal talent of Sabrina Fustaire. Chris has produced yet another catchy, toe-tapping gem! The track, titled ‘ Don’t Let Me Go’ is yet another sure fire hit waiting for global recognition!

Working alongside producers ‘Chris Garcia’ and ‘Damien Reilly’ with the mixing and master from none other than the Maestro himself, ‘Mr. Tom Polce’, Chris brings together a superstar team to create another slamming hit.

This track is out now on iTunes for the human race to enjoy! Play this one loud and whenever you want to get your DJ ‘mojo’ happening!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

40 years since an EP this good has been released on Itunes!

Late march saw the release of Marty Rigby’s EP – 40 Years & 40 Nights, on Itunes.  The EP is a gentle infusion of blues, rock and Jazz. The longest track ‘Freak’ provides listeners with 4 minutes 50 seconds of crisp vocal melody & catchy guitar chords. Marty Rigby is undoubtedly a standout within his genre.

Catch this EP, along with his other work on Itunes, and get some blues in your blood!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Evolution Hip Hop, Vol. 3 - out now!

Evolution Hip Hop have already had two incredibly successful compilations. Now, volume three has just dropped on Itunes for the world to become obsessed with.  Blkraw, Skip Dawg & Tony Hall come together, along with others, to create the third installment of Evolution hip-hop, and a memorable one too. Check out this insane mix of Hip-Hop greats & buy on Itunes today and click on the link below to download this great compilation.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Johnny Bennett’s 12 Bar Live Album Out Now !

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Johnny Bennett has officially announced his live album. ’12 Bar Live,’ as of the 13th March 2013. You can now enjoy 12 live produced tracks of Johnny Bennett as though he were in the flesh, playing his beautifully soft acoustic tunes especially for you.

Johnny Bennett called the ‘12 Bar Club’ his home when we won residency over a span of 20 weeks. Each week he would begin his gigs at midnight, and give it all he had! The tracks turned out to sound so amazing that a live album dedicated to the venue quickly became a new release. The final set was recorded by Edward Koehler and mastered by Matt Stamos. It’s available now, and can be purchased here!

Johnny Bennett has been busy blogging his success to promote the live album. He is overwhelmed by the praise he has received, and would like to thanks his fans and friends, as well as the wonderful team at the club for making him feel so welcome.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news on his official webpage and blog!


Blue Pie Records would like to congratulate Johnny for a wonderful live album! We hope the world will enjoy his songs as much as we do!


Thirteen tracks of sheer talent

Jazz, Rock & Blues powerhouse Marty Rigby has released his new album!

Encouraged by the success of his 2011 EP, Marty began writing in order to produce a full 13-track album. It features the ever-popular tracks from his 2011 EP, along with another 9 tracks of pure gold.  The Texan talent is sure to reach new levels of success with this release.  Buy his music on Itunes now!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Marshmellow Overcoat takes us on a trip ....Shes Got Revolution ....is out now !

Marshmellow Overcoat takes us on a trip ….Shes Got Revolution ….is out now. This is the hot and super cool new track from one of the USA’s undiscovered psychedelic retro 60’s power pop bands ” Marshmellow Overcoat”. The track features Todd Smallwoods brilliant production skills coupled with Lindsay Osborne on bass guitar and Damien Reilly’s arrangement brain.

Todd worked with Tyler Calkins to cook a pure gem of nostalgia that is as authentic as the day that the BIRDS step onto the stage for their first gig in San Francisco and the world went on a massive trip.

Tyler, who not only wrote the song also is the main on the main vocal.

As they say the proof is in the listening. So take a trip back to when ” hey mister tambourine man ” was a hit and get ya beads out and get your psychedelic mojo happening. This is Marshmellow Overcoat.


Dano gets his SuperStar on and creates his new dance floor hit " SuperStar "

DanO, better known by family and friends as Daniel Olukotun, or just simply Dan, is a hip-hop artist that was born and raised in Lagos City, Nigeria. (The Kid from the Motherland) In 2004, DanO moved to United States. He currently resides in southern New Jersey in the outskirts of Philadelphia. This is where his fan base began to develop and thanks to the internet, DanO is now becoming a recognizable new comer on the scene.

Growing up DanO listened mostly to Hip Hop and R&B, and being influenced by artistes like Jay Z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, The Roots, Tupac, Twista, 112, he describes himself as Hip Hop conscious MC. He uses his own creativity and his own life experiences to give you hit records that have substance and versatility. DanO is far from just another rapper, he has been emerged in music all of his life and can play many instruments, with a bias to piano and drums.

In 2010, he put out his first song on YouTube, freestyle to Kanye West’s “So Appalled”, generating great response from fellow you tubers and gathering him a fan base. Soon after, he was performing at shows – Montclair State University (Montclair NJ), Fiso Lounge (Philly, PA), Marriot, Virginia Beach, VA For A DEFJAM Showcase, and In Brooklyn NY at Brooklyn Nights, where he opened up for Cory Gunz (Young Money Artist). In this same year, DanO started work on his mix tape, which he titled “Verses & Hooks”, released in March 2011. Currently he is working on “Verses & Hooks 2” and now in 2013 DanO is ready to release  his first EDM single “Superstar”  produced by the Grammy nominated and multi-platinum team of Mike Rizzo and Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore along with DJ/Remixer  Gino Caporale on 418 Music/Global Groove Entertainment.

For more information on Dano “Google” dano superstar……..OR …