Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roadhouse Rebels - Wanted To Be Alive

Roadhouse Rebels’ Wanted To Be Alive is a classic rock album for all true blue Aussies who love their pub music.

The album is masculinity put into its musical form. The lead singer’s low and brooding voice gives this music its mannish edge, while long and zany electric guitar solos make Wanted To Be Alive the classic rock and roll album that it is.

While rock is their predominant choice of genre, these testosterone-fueled musicians have incorporated different styles into the album too. For example, in the song that titled the album itself, Wanted To Be Alive, you’ll hear obvious hints of country, especially through the main chords that carry the song right to the end. You’ll also hear some cool electric sounds from a keyboard that resembles an organ, in Your Heart An’ Soul, giving it a kind of funk feeling.

As you can probably already tell, given its inclusion of new sounds and genres throughout, this album is far from predictable. You could play this album over and over and never get bored.

A great accompaniment to your next beer at the bar, or just hanging with the blokes out back for a barbie, Wanted To Be Alive is an album not to miss!

The Road House Rebels get some life on iTunes. This is a classic album with some simply awesome blues playing from some of Australia's best. Dig it and download it now on iTunes for the world.

The Cosmic Nomads - Vultress

Ray Vanderby digs up the Cosmic Nomads and gets them the love they need from Blue Pie. After years of not being paid by labels, Ray has made Blue Pie his musical home. A great friend of Serge Ermolls and now an ambassador of Jazz for Blue Pie, Ray has dug deep into his vaults to provide us with his much loved Blue's Rock Power Band The Cosmic Nomads.

The Cosmic Nomads’ unusual musical creations are now definitely set to get some attention from all the alternative music fans out there, with their new album, Vultress.

This album is so unique. You can hear that the band has spent so much time together creating and experimenting with sounds that are new to listeners. So many genres have been merged together throughout Vultress, including alternative, rock and roll, psychedelic, blues and jazz. This curious combination of styles is what makes this album so intriguing and exciting to listen to.

Furthermore, you’ll hear a range of very interesting instruments, and combinations of conflicting sounds. For example, Another World, as its name suggests, involves a bizarre blend of prolonged sounds from instruments like the synthesizer and keyboard, the cymbals and an occasional base line.

It is evident through The Cosmic Nomads’ music that they are not the type who cares for the acceptable norms of popular music. They have rolled with their own style and made an expression of it on their album.

Give it a go, you may just find you love The Cosmic Nomads’ out of this world musical experience!

The band's back catalogue is now on Blue Pie for the world. Check these super cool classic Aussie Rockers out and download their albums today. Dig it and download it now on iTunes for the world.

Eyewumi Omapedru

Eyewumi Omapedru’s self-titled EP is a jubilant three track African dream. This artist will leave you wanting more with his compilation of smooth and cool exotic tunes.

The Eyewumi Omapedru EP is a fun way to go to Africa without even leaving the house. It’s not particularly a traditional African style of music, but the nation’s musical roots are certainly present throughout each track. Along with this, Eyewumi Omapedru brings hints of R’n’B, reggae and a bit of hip-hop, modernizing and creating his own unique style of the African genre.

There are some cool sounds throughout the three tracks on this EP, too. In Take Me you’ll hear some wooden flute, and in Her Man, a range of traditional African percussion instruments are used.

This EP is so fun and upbeat. It has a way of putting you into a whole new zone of happiness and positivity. Eyewumi Omapedru also brings a sexy and sensual feel to his music through the lyrics and the cool and laid-back R’n’B sounds included on all three tracks.

So get your hands on Eyewumi Omapedru’s EP now! There’s nothing left to lose but the fun you’ll be missing out on without this sound in your ears!

Eyewumi Omapedru is out now on eMusic for the world from Blue Pie. We are very pleased to have his new EP out now on eMusic. Check this out now and download this to your iPod.

Kenny Kore - Eludemare

Kenny Kore gets some African jive into you with his new EP Eludemare. This dance-provoking album brings funk to gospel in three Christian faith inspired tracks.

When most hear the words ‘gospel music,’ they think of boring worship songs extracted from ancient hymnbooks. Kenny Kore’s Eludemare smashes this stereotype.

The three tracks featured on this EP; Eludemare; I believe; and Shomore are an absolute hoot to listen to! Within the first thirty seconds I hit play, I was hopping around and dancing like I had no worries in the world, and I’m sure it’ll have that effect on you too.

What makes these tracks so joyous are the African-inspired instruments – especially the exotic percussion – that get your feet tapping, your shoulders shaking and your hips swinging!

Kore’s beautiful, smooth and seemingly flawless voice gives his music a sense of content and peacefulness. To top off the combination of the most complimenting elements within these tracks, are the African choirs that accompany Kenny Kore throughout the EP.

Eludemare is an EP to enjoy for anyone, young or old. Although the songs are of a gospel nature, I believe it’ll have anyone singing along and jumping for joy.

Kenny Kore is one of Africa's biggest selling artists and has sold over 10,000,000 albums. We have his new single out now exclusive to Blue Pie for the world. Check out this great new single and three scorching gospel inspired gems from one of Africa's greatest. Click here to download this on eMusic.

Echoes of African Nations

Get some international flavour into your music collection with the Echoes of African Nations series.

This music is cool, breezy and one of a kind. It’s great as background music for around the house, and a perfect compliment to meal times with friends.

Echoes of African Nations takes you into another world. The sounds of exotic instruments are featured on the albums, creating an imagery of wilderness and warm desert land. Nonetheless, this music is still of the festive and joyous kind. African choirs echo throughout each track, giving the albums a cheerful and celebratory sound.

Each album includes a wide selection of artists, so listeners are provided with diversity. There’s no way you’ll get bored with this one.

This series of albums is perfect for the travellers, and those who dream of travelling. If you can’t get to Africa in the flesh, just grab a volume of Echoes of African Nations and you’re set! You can close your eyes and you’ll feel almost as though you’re really there. After all, it is easier and not to mention, a lot cheaper!

Echoes of African Nations serries is out now and being licensed to over 100 airports around the world thanks to the Blue Pie license teams. Click here to download anyone of the new serries on iTunes. The serries was compiled by Damien Reilly and Mr A.Krafica Nassion one of the labels new legends of African Groove.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michael Horsphol - Dreamscapes Vol 1

Dreamscapes Vol 1 by Michael Horsphol is a dream come true for chill out fans around the globe.

This ambient compilation of smooth and relaxing tracks is perfect for all the people out there who need to step back, relax and take some time out.

Although usually associated with upbeat dance music, Michael Horsphol skilfully uses synthesizers and electronic sounds to create a sense of calm throughout his album. Through these elements, you will hear sounds that resemble instruments like the violin, harp, and a wide range of brass and percussion.

Dreamscapes Vol 1 will make you feel like you’ve been thrown into a whole other world. It has a way of putting you in a state of dreaminess and relaxation; which is what most of us need in this modern day and age. What’s more, Michael Horsphol has brought mood and emotion through his music, making it all the more enjoyable.

In all its simplicity, there’s nothing left to say but to relax and make Dreamscapes Vol 1 the new soundtrack to your life!

Michael Horsphol digs deep into the never never lands and delivers Dreamscapes VOL 1 & 2. Download what can only be described as chill master slumber heaven. For the serious down tempo and theatrical listeners out there, this is the one. Check out this series on iTunes now on the purchase link below.

Monday, October 18, 2010

DJ Trance - Psy Trance Albums

Psy Trance Albums by DJ Trance, brings you a pounding dance track to get you moving all night!

This album features only one song. The catch is, it goes for over one hour and fourteen minutes! And that’s only the beginning when it comes to this artist’s unique eccentricity.

The track itself, named Upper Limit, is not your average pop song. Although suited to the club scene, DJ Trance has delivered a dance track with variety. Throughout the track, there are transitions into different melodies, riffs and bridges, so there’s no getting bored with this one!

You’ll hear so many genres within this track. They range from techno, trance, dance, electronica, experimental and even a hint of psychedelic. What’s not to love?

Like most club hits, you’ll hear many suspenseful dynamics in Upper Limit,

that’ll keep you on your toes. What’s more, DJ Trance has created a track so addictive (and not to mention, exceptionally long) that you won’t get sick of it! And given its length, if you hit your replay button, you’ll never know it’s the same track when it starts over.

It’s all reason enough for you to be playing this at your next party. But if you’re more of a guest than a host, you’ll be sure to hear this one next time you’re out.

DJ Trance goes digital. We are very pleased to announce that one of the USA's biggest names in the trance, dance scenes is out now on Blue Pie for the world. Check out some of this legend's sets and download these for a guaranteed party time. We do and have had the house Jumping to his Psy Trance House Dub Grooves. Click on the purchase link below to download DJ Trance.

Mick Swagger - Soul Figure

Mick Swagger and his new release single Soul Figure is out now to shake the clubs, and get us all up and dancing!

This hip-hop hit is kicking it up the charts into the club scene in Atlanta and the surrounding states, and now it’s here to rock our hemisphere!

The two-track single includes the original Soul Figure track, as well as Soul Figure (feat Treasure), which brings us a more electric feel to its forerunner.

Soul Figure (feat Treasure) is a pulsing hip-hop track that features cool digital sounds, and of course, Treasure, who sings the melodic chorus that’ll replay through your head all day.

In this addictive song, Mick Swagger also embraces a new and unconventional instrument when it comes to hip-hop, with a cool riff that runs through the chorus played by the trumpet.

Synthesizers and effects are also used throughout, especially within the vocals, giving the track a sense of futurism. Furthermore, it gives Soul Figure its own unique touch, and makes it more memorable for listeners.

Mick Swagger’s Soul Figure, is a must have!

Mick Swagger gets down to the next level and brings us his new hit Soul Figure. Click the link below to download this from iTunes.

Bobby and the Teemates - Live at 65

Feel like stepping back in time for a moment? Well, Bobby and the Teemates have got it covered!

Bringing back 60’s hits like ‘Doo Wah Diddy’ and ‘Pretty Woman,’ newly released album Live at 65 will have you boppin’ and groovin’ to the songs we all so fondly recognize.

The great thing about this album, is that the hits are so familiar, even if you never lived through the 60’s. Whether you’re twenty-five or sixty-five, it’s a guarantee you’ll be singing along to Bobby and the Teemates. And for all you oldies out there, this album is truly set to make you feel young again!

Another perk to this album is how nice it is to take some time off from all the new release pop songs we are hearing on the radio today, and take a step back into a simpler time.

This album is just so fun too. I love its feel-good energy, and joyful melodies. The songs are addictive and will be stuck in your head for days, making you want to play it whenever and wherever you possibly can!

Bobby of the Teemates dug deep, deeper than ever before to find some pure classic 60's gems in the vaults. We are pleased to announce that we now have some very classic and iconic tunes from the vaults of "Bobby" out now for the world. Click here to download the reissued Bobby and the Teemates LIVE AT SIXTY FIVE Click the purchase link below to download from iTunes today.

Stephen Wrench - Heartland

There’s only one way to describe the music of Stephen Wrench: pure country. His latest album Heartland is a must-have. With a mixture of love, feel-good, and pub-rock songs, this western singer has delivered all the dedicated country fans out there an essential album for their enjoyment.

Heartland is raw country at its best. The twangy steel guitars, the earthy banjos, and the soulful lyrics all contribute to making this album the masterpiece that it is.

The ladies especially will love this album, with Stephen Wrench including many heart felt love songs, like ‘Can You Feel’ and ‘Affairs of the Heart.’ Not to mention, his smooth and hunky country voice. There’s no need to worry for the men though, as there are just as many burly rock songs for them to enjoy.

But wait, there’s more! There’s enough music to get you up and rockin’ on Heartland, with songs like ‘Top O’ the List’ featuring an upbeat rhythm and that good old-fashioned pub-style piano.

Stephen Wrench's back catalogue of songs from the vaults of "Wrench" have been wrenched out of the vaults now for the world to hear. Check out his album of classic Country magic out now on iTunes for the world. Some of these songs have been covered by the best in the business, with friends like Toto, Chicago, Lynyard Skynyrd, Tommy TuTone, Todd Smallwood, and the list goes on. It was time that people got to hear the original songs from the man who wrote them. Stephen is our "Country" Leonard Cohen. Download these gems today from iTunes by clicking on the purchase link below.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Devyl Nellys - Misery

With all of Florida and New York getting a buzz on The Devyl Nellys whenever they play, you’ll get to know why when you check out their new album Misery.

There are some super cool laid classic Californian rock tunes on this disc. Super smooth and super cool, Nelly Levon is the queen of the East Coast doing the West Coast thing.

Their latest album, Misery, has got The Devyl Nellys singing an array of songs that will get your toes tapping.

This album is so varied in the way of genres. Just when you think you have this band’s style figured out, you’re proven wrong with songs ranging from pop to alternative, to rock to a bit of jazz. Even a few country sounds can be detected throughout the playlist.

One of my favourites from Misery, is ‘Attracted;’ a cruisy tune that takes you away to a tropical island. This song brings a bluesy, jazzy feel to the album with cool layered vocals.

The country sound mentioned earlier can be heard in ‘Corina.’ You won’t hear too much of the fast tempo’d guitars and western style vocals usually associated with the genre, but there’s just enough to not sound overbearing, yet still be thoroughly enjoyable. This is accomplished through the cruisy feel that is linked to every song on the album.

Overall, The Devyl Nellys have done an outstanding job in delivering an album that’s lighthearted, up beat and fun, as well as giving it their own unique twist.

Dig this and play this one all day long! Download now from emusic with the link below.

Sabastian Roberts - Unwanted Man


Sabastian Roberts brings us some out-and-out country rock with his new album Unwanted Man.

Unwanted Man is a collection of feel good country rock tunes that will make you want to jump up and down and sing along.

On Unwanted Man, Sabastain Roberts includes a variety of songs in all country genre forms thinkable. By this I mean, he does not stray from country but merely manipulates and twists it into different styles for certain songs. “Free Wheelin’” for example, is a feel good country rock track, while “The Faith I Have In You” is a slow and soulful country gospel song. “It’s Still Country,” as its name suggests, is a downright pure country tune. As a result of this variety, the album is unpredictable and impossible to become bored of.

Now, I’m not much of a fan of this genre, but I have never enjoyed a country album as much as I have Unwanted Man. As soon as I clicked play, I was nodding my head along to the upbeat rock rhythms and Roberts’ raw and folksy voice.

This album is fun, upbeat and an absolute phenomenon for devout country music fans worldwide.

Sebastian Roberts gets some cool country rock to your ears with his new album "Unwanted Man". Dig this and download this one today from eMusic from the purchase link below.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black Face - African Queen

Black Face brings us the feel good hit, African Queen, a cool and laid back tune for fun times.

This music reminds me of a hot summer’s day, sitting by the pool with a refreshing icy cocktail. And it’s likely that you too will want this playing while you lay back on your banana lounge, baking under the sun.

Much similar to Sean Kingston’s infectious 2007 hit Me Love, Black Face will have everyone groovin’ through the summer to his fun loving track African Queen.

African Queen is R’n’B meets hip-hop, meets reggae. It involves a relaxed mixture of smooth vocals and cruisy beats, giving this track its appealing quality.

African Queen can be listened to in all its forms on one cool EP, so you can play and enjoy it on any occasion. Be it a day for chilling out, or a day for partying, it’s all there, with the original version of the song, the radio edit, the MKD remix, and the jazz mix.

Put African Queen on your list of music essentials for this summer – you won’t regret it! While you’re at it, check out Black Face’s single ‘If U Leave Me’ - another sure fire hit for the upcoming party season!

Black Face gets one of Africa's classic tracks and one of his biggest selling hits out on Blue Pie for the world. African Queen is a pure gold track and we are pleased to have all versions now on one EP. Check this out and download this cool song. You can download this today from iTunes globally with the link below.