Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Josh Young aka JYoung takes the world on a roller coaster ride with his new song " She's a Thrilla "

DJ Centrals Records is proud to announce that our very own artist Mr Josh Young has yet again released a brand-new single to the world that you will instantly fall in love with. The new single titled "She's a Thriller" is a light and fun pop song which will keep his fans around the world dancing with his catchy new tune.
Following the enormous success of his hit single "Oxygen," J.Young keeps his fans on their toes with his new song that provides a blend of reggae roots and smooth and seductive vocals. With Young's song "Oxygen" being such a hit around the world there is no question that "She's a Killer" will follow the same path of success.

Josh Young has once again used his artistic talents with his song "She's a Killer" to instantly capture your attention with his seductive vocals, hooks and killer chorus that will leave you singing for days. His infectious voice works well to mesmerise his audience through his killer lyrics which work together to create an awesome and captivating audience experience. The song itself is addictive and will leave you wanting more from the very talented Josh Young.

With many of Josh Young's fan base already established and connected through social media sites like YouTube and Twitter plus a constant growth and mass appeal from his music being played on radios worldwide, he is on track to becoming one of the biggest pop stars in the music scene. The Canadian artist's newest song "She's a Thriller" will be climbing the charts and following in hot pursuit of his famously known songs titled "Oxygen" and "Sexy Dress".
"She's a Thriller" is a song that will leave you in the mood to sing, dance and get a little crazy with. The catchy hooks and beat will pull you in and make you instantly fall in love with the song. "She's a Thriller" will leave you in a state of music bliss which is why this song needs to be featured on everyone's playlist.
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  • Check out Josh's video for Oxygen - The most played video in the Phillipines for 2016 !


    Thursday, November 16, 2017

    Christopher Light Records shines the light on MC Breed, with the re-issue of MC's cult hit album "The Fharmacist".

    The one and only legend, MC Breed was born in Flint, Michigan and proudly the first commercially successful rapper to come out of the Midwest. Initially involved with the rap group DFC, Breed released his first album “MC Breed & DFC” for the independent record label, SDEG Records on August 13, 1991. The album had great success peaking at #142 on the Billboard 200, #38 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #3 on the Top Heatseekers.

    “The Fharmacist” is the second to last album by MC Breed. It was released on May 8, 2001 for Fharmacy Recordings and featured production from MC Breed, Jazze Pha, The D.O.C., Dog, Corey Peterson and Gee Pierce. By the time this album was released, Breed's popularity had greatly decreased however the album was a critical success and spawned a number of tracks that have become underground classics in the North American Hip Hop scene.

    The single "Let's Go To The Club" received massive airplay in his home town and the Detroit area, but nowhere near as popular in other key markets. It was his most successful single since 1991's "Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin'". On September 17, 2001, "Let's Go to the Club" broke the record for Detroit radio airplays and it is still in rotation to this day.

    In late 2008 MC Breed was hospitalized and placed on life-support after he collapsed when his kidneys failed during a game of pickup basketball. On November 22nd, 2008, Breed reportedly died in his sleep while at a friend's home in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    This is the new revitalised and remasterred mix of the album out now on DJ Central Records and Christopher Light Records for the world.

    Check out the links below and give it up for this classic album !

    The Fharmacist:
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      Raz B is hitting the airwaves hard with 2 new kick ass tracks with Hold Me and DJ - Check it out !!!

      Raz B is one of pop music's biggest stars. Formerly a part of the multi-platinum group B2K, Raz B's solo career is just getting bigger and bigger.

      His skills in production, stage presence, recording artistry and songwriting have ensured he continues to produce hit after hit. Having just released a track with hip-hop/rap legend Rick Ross titled "America 2 China", Raz has continued this momentum with the release of two new tracks " Hold Me " and " DJ " Featuring his good friend Mika Rose. Check out this track on SoundCloud:

      Raz B Ft Mika Rose and the song "DJ"

      The first track titled "DJ" is sure to get you moving. This club banger brings plenty of energy by combining a groovy synth bass line, Raz's smooth lyrics and the beautiful vocals from feature artist Mika Rose.

      The second track "Hold On Me" is another banger from the former member of B2K. The track is sure to be a hit. The lyrical flow from Raz and the killer beats are truly mastery. Once again Raz has worked his magic on both these tracks and we can't wait to see what he does next.

      Raz B and Hold Me

      Check out all the latest news on Raz at the following official links:

      Take a walk on the wild side with the release of LadyDice and DL Down3r’s feverish new track, ‘Switch’ and watch the behind the scene's video they shot for " What if "

      The pair have been going from strength to strength, churning out material after kicking down the door with their SUGA BOOM BOOM tour and subsequent collaborations like the remarkable “Throw It Up”. These two appear to have an enduring artistic chemistry, and the latest product of their collaboration is a fresh sound which still showcases the style that made both Down3r and LadyDice famous in their own right. It’s good to see the pair incorporate some unexpected stylistic elements and keep pushing their craft to new heights. LadyDice injects her incredible vocal powers into all she does and this track is clear signs of greatness.

      Watch their behind the scene's video for " What If " out later in March.

      Switch is a trippy trip-hop/rap track that bends notes to the breaking point and laces in high tempo West Coast lyrical flow. It’s a little unconventional but effortlessly slick and a track that will be right at home on the Paris Night Club dance floors. A euro club banger is what we think.

      Both of these great artists have a huge fan bases and all the stuff they put out picks up steam until it’s too hot to handle. If Switch doesn’t keep you satisfied then check out their recent tracks, solo material, or revisit the classics using the links below.

      Switch Links
      Switch ( I'm The Shit ) - iTunes
      Switch ( I'm The Shit ) - Spotify
      Switch ( I'm The Shit ) - Amazon Japan
      Switch ( I'm The Shit ) - Naptster
      Switch ( I'm The Shit ) - Tidal ( Jay Zee's music store )

      Switch ( I'm The Shit ) - SoundCloud

      Social Media
      Down3r Facebook:
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      Music - LadyDice

      Music - Down3r

      JayEsGee gets two new releases out with Raz Beatz Media and DJ Central and the buzz is building !!!

      JayEsGee is one very talked about, talented individual now under the watchful eye and mentoring of Raz B Mr B2K Mr Beatz. Discovered by Raz in China in 2016, JayEsGee has two killer tracks out now. There is not any need for hype as the music is connecting and vitalling in China.

      We are reminded of Jay Z when he was being reborn in the last decade and how game changers like Flo-Rida dropped their debut tracks and the buzz that followed. An incredibly humble man, Mr JayEsGee is a gentleman rapper that has truth in his lyrics and a magic tone that makes people want to press play and hear more.

      Check out these dope videos and the links to his new releases on Spotify.

      WORD !!!

      JayEsGee on Spotify

      Check what JayEsGee has been cooking on Vimeo

      Celebrated Soul artist Isaac Roosevelt aka Sylvester Isaac aka Mr Funky P, teams up with Mannheim club mixer DjM; the result is a 70’s classic “Wake up Everybody” reborn as righteous as you could hope for.

      Isaac Roosevelt’s positive, contemporary soul has found a novel bedfellow in the house beats of club artist DjM. The match-up of these musicians, much loved in Mannheim, has recreated the title track of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes 1975 album, ‘Wake up everybody’, trading the restrained and slowly building soul/R&B for a more dynamic and modern house, with Roosevelt covering vocals.
      Released under German label United Sounds Records, December 2016, ‘Wake up Everybody’ has made some waves around northern Europe, reaching 76 on the Deutsche Dj Charts (DDJC) – which appears published on iTunes and Amazon – and been included on compilations such as Disco House 2k17, Studio 54 Comeback hits and It’s Deep House 2017; not to mention volume 12 of DJ Combo’s Promo-Only February Essential Selection.
      It’s hard to characterise the German club/house/techno scene compared to others around the world, except to say that it’s a unique beast at that’s been at the vanguard of vogue since Kraftwerk, if not before. DjM is a Mannheim mainstay, his club tracks and remixes appearing in at least 10 compilation albums, including Techno Harmony, Hard Techno Underground, Latin House Anthems and Respect the DJ 2k17.
      Of course it’s easy to expect quality releases from Isaac Roosevelt, who hit the European limelight in 2013 after appearing in The Voice of Germany, winning the VDM award for music video “Your Love Is”, voicing a Volkswagen TV spot and appearing alongside Pamela Falcon in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Finals with the excellent “Lost in a Mad World”. His videos enjoy millions of views and he wowed Luxembourg and featured on international radio with “Ice Cream Baby”. He’s also no stranger to exciting artistic partnerships, singing with Thierry Mersch in the brass-laden and energetic ‘Shout it Out’ under Blue Pie Records
      Isaac’s naturalism and genuine joy in performance is disarming and contagious, and that comes through in the lyrics of the Blue Note’s prosocial 70’s anthem.
      This creative soul/club fusion shows local German musicians are as creative and captivating as ever. See more about these artists below:
      Isaac Roosevelt – Facebook:
      DjM –
      SONG: Wake up Everybody
      WORDS AND MUSIC: Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes (original), DjM (2016 remake)
      ARTISTS: DjM
      FEATURING: Isaac Roosevelt
      RECORD LABEL: United Sounds Records

      JYoung gets some sexy dress loving from Toyanna and the DJ Central remix team !!!

      “Sexy Dress” has been killing it ever since its release back in February of this year. Now the song has had a complete makeover and is better than ever. The remix features the sensational Toyanna Rae and brings a new level of energy to the song. The up-beat club bass line becomes contagious and continuously prompts the listener to start dancing.
      The track certainly contrasts against the relaxing tropical vibes provided by the original. However, this contrast is certainly not bad. It may even be that the remix is better than the original as it provides listeners with exactly what they want.
      The song features the incredible sultry and mega cool Toyanna Rae doing her rap. Produced by Adam Hurstfield, Chris Garcia, Danny Vash, Tom Polce, Mr So Flawless and Damien Reilly this record has a super charge stella production team that has knocked this remix out of the ball park.
      This is a song that you can dance to and get a little bit crazy with. It is inevitable that we will all continue to compare this remix with the original. However, one thing is certain, and that is that this song is absolute fire and needs to be on everyone’s playlist ASAP.
      Also follow Josh Young and Toyanna on social media here:

      MacShawn is blazing a trail with his new hit " The Position " Featuring a stella cast including J DUBB, ICE CUBE and PRESENTED BY SNOOP DOGG !!!

      Macshawn100 is one of hip-hop’s finest and best-kept secrets. With some of the genres biggest names supporting him he continues to produce some killer tracks. His new track is no different. “The Position” presented by Snoop Dogg also features J. Dubb & Ice Cube. These names bring a high level of class and certainly ensure it is no ordinary track.
      The track is not just big names though. Macshawn100 himself demonstrates why he has attracted so many major names to support him. His lyrical genius and dope flow shines through in the track. This ensures the track is something truly special for his adoring fans. Let’s hope he produces some more tracks soon for us to listen to. Until then make sure you check out his dope new track.
      And follow him on social media here:

      “Great Baton Rouge Flood of 2016” released now on Hit City Records. The Digital Compilation Album by Baton Rouge Recording Artists!

      Released on Hit City Digital Records and distributed by Blue Pie Records USA for the world Executive Produced by Henry Turner, Jr. for Hit City Digital Records.
      Baton Rouge, LA… “The Great Baton Rouge Flood of 2016” is a digital album of fantastic local talent who were directly and indirectly affected by ‘The Storm with No-name.” The compilation album is executive produced by Henry Turner Jr. for Hit City Digital Records and is available at all leading digital retailers, streaming services and radio networks immediately.
      “The Great Baton Rouge Flood of 2016” features a wide range of original music and genres that include blues, rock, dance songs, love songs, R&B, soul, rockabilly and rap. All the recording artists are widely recognized and favorites of the capitol city’s explosive music scene.
      The release opens with “The Baton Rouge Theme Song,” recorded by Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor and is an homage to the city’s upcoming 200th anniversary in 2017. The last cut, “2 Many Women,” is one the bands’ most requested fan favorites. The light hearted reggae/soul/funk tune touches upon the temptations associated with stardom and female fans.
      Stepchild’s haunting rocker “Dark Waters, recorded right after Hurricane Katrina, reflects a somber theme of things that can happen at any moment, expected or not.
      Regional favorites and national touring acts, who were directly affected, losing their homes, cars, instruments and personal belongings include April “Sexy Red” Jackson, who’s “Move,” an upbeat dance number’s title is especially appropriate. Billy Averett and his selection of “Football” a rockabilly song and one of Louisiana’s favorite pastimes. Dusty Lightfoot Cashio’s traditional Louisiana style soul love song “Just Another Woman” and Anita Raze Averett’s Cajun country rocker “Louisiana Boy” about growing up and enjoying everything the “Sportsman’s Paradise” has to offer.
      Additional tracks include:
      • “Stupid Love,” by Nukie Miller, a mid-tempo ballad about not wanting to be in love
      • Ras Wayne Vicks’ “Get Your Shine On,” a southern soul ballad about a guy wanting to prove to the world that he is impressive
      • “Steppin” by D-Whit, a party dance song about having fun after work
      • Blues/rapper Lee Tyme’s “Big Daddy’s Home” highlights a period in a man’s life when he wants to be more committed to family responsibilities
      • The mid-tempo dance song “Bedroom Relationship” by Champagne confronts the issue of a love affair going nowhere
      Henry Turner, Jr comments, “The music scene in Baton Rouge is very alive and vibrant. Nothing can stop it or our impressive talent. It is unfortunate that it takes a catastrophe to introduce our talented performers into the global market place. Everyone was eager to participate and show the world that we still are all here, the shows continues and we are survivors, not victims.”
      For additional information about Henry Turner, Jr. and the Great Baton Rouge Flood of 2016 release, please visit
      Henry Turner Jr. and his band, & Flavor, have toured the United States, Canada and Japan. They have released seventeen singles and nine CD’s. Turner is credited with developing a syncopated style of music that has come to be referred to as Louisiana reggae, blues, soul and funk.
      He established Hit City Digital Records to produce Louisiana roots music. The small, yet diverse roster focuses on country, reggae, neo soul, blues and pop. He also operates Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room, which opened in Baton Rouge in 2014, and supports local, regional and national touring acts.
      Career accomplishments:
      • Named an official Music Ambassador by the Louisiana Office of Tourism for his performance at Watermelon Festival at Santa Anita Park in Southern California
      • October 28, 2015 proclaimed Henry Turner Jr. Day in Baton Rouge
      • 2016 Henry Turner & Flavor perform a month long series of concerts for the
      • Louisiana State Museum archives and their Music at the Mint program in New Orleans
      For additional information, interviews and product requests, please contact:
      Marcia Groff
      Entertainment Enterprises
      P: +1310-721-1591
      Press and Media Manager “Great Baton Rouge Flood of 2016”
      A Digital Compilation Album of Baton Rouge Recording Artists Directly and indirectly affected by ‘The Storm with No-name’ Produced by Henry Turner, Jr. for Hit City Digital Records
      Catalogue # CAT87379
      UPC Code 191079080960


      Raz B’s “America 2 China” (feat. Rick Ross) has already received tremendous success within the first month of its release. Within the first 10 days, “America 2 China” had 2,000 plays on Soundcloud. A month after its release it has almost 5,000 plays on Soundcloud, over 1,000 plays on Spotify and continues to gain traction on other platforms including iTunes, Beatport and Youtube.
      Raz B and Rick Ross have truly created an incredible work of art with this song. The smooth lyrical flow and dope beats ensure the listener is captivated for the complete 3 minutes and 13 seconds.
      The extensive experience and knowledge provided by Rick Ross is clearly evident throughout the song. His influence propels the song to new heights, adding a level of class with a veteran’s attention to detail. This song is certainly one not to be missed. Let’s hope that there will be another collaboration from these two talented artists again soon.
      Follow Raz B on Social Media here:
      Follow Rick Ross on Social Media:

      Evan Kitchener stops in for some Blue Pies and releases 3 new albums !!!

      Evan Kitchener's 'sample rock' style takes listeners on an emotional journey. Evan is known best for his work as a composer and sound designer for film and TV shows in Australia. His major musical contributions are found in the films "Bad Habits" and "Only The Young Die Good".

      Despite his work as a composer and sound designer, he is also a prominent solo composer and is one of the founding members of the band Earnest Irony. His popularity continues to grow demonstrated by his 1,000 followers on Soundcloud.

      Evan is continuously pumping out new music for his fans. The latest track on his Soundtrack "Tainted Salvation" (Ragnarock Bonus Track) evokes the chaos of emotions his music is best known for. This is an artist everyone should be following.

      Evan is now signed to Blue Pie and creating a buzz with the Planet Blue Pictures team for soundtrack placements. He is won of Australia's bright new composers and we are sure he will be winning awards in the not too distant future. Just check out the awards he already has gather in such a short space of time. You can see his impressive credentials on his website below.

      Check out his latest music here:

      And follow him on social media here and his very own website:

      Plus for all the latest news have a look at his website here: