Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reality Entertainment Rocks - Very Cool Label

My first taste of the reality entertainment catalogue left me salivating as it will any student with a thirst for special interest, esoteric, occult or true knowledge. Reality Entertainment films help you to decode the matrix, with genres ranging from metal to hard core to dance to rock. I love this label.

The film library for Reality is super cool. They have titles all about the Mind, Body & Spirit, Motivational, Sacred Geometry, UFO, Supernatural, Secret Societies, Paranormal, Biography, Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, Crop Circles, Knights Templar, Popular Culture, Synchro-mysticism and the Wisdom Tradition. Reality Entertainment films’ spiritual blend of music and mind-blowing graphics coupled with a finely-crafted scientific scripting filled-to-the-brim with facts offers viewers the “lost key” to the secrets of the ages, that was only briefly introduced in “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “The Secret”.

Dig this cool label and really glad that we have them on the roster for Australia and New Zealand.

Demo Dude !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Third Estate - Chapter 1 Conquest

Now we’re talking, this one oozes with creativity.
Conquest marks the first chapter of Third Estate's concept album The Chronicles of the Four Horsemen and consists of three tasty tracks.
Progressive tendencies and strong production dominate, as these Albury locals push boundaries with a song writing work ethic akin to artists like System of a Down, Porcupine tree and even glimpses of Soulfly. In fact it is the production mindset of Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson that is primarily brought to mind when I listen to this self produced little gem. And the best thing is Conquest is only part one of four!!!

The Boys are Back In Town - Big Engine Rocks the Planet !

The Boys are Back in Town. The legends from the USA known as " Big Engine" have covered Thin Lizzies classic song " The Boys are Back In Town ". This song and their treatment has the kick of an " A Bomb " on a Sunday morning at around 9am just when ya having ya bacon and eggs. This is ROOOOOCCCCCKKKKKKKKK

Download this now from iTunes today. Click here

7 Horses

This one reminds me of a Tarantino soundtrack, 7 Horses specialty is creating sparse alternate sound-
scapes driven by acoustic guitar and country styled electric slide.

If you like the sparse disjointed beauty of artists like PJ Harvey, the Eurythmics or even Little Birdy then this may be right up your alley.

Friday, July 3, 2009

From Russia With Love

Think sweeping Aussie rock circa late 90’s / early naughties on this one. Thick raucous chunky lead licks played with mammoth conviction of the Giants of Science kind. I don’t know how he does it but Russia’s leading man, Double O, is both smooth and sharp all at the same time.

On their lead single, From Russia With Love, this Melbournian trio have captured the harsh yet seamless, jaggered edges of their sound. Encasing in under three and a half minutes a raunchy tale of seduction that wraps itself around your ears.

Bound to shake and cause a stir, Russia will dominate your stereo, with love of course…

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey Judes

Reminiscent of bands such as The Bees who brought back sunflower pop rock. Lemonheads like but not as quirky. Sugary sweet without being sickly. It is The Judes softer side that shines through rather than their moments of Buzz Cock-ery, but undeniably The Judes takes their listener on a warm and fuzzy journey.

Warming involuntary bopping will occur

Holy Yolanda

Lock up your sons!

A worthy successor to artists who personified all things rock chick. Yolanda and the Stolen Boys play music with soul, sweat and feeling, tapping into a vein of consciousness shared with the likes of the Baby Animals, Melissa Etheridge, Bon Jovi, Concrete Blonde, and Alannah Myles

The kind of music you hear and just feel the energy of the live show, this music just breathes. Yolanda kicks the shit out of so called rock chicks like Pink and Avril.

Nothing like a fine, bad-arse bitch singing rock and roll songs about doing the dirty.

Holy Yolanda!!!

The Twitch

From the Outset The Twitch let you know that they have arrived.

This is balls to the wall rock and roll, strong tight musicianship indicating a lot of time transversing the sonic sound-scape together.

These guys know all about rock structure and layered production paying homage to rock gods such as Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Free, Status Quo and Steppenwolf, I even heard elements of Bowie in there.

Great air guitar stuff, The Twitch are a band that would be just as at home pumping a house party or selling out stadium shows.

I Dig It Man!

Peter's Farm

This one’s got everything a good children’s album should have including a narrator with a funny accent, funny voices and funny stories.

The animals on Peters Farm boogie on down to some classic big band swing and rock and roll, a bit of the blues and even some 80’s retro, with strong Australiana themes thrown in for good measure.

Visually strong lyrics coupled with upbeat, playful melodies that are fun by design, bring the world of Peter’s Farm to life.

It gives the oldies a bit of a giggle as well, as memories come flooding back.

A great introduction to the world of music for any infant child.