Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Noreaga Shooting every Throwback in Town

This is pure gangsta rap. Shoot em up bad guys, drugs and sex. Some nice floaty trance melodies offset by dirt hip hop beats and pleanty of mouthing off and dissing people. Take this one home to grandma, and she'll soon be bustin a cap in your ass. Watch out Noreaga, there's and army or psyco killer drug muching grannies who just wanna get jiggy wit you!!

Check out Noreaga here

Thursday, October 2, 2008

General Midi is Superstylin

It's saturday night and your heading out for a massive night on the town. You switch on your cd deck, lay out 5 shots of tech-killa, put on the phattest beats you have and yell "ready... every one shoot it." every slams down their shot as the beat kicks in, it's time to go balistik. It's General Midi with the beefiest breaks ever, on their album Y4K - you will always start with a bang if your pumping out these tunes.

Get your life kicked into gear with Y4K, download it here

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daft Punk Funk

Say hello to the masters of electronic music, these guys rock the world. This year they have released the album Musique Vol I 1993-2005, This album is the best of the boys work from the era. Even if you didn't know it - you'll recognize some of these songs - that is the prolificness of Daft Punk.

you can get this album here