Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stinga T’s music ‘shines’ in his latest album!

Stinga T has been on a roll in the music scene within the last few years…and he certainly isn’t holding back in 2014!

The Aboriginal rapper is at it again, already releasing his third new album called ‘Shine’ which has just been released on iTunes. Stinga T has a talent of keeping old school rap fresh, which is demonstrated in his music throughout the entire album. The only difference with Shine compared to his previous albums is that Stinga T has had more music collaborations with other talented musicians including Charlie Streetz, Lainie Jamieson, Ezra Juanta, Lil Jayo E; as seen through the number of duet tracks featured in the album including ‘Money’, ‘Gone’, ‘Our Love’, ‘Success’ and ‘Shine’. Both musical talents blend effortlessly in each these collaborations. Along with these great duets, the album also features many tracks of Stinga T’s unique style of hip-hop including ‘Ain’t Nobody’, ‘Grind on the Low’, ‘She’s My One’, ‘Hi Hater’ and ‘Best Right Now’. Just like his previous albums, Underdog Status and Two Face, Stinga T puts his heart and soul in each track, which has resulted in a fantastic album filled with passion and determination.

If you want to hear a passionate hip-hop artist (which is hard to find!), you won’t find anyone more passionate than Stinga T! You can even h


Friday, February 14, 2014

Sydonia are at their best with Reality Kicks and their new album !!!

Sydonia is pure rock with hard core metal influences. Their eclectic style pleases fans that are looking for something different in the alternative rock / nu- metal scene. These Melbourne-ites are here to impress once again in 2014.

Having recently released their new LP album Reality Kicks, it’s a very exciting time for the band. Reality Kicks is their first LP release since Given to Destroyers in 2012, and certainly doesn’t disappoint with 13 tracks of striking lyrics and superb music.

Singling out a couple tracks that caught my attention I would have to mention Sinner. The melodic verses coupled with the heavy hitting chorus really highlight what alternative rock can be when done right. Bands in this genre can tend to blur together and Sydonia stands out like a bright beacon of hope for rock fans in Australia.

The title track Reality Kicks also deserves immense praise for providing a great foundation for the album.

All in all, Sydonia have lived up to their promises for a bigger and better 2014 so far. Reality kicks has certainly impressed and we look forward to what Sydonia has lined up after this great start to the year.

You can check out this release on all leading digital retailers on the planet. Check out their 1st single from the album and their cool video for the “Reality Kicks”


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Twitch are a kaleidoscope of the sixties, seventies, and what is now.

The Twitch have two brand new singles out and they are on their way to radio stations all over the globe. The 1st track is  ‘Out Of Love’ and the 2nd track is ‘They Are Shout’

The songs are are everything we love about The Twitch. Think psychedelic, rock, punk blended with your favoriate bottle of Jack and you have it!

To have a listen head over to their website and get the lowdown or

To all you Earthlings out there, embrace The Twitch, hear them Call Your Name, grab your Whiskey In The Bottle, join in on the Celebration and get your Freak Flag on!

ROCK ON THE TWITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!