Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sydonia Release New EP ‘Waiting For Words That Don't Exist’

Melbourne-based Alt Rock/Metal band Sydonia have just released a new EP this month entitled ‘Waiting For Words That Don’t Exist.

’The 5-track EP has spawned two singles; ‘TL,’ and more recently, ‘Words.

’Be sure to check out the official videos for TL and Words on YouTube.

If you like what you hear, you can download Sydonia’s EP from the iTunes link below.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jacco Muller and Victor Ghannam release "Palace of Dreams"

Blue Pie Records is excited to announce that recently signed Flamenco guitarist Jacco Muller, has just had his latest album “Palace of Dreams” made available for purchase on iTunes. The 15-track album features Jacco on flamenco and electric guitar and Victor Ghannam on oud, qanoun and electric oud.

The dynamic duo who have worked together previously on Muller’s “Viento del Desierto” in 2009, have come together once again to produce a fresh and innovative sound that effectively combines different worlds and cultures to produce a high quality record.

The artists have successfully collaborated to create a unique blend of flamenco and Middle Eastern music with underlying influences of rock, jazz and belly dance. The album features lyrics in English, Spanish, Arabic and French combined with Middle Eastern percussion, Indian tablas, acoustic guitars and a rocking telecaster.

The title track “Palace of Dreams” which uses bright guitar tones, upbeat percussion and Arabic lyrics by a female vocalist, is one example of a host of tracks that not only showcases this unique musical concoction but Muller’s superior technical skills on the guitar.

Palace of Dreams is out on iTunes for the world. You can download your copy via our purchase link.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trees Die Standing release album '2012 Update the World!'

Trees Die Standing are an alternative rock band from Madrid. The first Release is “2012 – Update The World”. The album is pure indie alt rock and takes this to a new level for Spain. Released and out now on the new ConcertHouse Music Label in Canada and under the watchful eye of Ross Tonkin, the labels that founded this band are heading for bigger things.

With thunderous riffs and solid melody we know this one will put more holes in your ears and that’s what rock is all about. Distributed by Blue Pie from Australia for the world you can get this record at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Be sure to grab a copy off iTunes today!


Supastar Bre releases "F.L.Y. Chick"

Supastar Bre has released her new rap/hip-hop single called “F.L.Y. Chick.” This single is perfect for a night out or for those who enjoy listening to a new hip-hop beat. It’s a single worth listening to and you are able to find Supastar Bre’s new single at various digital retailers.

Listen and purchase her new single today on iTunes!


Ramize releases new album "Love Potion"

Reggae artist, Ramize from Kingston, Jamica has just released his new album ‘Love Potion’ in July of 2012. The 14-track album features songs such as ‘Pretty Lady’, ‘Good Love’, and ‘Come Over’.

‘Love Potion’ demonstrates his Jamaican native music, reggae, with a mix of R&B that soothes and relaxes the mind. Ramize spent years listening to various genres of music that he found close to him and you can hear these influences in his new album. Ramize can be easily found on Facebook, Youtube, and various digital retailers.
Purchase the album today on iTunes!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ruffa releases album 'Coming to America!'

New artist, Ruffa has recently released his record ‘Coming to America!

’The album is compiled of 13 tracks, including ‘Put Your Hands Up’, ‘Til It’s All Gone (ft. Haitian Baby)’ and ‘Good Man’.

‘Coming to America’ is a mixture of Hip-Hop and Rap, which will have you bringing out your inner gangster and pulling off moves you didn’t think you were capable of!

Ruffa collaborates with other artists including Adina Howard, Haitian Baby, and Rochella, who add an extra element of colour to Ruffa’s already catchy beats.

Grab a copy from iTunes today!


Olga releases new album 'Whatever You Want'

New Orleans singer, Olga has just released her new album ‘Whatever you want.

’The 12-track album features ‘They Want More’, ‘Nothing More to Say’ and ‘Birds of Sorrow.

’‘Whatever you want’ sets the mood of the 80’s with a blend of pop, blues and alternative. It’s the kind of record you would put on in the car to make your trip relaxed and easy.

Purchase a copy today on iTunes!


New album 'Gun Powder Riddim' for fans of reggae!

Gun Powder Riddim is a must-have for fans of reggae!

The 13-track record features various artists including Don Royal, Droop Lion, Sophia Brown, Powerman and more!

Gun Powder Riddim is the perfect music to blast through your headphones while soaking up the sun and enjoying a nice, cool pina colata!

Buy yourself a copy on iTunes today!


Reginelli Carleone Releases Debut Single ‘Bingo’

Rising rap star Reginelli Carleone has just released his debut single, ‘Bingo.’

With a sound resembling that of 50 cent, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, Reginelli Carleone has an aggressive and flowing sound that undoubtedly will continue to be heard in the years to come. The music reflects the current music trends at the moment, with a heavy emphasis on rhythmic and repetitive dance beats.

Reginelli Carleone is an artist that all rap and hip hop fans must keep an ear out for more hits like ‘Bingo’ in the future.