Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BJ Sam is shining a light on the impact of music!

International composer, producer, multi instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter BJ Sam has released a new hit single! “The Star will Always Shine” is the latest offering from the prolific song writer who is currently ranking at #12 on the ReverbNation charts.

With a focus on creating music with a positive message, BJ Sam aims to inspire and move his listeners. Not only is he a talented songwriter, but he is also a professional entertainer and model dedicated to connecting with his listeners making them feel uplifted and inspired by listening to his “splendid” songs. BJ Sam’s catchy and heart-warming sounds are gaining increasing popularity amongst fans of R&B/Soul as he spreads his uplifting music across the globe. We will no doubt be hearing more of him on successful Hollywood TV series and film in the very near future.

For more information on BJ Sam’s upcoming music releases, music news and to stream or download his music checkout the link! www.facebook.com/bjsaam


Sydonia – Reality Kicks Video live on iTunes

Melbourne based heavy rock band Sydonia have released the title song of their latest album ‘Reality Kicks’ as a video track available live on iTunes! ‘Reality Kicks’, brand new album from Sydonia which features the track ‘Reality Kicks’ along with 13 other powerful and visceral tracks.

Sydonia’s four band members Dana Roskvist, Sam Haycroft, Adam Murray and Sean Bailey are more than pleased with the results of their latest album and music video release. Guitarist Sam Haycroft says, “It’s been a hard slog these few years, getting this record done and finding the right team around us to put it out, but now is the time. It’s awesome to finally unveil it.

”Reality Kicks is out worldwide through MGM Distribution and video content online through Blue Pie Records. Check out the links for Sydonia’s new music news, downloads and gig updates!


Danny Saber’s soundtrack from the 2:22 feature film is now available

Producer, remixer, engineer and DJ Danny Saber has hit the sound waves with his “222” soundtrack. The soundtrack consists of varying tracks from the 2008 feature film 2:22 produced by Manny Barbosa.

With his strong alternative rock credentials, the artist continues to embrace other styles of music including hard-core rap, industrial and trip-hop.

Don’t miss out on checking Danny Saber’s new soundtrack! You can listen on various social networking sites including:

Alternatively, you can listen to the tracks on Sound cloud at www.soundcloud.com/scorerevolution/sets/222-danny-saber

Del Casher gives fans a taste of the good life with new release “Music at the LUXE”!

Guitarist extraordinaire and inventor of the wah-wah pedal Del Casher has released a new album! Del’s latest musical offering is full of inspiring reinterpretations of classic jazz tunes, full of new family favorites. This album is a must hear for anyone who is a fan of polished, mature jazz with a smooth tone and feel.

Download the album now from iTunes and be sure to check out Del’s official website for more music news, new releases as well as upcoming concerts and tour information! www.delcasher.com


The Objex “Super Charged Little Nova”

This has been an exciting year for fans of in-your-face, high energy punk rock and roll with the release of The Objex new album “Supercharged Little Nova”. This eight track gem will grab your attention immediately and take you back to a time when punk was at its best, moshing was a must and brutally honest lyrics were a big fat “F U” to a society that expected its musicians to conform to the ways of the world.

Formed in 2006 and fronted by Felony Melony, this punk/rock band is absolutely dripping with attitude, sexual innuendos and charisma. A tight rhythm section in the form of Ch!li on drums and Ivan on bass creates a wall of sound perfectly complimented by Jim Nasty’s catchy and distinct guitar lines. The Objex took out the prize for best punk rock band in 2010 at the Vegas Rocks Awards and they have been gaining more and more momentum since then. Work began on their newest album “Super Charged Little Nova” in LA back in 2012 with producer Andy Carpenter ready for its release this year in May 2014.

This album is a must have, so do yourself a big favour and go check it out!