Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ferro Gaita Releases New Album!

Ferro Gaita brings his love of all things music to the live stage!

Ferro Gaita’s music mixes tropical sounds with reggae to produce a passionate, uplifting sound that inspires. The raw energy from the live performance is well translated into the album, which bursting with fun, danceable songs. The band manages to maintain this energy throughout the album. An excellent choice for lovers of world music and tropical beats.

Check it out!

Purchase Ferro Gaita’s Finkadu Na Raiz now on Amazon, or click on the link below to get directed to eMusic.


Suzanna Lubrano brings us Fofo!

Suzanna Lubrano returns with an extra special edition of her hit album FoFo!

This is how pop music should be! Catchy, filled with relatable lyrics and with a hook on every turn. This complex album delves into love, fun and having a good time. It’s hard to maintain attractive lyrics throughout but Suzanna Lubrano shows us how it’s done by adding enough depth and variety to her songs to make the album a breeze to listen through time and time again. A very catchy and soulful album by one of the industry’s greats.

For more information on the lovely Suzanna Lubrano, visit her website: www.suzannalubrano.net

Download your copy today through eMusic now! Or head to the link below to purchase it through iTunes.


Suzanna Lubrano's LIVE Album out now!

Suzanna Lubrano offers us a rare glimpse into her life with this amazing live album.

Sometimes to fully understand music you have to hear it live, as it was meant to sound. This puts the artist on an equal level with the audience and removes the production costs that can make anyone sound like a star. It’s by this being done, that we can fully understand the exent to Suzanna Lubrano’s raw talent and passion for music. An engaging listen, and an amazing display from this pop icon, have a listen now!
For more information on the delights of Suzanna Lubrano, visit her website: www.suzannalubrano.net

Purchase the album now through eMusic, or click on the link below to head straight to iTunes to grab your copy today!


Suzanna Lubrano's Greatest Hits!

Suzanna Lubrano has all her biggest songs in just one CD!

After countless big albums and highly successful songs, Suzanna Lubrano releases a ‘best of’ album that puts all her greatest hits in one convenient album. Ranging from her debut album “Sem Bo Nes Mund” to her more recent work, the album has her entire backlog covered. With such a diverse range of music and songs produced by the artist over the past 15 years, the album manages to remain fresh and engaging. A must have for fans of Suzanna Lubrano!

For more information on Suzanna Lubrano, visit her website: www.suzannalubrano.net

Purchase the album now through eMusic, or click on the link below to purcahse it through iTunes!

Suzanna Lubrano Releases Tudo Pa Bo!

Tudo Pa Bo’ is one of Suzanna Lubrano’s most loved albums and it’s easy to see why.

Being her third album, she shows the experience of recording two previous albums, while managing to maintain her enthusiasm and love for music. This shows in the songs, which demonstrate the passion and intensity of earlier work all the same. There is degree of warmth that plays through each song with the latin flavour Suzanna Lubrano skilfully ads. A fantastic album that’s full of passion.

For more information on the lovely Suzanna Lubrano, visit her website: www.suzannalubrano.net

Purchase ‘Tudo Pa Bo’ now through eMusic, or click on the link below to get directed to the iTunes music store.


Dealing With Destiny Soundtrack Out Now!

The soundtrack to the hit 2011 comedy ‘Dealing With Destiny’ is out now!

With a wide range of genres and a variety of bands there is something for everyone! Featuring both national and international artists, the songs to accompany one of last year’s funniest movies sound fantastic as stand alone tracks. The album is filled with positive, upbringing tracks that are guaranteed to leave anybody who listens to it in a good mood.

Featuring Funky P, Sam Pollard and many more fabulous Blue Pie artists, what’s not to like!

For more information on Dealing With Destiny, visit the film’s official website: www.dealingwithdestiny.com

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pomelo's Secrets...Shhh

Pomelo are back with another album called Secrets, which is your soundtrack to the new summer!

In this new album Secrets, Pomelo take things in a new direction, moving towards a more jazz infused take on Latin music, whilst maintaining the laid back and easy listening style they pioneered in earlier albums. The album is the perfect accompaniment to laying on the beach or by the pool on a warm summer’s day.

The album is sure to leave you in a relaxed carefree state of mind. Not just filled with catchy songs, but also relaxing songs, making this album a shoe in for anyone who’s a fan of summer or Latin music.

To find out more about the band, head to their MySpace at: www.myspace.com/pomelo

Purchase Secrets today! Click on the link below to let your Latino journey begin.


Hurricane Healing Hip Hop Collection Out Now!

The Hip-Hop community has bonded together over the tragedy of the 2005 hurricane season.

The result of this collaboration is the Hurricane Healing Hip-Hop Volumes 5 – 10. Not only filled with established and upcoming hip-hop artists, the collection also donates 50c of each dollar spent on the music to the salvation army. This allows lovers of hip-hop music to support those in need as well as discover a few great new hip hop artists.

Any fan of hip-hop who also wants to help those in need are catered for in the Hurricane Healing Hip-Hop volumes.

Purchase the album now through eMusic or Amazon. Or click on the link below to purchase through iTunes. Remember, there are 5 new volumes out now – so take time to peruse through the different releases.

Random Order, Dimples and Anti-Depressants Out Now!

Random Order has gained a lot of attention in recent times for their reggae ska sound and for good reason!

Canada’s Random Order have drawn comparisons to The Clash, The Slits and Au Pairs. They have found success in building up a reputation as an amazing live band filling up dance floors across the country. This live raw energy has translated well into an album as each song is filled with killer hooks. The ability of the vocalist is also showcased throughout the album, and proves to be incredibly engaging. Bound to leave you wanting more, Random Order’s Dimples and Anti-Depressants is as fun as it is energetic.

Purchase the album now through Big Pond Music or Juno Download!


RetroTWEED release Self-Titled Album!

Local Mid-West favourites RetroTWEED has finally put together an album filled with instant classic rock hits.

For those who think rock isn’t what it used to be, RetroTWEED prove otherwise with an astonishing new album of songs bound to impress fans of the rock genre. Old School guitar solos are scattered throughout the songs as a throwback to retro rock. There are also some very catchy chorus’ to be found. The album looks and feels like a tribute to hard rock bands from the 80s and 90s and lives up to the former glory of the genre. RetroTWEED’s self-titled debut is a welcome relief for those waiting for a new rock album to come out which retains the feel of old school rock.

For more information on the band, head to their MySpace: www.myspace.com/retrotweed

Check it out now and purchase it through iTunes!


Franco and the Dreadnought release their EP!

Franco and the Dreadnought make the perfect mix of thrilling vocals, with sparse techno landscapes with a hint of electro.

Black Rock City is a 4 track EP that manages to both engage and lure listeners into its dark and brooding techno universe. Vast audio landscapes are created with delicate control of the background noises and ambience which gradually builds above aggressive yet catchy vocals. The EP is not only very listenable and well produced, but a step forward for Franco and the Dreadnought. For fans of techno and electro who like some dashing vocals thrown into the mix, definitely worth a listen!

Purchase it now through eMusic!


Franco and the Dreadnought Feed your Soul!

Feed My Soul is the new incredible release from Franco and the Dreadnought.

The album manages to further blur the lines between dance and techno. While the entire album moves at a fast pace, songs will occasionally fade into a dark abyss, only to burst back into full throttle hectic beats. Aside from being irresistibly catchy to dance to, each song is well crafted and maintains your attention throughout the duration of the track right until the end.

With an already established high reputation to live up to, Franco and the Dreadnought manages to continually impress fans, and this album definitely delivers. Not only a CD that will please fans of dance, but also techno, dark wave and everything in-between.

Purchase the album now through eMusic!


Curly Joe releases his first full length album!

Melbourne resident Curly Joe has released his first full length album which finely drifts on the border between folk and country.

The album was years in the making and it shows. This fresh and original take on folk music with a hint of both country and singer/songwriter elements is both invigorating and an enlightening look into the life of Curly Joe. Each song tells an intriguing story in his life while maintaining a quirky and catchy acoustic rhythm. A raw, emotional album that is both intriguing and very catchy. Highly recommended for fans of folk and country!

For more music from Curly Joe, head to his MySpace: www.myspace.com/curlyjoemusic

Purchase the album now on iTunes, Amazon or eMusic!

Nikson Explode onto the Punk Scene!

Nikson exploded onto the punk scene with a burst of energy so strong they’re reaching Australia all the way from Hungary!

Preachers Go To Hell is a very fast paced album with every song finishing as abruptly as it starts. It’s hard to listen to the music and not want to get up and start jumping around. Nikson knows what punk rockers want and they push all the buttons with catchy hooks, fast drumming and amazing guitar work. There is a hint of hardcore in there too. Overall a very strong entry into the punk scene.An essential new release for all punk rockers out there!

Download a copy now through iTunes or CD Universe!