Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Astronaut 7 - September

It's time for a slow ascent into space - why not travel past the moon into another intergalactic realm? If this sounds appealing to all you space-cadets out there, then why not purchase this unique album by Astronaut 7? Smooth vocals and beautiful instrumentals go together like NASA and Neil Armstrong! The tracks will sooth your mind, calm your nerves and prepare you for that long anticipated journey into the parallel universe of your thoughts! Doesn't that sound promising? Go on, take a risk!

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Myself - Punk Floyd

Whoever said Rock 'N Roll is dead hasn't heard of Myself! The album Punk Floyd would definitely make tribute band Pink Floyd proud. It is pure, raw and unadulterated rock which will be having fans across the world begging for more. From tracks
She Rocks to Good Things Come To Those Who Hate, Myself is the gift that keeps giving - giving rock music that is! And don't be fooled by the names of these tracks - there are strong political messages portrayed here. Songs about freedom and people's rights are reminiscent of a social awareness in music that hasn't been heard like this since the 60s. But don't take my word for it - throw on the track titled Reality TV to see for yourself!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Didge On Fire - Didge On Fire

Didge are definitely on fire in this new release, self-titled Dige On Fire! Rock out with this up-tempo track which features sounds that are reminiscent of 80s rocked, mixed with contemporary beats and Aboriginal falvour. But don't let the background infusion of the didgeridoo fool you. Didge On Fire are as far from traditional folk music as you can get.

The song is a showcase of the band's ability to effortlessly combine unique sounds and styles into a sound that would get everyone from your next door neigbour to your 5 year old cat excited. They have certainly taken off with a bang, and the new release is burning holes through Australia's music industry. The track has already been featured in the film The Argues and its not hard to understand why! It matches the unique quirkiness of the movie with ease but is a star in itself.

Users beware! This is not a track to chill-out to on a Sunday night while nursing a hangover. It is, however, the track to blast while contributing to that inevitable Sunday morning hangover. Fast-paced beats, passionate and powerful vocals and sounds that will explode in your brain and reel around in your head - that is the name of the game when it comes to Didge On Fire.

Don't miss out on this musical experience! Dig it and download it today on iTunes!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sam Pollard - World of Difference

With a set of pipes that would give Steven Tyler a run for his money, it’s no surprise that Sam Pollard is being compared to some of today’s most popular artists, Robbie Williams and David Blunt included. But Pollard is through and through a true musical genius, and it’s not just his vocals that will make the ladies go gaga for this dreamy rocker.

Sam Pollard’s album, World of Difference, is certainly making a world of difference when it comes to Sam and his contemporaries. Sam’s musical talents positively ooze out of this album, whether through his piano accompaniments or through the electric and acoustic guitar arrangements. And just in case you didn’t know, Sam plays all three of these instruments, in addition to the trumpet and trombone. In a world full of mass-produced pop stars whose salvation depends on auto-tune, Pollard proves that true talent not only still exists but is also rewarded. His overpowering vocals characterize this album along with catchy, unique melodies and beautifully composed instrumentals.

Romantic ballads like World of Difference and She Has a Dream dance hand in hand with fast-paced pop-rock anthems such as The Only One Who Knows and Save Me. The result is an album that provides listeners with a smooth, gutsy and enlightening listening experience. This is very much a showcase of Pollard’s talents – his vocal range is almost unheard of in today’s typical musical acts – Pollard can really sing! But what really puts this album on the radar is the clever way in which Pollard combines piano compositions with electric and acoustic guitar arrangements. It is nothing short of brilliant. If what you’re looking for is an artist with range and excitement, this is definitely one not to miss!

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7 Horses - Brave New World

Songwriter Joanne Filips and acoustic guitarist Phil Russo have merged together to make magic once again, with the latest single from 7 Horses, Brave New World. Haunting vocals and fast-paced, racy guitar instrumentals accent this unique single. The Country-Western ambiance of this track will keep listeners guessing as to what’s around the corner; the eclectic rhythm and melody is like a shot of tequila. It starts with a bang and you can feel it reel around your head, intoxicating you with real emotion.

Brave New World is a testament to the originality of 7 horses; their music spans a wide array of genres, with tones of country, rock and alternative pop to name just a few. The song is infused with so much talent that listeners won’t know whether to focus on the raw emotion of Filip’s vocals or the acoustic journey through guitar chords. Close your eyes and allow the song to take you on a voyage through a desert highway in Texas, in the comfort of your own living room!

7 Horses has proven their worth again through this single, and its unsurprising that they were put on the list of artists to watch out for by the VH-1 song of the year contest. Users should beware; this is not for the weak at heart. So if you are interested in experimental acoustics, dreamy vocals, unique melodies all ingeniously composed, this is for you!

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Funky P - Get The Funk

It’s funk meets soul and Hip-Hop. It’s R’n’B meets chillout beats with sprinkles of pop flavour. It’s Jamiroquia meets Donnell Jones! Funky P is asking you all to get the funk in the appropriately named album, Get The Funk! And who better to do it with than the new masters of funk? This album has everything a Saturday night should have – love, lust, vigour, raciness and dizzying excitement. This album is packing heat and you are its target!

It's not often that an artist will take this many risks, but Funky P does just that by combining a unique selection of genres and compacting them into an excitingly composed album, full of fresh melodies and beats that jump out and smack you across the face! Need some mood music to woo that special man or woman in your bedroom? Throw on Live By Your Side or The Days of Pearly Spencer and suddenly you're Hugh Hefner manifested. Feel like jamming out to a hot track on your way to the club on a Friday evening? Throw on the disco inspired track, Falling, and the ladies will be swooning over you because that's just how good Funky P is! You'll even find a tribute to classics in this album, with a cover of Joe Crocker's hit Beautiful.

Let these self-professed "Jazz and Funk guys" from Europe into your homes for an experience that transcends age, gender and ethnicity. Anybody who appreciates good music will be itching for some Funky P by the end of the night like it's the latest trending street drug. Don't be the last to jump on board this ship - because it's sailing fast!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hypnagog - Dreaming in Pieces

This album is for the daring and experimental - dare to embark on a journey through cosmic beats and slices of electronic reverberation. This electronic album by Hypnagog, appropriately titled "Dreaming in Pieces", is sure to blow your mind! Funky electronic and synthesized beats coupled with fast-punching melodies provides a trippy experience for even the most sober of listeners. If you've been searching for an album to blast out on full volume while having those pre-drink parties at home, this is the one for you. Young, fresh, experimental and hip this is sure to send those dance groove shivers up your spine! The album may be called Dreaming in Pieces but there is nothing fractured about this sound. It is welded together effortlessly into what can only be compared to abstract art and will ultimately coax your eardrums out of their mundane existence. Don't miss out on this explosion of musical flavour!

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Dale Bozzio - Make Love Not War

Shoulder pads, leg warmers and outlandish haircuts are back with Dale Bozzio's album, Make Love Not War! Play this CD and you'll immediately be transported back to the 1980s. Classic 80s sounds and beats are paired together along with strong vocals from Bozzio to create a fun and eclectic experience for 80s music lovers. The album is a slice of history that encompasses Dale's personal beliefs about compassion and positive vibes - and the uplifting beats and melodies will definitely infuse positivity into any environment you choose to play this in! There's even a track on the album co-written by musical legend Prince! Take Me To Your Leader combines both Dale's person style with Prince's infamous talents to provide audiences with a vibrant track you'll be jamming to in no time. By the end of this you'll be saying, Madonna who? So don't miss your opportunity for this incredible journey through time.

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The Argues Soundtrack - Don't Argue With It

If you haven't had enough of Leon Skank and the crazy Argues movie crew, get your daily dose through this incredible compilation of 24 tracks handpicked by the Blue Pie team! If you thought the film was a quirky masterpiece, just wait until you listen to this eclectic album. The album serves a buffet of musical content and there is no shortage of choice when it comes to genres. If you feel like chilling out to some smooth beats, then "Fall" by Sahra is one for you and you can throw "Freaky Full Reactions" by Aeriel Spans Earth, if you so desire! Not freaky enough for you? Get down and dirty with some good old-fashioned rock anthems with tracks like "Daze of Normal Life"by Diggsville or "Turn it Up" by Dave Evans. As if that wasn't enough, make your lover croon by playing a soulful R'n'B tune by Eric Simins, or keep your friends guessing as to what's on next with some contemporary ethnic music by Blue Pie favourite Didge on Fire! If spice and flavour is what you've been searching for, search no more! You'll definitely find something that gets your juices flowing with this album.

Dig it and download it now on iTunes!

Barry Crocker - On Broadway

Here's a man who needs no introduction and who we are proud to call a part of the Blue Pie family - Barry Crocker! Any true-blue Aussie will feel right at home listening to this compilation of songs which evokes memories spanning Crocker's career. Looking for a Christmas present for mum and dad? This is the perfect gift! Pop on Crocker's CD on a warm winter night and sit by the fireplace sipping red wine while his crooning voice transports you to Broadway right in your own home. This CD will feel like having an old friend visit - warm, reminiscent of times passed, comforting and undoubtedly uplifting! What are you waiting for?

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fontaine - Beautiful Thing

Los Angeles based Fontaine will captivate audiences with her sultry tone and warm voice in her single Beautiful Thing. This song is as far from generic pop as you can get, with warm sprinkles of alternative-country and indie merging together to produce an evocative melody that has a depth beyond the capacity of most artists. It's not hard to see how Fontaine has been influenced by her background, born in France yet raised in South Carolina, Fontaine has carved out a niche for herself just as original as her background. Uplifting vocals accent this slow track with a hint of melancholy found only in the most mature of singer-songwriters. If original is what you are in search for, don't miss this unique work of art.

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Tony Hall - The Tony Hall Show

Gritty beats? Check. Deep base? Check. Clever rhythm and rhymes? Check. Tony Hall drives it home for all Hip-Hop lovers out there with his new album, The Tony Hall Show. Hall hails from Columbia, South Carolina and his spicy Southern flavor oozes out of this album from all corners. His hard hitting tracks that boast strong lyrical content should make any authentic Hip-Hop lover feel at home. Never a dull moment, the album darts back and forth from serious tracks to club tunes that will have you guessing what comes next.

Personal struggle is chronicled through dirty beats and strong lyrics in tracks like "Time Machine", "I'm on the Grind" and "Pig Latin". But if you're in the mood for some skin-crawling Hip-Hop that will make you want to grind the night away, skip down to tracks like "Off the Chain", "Do your Own Dance" and "I'm On It". The album gives to audiences what Hip-Hop demands - strong lyrical content, beats that get down and dirty, and melodies that are sure to make hair stand. Smooth and comforting like a warm glass of scotch, don't miss your chance to embark on a journey through authentic Hip-Hop - buy

The Tony Hall Show today from iTunes!

Bleek - This Intoxication

Bleek's newest
single, This Intoxication, a dynamic and energetic track which puts a refreshing spin on most pop-rock songs out today. Bleek introduces listeners to easy harmonies and smooth guitar instrumentals which unite to form an uplifting and catchy tune to jam out to wherever you are! The track is nothing short of intoxication, moving from slower to faster beats between the verse and chorus, there is never a dull moment for the listener. You'll soon find yourself wishing this song would feature on Rock Band so you can delve into the cleverly composed harmonies for yourself! If this is just a taster then loyal fans can expect a brilliant album from Bleek that is sure to break the current trend in generic pop rock sounds.

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Castro - Remember Me

Castro, through the album Remember Me, has created nothing short of a brilliant variation to traditional Middle Eastern Folklore music. It is not hard to see why Castro (Mahmoud C Salha) cites meditation as one of his major influences while creating this album. The deep and emotive sounds created by both string instruments paired with horn sections and piano put a unique spin on Middle Eastern music by introducing Jazz and contemporary beats into the mix. If you close your eyes, little effort will go into convincing your mind that you are on a magical journey through the hot and dusty Arabian desert or the lapping shores of the Red Sea. Tracks such as "Eastern Magic" and "Western Breeze" are appropriately titled as this album does for Middle Eastern music what Asian Fusion does for food - it harmoniously unites two unique cultures and sounds into an intricate, delicate and meaningful flow which will serve as a slice of heaven for the ears. Not an album to be taken lightly, the intense sounds and melodies dance a delicate tango together to treat listeners to an ebb and flow of music which transports you to another realm. This is a definite must for any music lover's playlist - whether jazz, classical or middle eastern music is your poison.

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Steve Pratt - The Lunar Tics

Join The Lunar Tics on a journey out of space with this epic sing a long brought to you by Steve Pratt! Based on the popular cartoon series The Lunartics, parents and children can bond over this album while loveable alien beings teach your youngsters about the animal kingdom through jazzy tunes and fun imagery! Playful and fast-paced tracks such as "Platypus" and "Koaloa" will have your children educated about earth's creatures in no time and with seemingly little effort! This is definitely one for the road, or simply crank it up at home when cartoons don't seem to cut it.

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The Moscow Ancient Music Ensemble - Estro Poetico-Armonico

The Moscow Ancient Music Ensmeble has done it again! Back with new release features in this compilation series, Estro Poetico-Armonico is a fitting name for this uplifting classical album which will lull the music lover's soul. Intricate violin and piano ensembles form a delicate pairing while occasional tracks infuse the sweet sound of opera into the mix. All tracks merge seamlessly together in a flawless performance of classical music. If this album was a season, it would be spring - if it was a literary style, it would be poetry!

Listeners will be taken on a pleasant journey through this album, feeding on the banquet of euphoric melodies it has to offer. The perfect sound to coax you out of bed on a bright, Sunday morning, or to accompany you on a drive along a coastal road. So if you are seeking an antidote to the weekly rat-race, don't miss out on the beautiful harmony of sounds that form Estro Poetico-Armonico.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swade G - Koolaid

It is not often that a musician will come out, guns blazing, and give such a gutsy shout-out to contemporaries without simultaneously losing their artistic integrity and individuality. Yet there is plenty refreshing about Swade G's recent album, Koolaid! Listeners will be taken on a journey through hip-hop history through album tracks such asChevy's Hot”,Fly Like Me” and “I love Hoes”. For seasoned hip-hop connoisseurs, it is easy to pick up on Swade G's respectful nod to famed artists such as Michael Jackson, The Fugees, Ludacris and 50 cent. “Chevy's Hot” samples The Fugees’ 1996 hit, "Ready or Not" while “Fly Like Me” is an unmistakeable throwback to Michael Jackson's 1984 hit, "Somebody's Watching Me". The last track on the album, “I Love Hoes”, is a play on the Ludacris hit, “Area Codes” while sample beats from peers such as 50 cent are also re-interpreted. “Fly Like Me” is reminiscent of the song “This is How We Do” by The Game and 50 cent.

While several of the tracks on Swade G's Koolaid sample tunes from infamous urban songs and artists, it is in no way a tired regurgitation of familiar tracks. Swade G cleverly infuses his own technique and message into each one of his songs with great care and charisma, always careful not to disrespect the artists that he borrows from. Infused in this is Swade G’s life story,with songs like “Dear Oprah” and “Talk Money” that speak of struggle.

In its entirety, this album is a unique chronicle of Swade G's influences both musical and personal. Uniform beats and melodies throughout ensure that the album forms an organic sound that works. So roll down your windows, kick up your feet with a glass of bourbon and relax to what is undoubtedly a showcase of Swade G’s unique repertoire and talent!

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Chiido - Time Will Tell

Chiido's third release single, Time Will Tell, is a soulful R'nB track with influences of urban music reminiscent of the 1990s. This song will transport you into the depths of relaxation - a definite must for your summer playlist. Close your eyes and allow the soft musical ensemble to carry your mind onto a sandy beach in Fiji with a cool breeze and your evening margarita.

Influences from Chiido's native Nigeria can be found in this track along with his characteristic African accent, which undoubtedly marks the originality of his rap technique. The uniform beats and melody throughout ensure that Time Will Tell is easy on the ears and is an ideal song to unwind to after a stressful day at the office. If this is just a teaser of Chiido's talent and upcoming album, his loyal following will have plenty to be excited about in the near future!

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