Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fernando R Fernandez Vol. 1

Fernando is bringing the taste of tapas and Sangria straight into your living room, with this breezy and smooth album. Self-titled “Fernando R Fernandez Vol 1”, the album is certainly easy and pleasant on the ears. Whether you feel like romancing a new love or sipping wine peacefully on your veranda while the sun sets in the distance, this album is definitely one to lull the mind.

If you’re a fan of Santana this will definitely appeal to you – the beautifully composed guitar solos provide a harmonious break to the vocals – not that you need one! You’ll be begging Fernando to keep singing even as the last note peters off into the distance. And if his soothing voice isn’t enough for you, skip to the penultimate track named “Arena” and enjoy the wonderful vocals of Melissa.

This album will not go unnoticed amongst contemporaries and ladies will be swooning over the underlying romance of this album. Husbands and boyfriends beware, because chances are you can’t compete with the Fernando’s sexy serenading.

Grab this album now and join the experience. Download on iTunes now!

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