Thursday, April 7, 2011

Billy Lofton - Tell Me Tomorrow

Ah, the 80s – era of the legwarmers, shoulder pads, crazy hair and last but not least, funky dance music! And you certainly won’t want to tell Billy Lofton anything tomorrow. In fact, after hearing his new album, “Tell Me Tomorrow”, you’ll want to tell him everything today.

You’ll want to let him know how his sweet melody “Baby I Love Your Way” made your partner woozy and intoxicated with love. You’ll tell him how you dance the night away under a shiny disco ball to his song “My Best Friend’s Girl”.

You’ll also tell him how you almost got arrested for blasting the jam “Love Sneaks Into Your Heart” way too loud at 2am, while dreaming of the date you just had! And don’t forget to GRAB YOUR BOOTS! Lofton’s new spin on “These Boots are Made for Walking” generates a new upbeat version. Forget about line-dancing to this one. This creative piece of work will have anyone up and grooving away.

Time is ticking so stop wasting it and download this amazing album on iTunes now!

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