Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rob Marin - Warning You

Rob Marin fans, the wait is over. And if you're not already a fan, then you soon will be. Marin's new single “Share My love” is out now! With his cool blend of R&B and pop he creates deep music with an immense emotional feel. On the same album, he also turns respected past his like 'Here Waiting For You', into newly transformed masterpieces of his own!

Whether you're searching for an upbeat song or a romantic ballad, this album has it all. You are sure to embark on a long love affair with Rob Marin through his evocative vocals and beautiful instrumentals. The mixing of R&B and Pop means there's a wide variety of choice and you'll be wondering what exactly is round the corner. This album is far from your typical musical experiment and Marin is sure to be a fixture in the music scene for a long time to come! Some personal favourites of mine include "Share My Love" and "Drive My Car".

Dig it and download it today on iTunes!

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