Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Great new single released by Pete Hawkes, "Riddle of the East" from his album Acoustic Collection

From his album The Acoustic Collection comes the soul churning 'Riddle of the East.' Leading with his quintessential folk acoustic styling, Pete Hawkes entwines the instrumental with electric guitar, violin and saxophone at the very end. Influenced by blues guitarist Davey Graham in his early years as a performer, 'Riddle of the East' may not hold the rhythm of a typical blues song but holds all the melancholy and sadness that is expected.

The acoustic and electric guitar battle throughout the number. Hawkes composing the performance of the guitars as if locked in a lovers quarrel, starting gently but quickly building into a great crescendo of strings. The other instruments featured tie in terrifically to tell of a bittersweet sorrow.

The title of the track 'Riddle of the East' perhaps even explaining the turmoil Hawkes faced during his time and subsequent deportation during the time of Communist China as part of the underground Jazz scene.

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