Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missed giving your loved one a present for valentines day? The Cadillac Bill Show has got it covered.

On behalf of the punished lovers who failed to gift their better halves with a Valentines present last month, The Cadillac Bill Show has found the perfect make up present. Forget flowers, chocolate or even a diamond necklace, Cadillac Bill is certain that women love toiletries and what could be better than a toilet brush? In this infomercial segment as part of the bizarre Canadian variety show, Cadillac Bill's very own branded toilet brush will leave viewers thinking what else could this show entail.

Wearing a blonde wig and aviator sunglasses, Cadillac Bill ensures the self designed toilet brush is beautifully crafted with multiple uses. Of course the most unusual use for a toilet brush you could think of is no match for the outlandish ways Bill suggests to incorporate the simple toilet brush into home life. From an 'organic' dog brush, a girl's doll to a plant duster are just some of the video's side-splitting suggestions.

Check it out the hilarious segment for yourself.

Cadillac Bill and the Creeping bent are well into their second season of their show. If this small teaser isn't enough check out the full episodes available on YouTube or their official site -

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