Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Once this French Virtuoso picks up his accordion you wont wont him to put it back down!

Ever imagined yourself strolling through the streets of Paris to the gleeful tunes of an accordion, just like the actors in those movies? Well thanks to French Composor and accordion player Jacques Pellarin we lovers of traditional French music can experience the sounds of France wherever we go (unfortunately the Parisean streets will remain in Paris). Jacques Pellarin has brought the sounds of the French country side to all corners of the globe and we should thank him dearly for that.

Pellarin begun his career as a soloist musician in 1984 with performances of classical and Russian music in Switzerland and Rhone-Alps. He Continued touring Europe performing in classical concerts and perfecting his art for the next 20 years up until 2004 where Jacques decided to end his career as a classic concert performer. From here Pellarin decided to pursue a more 'jazzy', up beat style, whilst still paying homage to his 'classical' origins. From 2005-2007 Pellarin joined somewhat of a Jazz 'dream team'; accompanying Pellarin on his accordion were the likes of, Yann Pajean a master of percussion, Diego Fano on the saxaphone, Bertrand Belly with the bass and Claude Noventa plucking his acoustic guitar. This group travel around Latin America and a number of European countries with a diverse list of musical styles including; Latin jazz, nuevo tango, waltzs swing, mambo and samba. Jacques still performs with members on this group in his new crew, the 'Jacques Pellarin Quartet' which has managed to create a modern and innovative sound through the combination of the accordion and the electric bass.

Pellarin is a superbly lyrical writer and player, his style of writing will put an instant skip in your step and inspire a great appreciation for the melodic, upbeat rhythm of the French. Below is one of his newer compositions 'Valse Pour Lucette', give it a listen and enjoy the artistic genius of Jacques Pellarin.

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