Thursday, March 31, 2016

Michael Jameson will have you tapping your feet to his funky NYC beats !!!

Hailing from Asbury, New Jersey comes masterful studio artist Michael Jameson. Born May 20, 1955 Jameson spins an infectious funk sound distilled for the NYC back alley set, the perfect theme to smokey streets, neon lights and early morning affairs. With a strong foundation in the styles of American music and influences such as the likes of the Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder and Al Green; Jameson’s an artist that successfully travels that line of taking retro elements of American Popular music and bringing them into the contemporary landscape.

A well versed performer on the east coast circuit, tight nit production perfectly translates to the stage which anybody who has been lucky enough to see the man live can vouch for. Jameson got his start in the local gigs around his home town of Jersey, quickly focussing on his career as a solo artist and begun developing his own trademark sound.

After the great success of releasing his first record 'Summer Love' in 2009 Jameson teamed up with Damien Reilly and Danny Saber in 2015 to re-work a number if his tracks from the 80's and give them a new feel. The results have been astounding with more than 500 radio stations througout North America playing "Summer Love". A top 10 radio hit in Australia with "Summer Love" with a huge note of thanks to Andrea Marr and the accolaides and success shows no sign of slowing down.

The Blue Pie License Teams have been very very very busy with the music licensed to a number of TV shows. We expect to have announcements on the shows and dates for episodes to air shortly .......did we say show was CSI something ? .....Ohhhh we forgot to mention that !!!

Shhhhhhh more news to follow and so if you're into Urban American Funk Rock look no further than Michael Jameson.

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