Thursday, March 10, 2016

If you're a young artist looking to learn and network, then Uncle Phil's your guy!

Uncle Phil Records was established to provide talent development and a vast network of resources to their artists and label partners in order to help them grow and develop new markets for their music.

Phil Hansen the founder of Phil Records has been a music teacher since 1973, has taught at two local colleges, two high schools, and in many music stores since that time and travelled throughout the USA expanding his student’s music minds. He has written eight published guitar and mandolin manuals, and many assorted articles on guitar styles and techniques in several publications. He continues to teach, perform, and live in the greater Puget Sound Region of Washington State. Phil brings his fun, zen management style to the business, focussing on keeping it simple and all about the music.

You would be hard pressed to find another individual with Phil's depth of experience; his ever growing network of musical partners now including an agreement with Blue Pie records provides an invaluable means for new up and coming folk artists to reach new markets and sky rocket their career to the next level.

If Uncle Phil records is just the thing you're career as an artist needs then check out the links below!

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