Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stevie Klasson's Book 'Rock N' Roll Tales From A Crooked Highway' is officially available worldwide and comes with the his new band's Debut Album 'Black Weeds'.

If anybody out there has ever wondered what it might be like to to saddle up on the steel horse that is a tour bus and hit the road with a band, then allow one of Sweden's most respected Guitarists, Stevie Klasson, to be your personal guide to the life of a rock god in his new book 'Rock N' Roll Tales From A Crooked Highway'.

Born on July 28 in 1968 in Södertälje, Sweden, Stevie Klasson, guitarist extraordinare, renowned in his craft and the star of bands such as, Diamond Dogs, Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders and more recently, Black Weeds. His talent and fame are unquestionable making him an ideal individual to give the inside scoop of what living a life of rock n' roll is like. Stevie's book has only been available since the 24th of January and sold with an early access CD of Black Weeds debut album which was released on the 5th of Febuary. The Book tells of Stevie's countless escapades, gigs and trouble he's gotten up to over his years of performing; it's sure to be a interesting read, just try not to get too jealous of the life you and I may never get to live.

Copies of the book can be internationally ordered from the link below -

Check out Black Weed's Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the latest info on the band and an up to date account of Stevie's adventures.

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