Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What do you get when you throw a group of middle aged men into a makeshift basement studio in Hamilton for the third year in a row?......... Thats right everyone the long wait is over, Season 3 of the Cadillac Bill show has arrived !!!

It was only yesterday night i was lying in bed thinking to myself... 'I need more videos of animals, pointless banter, nonsensical news reports, aliens, poorly edited scene transitions and old men in golden jackets in my life'. Thank god The Cadillac Bill Show Exists to satisfy these very specific needs!

For those of you who've never heard of The Cadillac Bill Show do yourself a favour, grab a bag of Doritos, a mild hallucinogen, sit back and prepare your face for the most comically cringe worthy variety show the world has to offer. Based and filmed in the small Canadian town of Hamilton, The Cadillac Bill Show has been providing its low budget, hilariously dry toilet humour for 2 seasons already; now by the will of God and overwhelming demand of the fans Bill is gracing the world with a 3rd season of wackiness.

Cadillac Bill and the creeping bent orchestra have been around since their hay day of rock N' roll in the 80's and what other group of middle aged men are more qualified to host pointless Canadian variety show other than a crew of washed up rockstars of the 80's? Absolutely nobody! Bill himself was voted the number 2 TV personality in all of Hamilton losing only to Matt Haze the weather man on account of his brilliant tan, no word of a lie, check out season 3 episode 1 if you don't believe me. Aside from the return of the regulars, famous guest star 'Drew Barrymore's portrait' is making another return for the 3rd year running which is some great news, as that picture is probably the most famous thing the show has going for it.

Despite what reservations all you nay sayers may have this is a genuinely entertaining show if only for its pure insanity and the priceless attitude of the Host Cadillac Bill, who seems to be physically incapable of expressing emotion. Whether intentional or not Bill's inability to change the tone of his voice makes many of the shows skits and his reactions just that much funnier, the show's content is random, hilariously dumb, doesn't make a lick of sense and Bill knows it. How many other shows do you know that can go from watching clips of penguins frolicking to an inside look at the transgender night life of Hamilton? The answer is none, there are no rules on the Cadillac Bill show.

Season 3 has somehow achieved the impossible and brought even more random variety to the most random variety show in existence. So if your living under a log and want to find out whats going on in the world or have absolutely nothing else to do with yourself, don't waste any more of your precious time not watching season 3 of The Cadillac Bill Show! If no guilty pleasure is derived from watching this insane show then you may want to see a doctor for treatment of a chronic case no sense of humour.

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