Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Cure for your Rock Drought

Not too sure what Rihanna could possibly be working on? Definitely do not want to share a pillow with Zayn or figure out what Justin Bieber means? If you're just missing the pure rock sounds of KISS, Black Zabbath or AC/DC look no further than Swedish rockers Märvel.

Forming in 2002, The King (John Steen), Speedo (Ulrik Bostedt) and The Vicar (Tony Samuelsson) bonded on a USA high school exchange over drinking beer, lousy grades and playing rock n roll.

Since their first two albums Five Smell City and Thunderblood Heart the band not believing in replacing members have brought in two new bassists, The Aviator and the Burgher. So for those who are counting, Märvel is a power trio with five members.

Following the addition of new members, Märvel have released two further albums (Warhawks of War and Hadal Zone Express). Their latest work though is mini album The Hills Have Eyes released in February 2015 and produced by Fred Estby.

With their second release on the mini-album being a W.A.S.P. cover of 'L.O.V.E. Machine', Märvel flaunt their high energy vocals, flesh throwing guitar riffs and head banging beats transforming this classic into a killer work of their own.

Performing at The Pipeline in London this March, Märvel give a riotous show dressed up in leather balaclavas and outfits to match their very own alter egos.

Rock out out their second single release from their mini-album The Hills Have Eyes

So if you're still in search for a hard rock revival with a flair of Scandinavian glamour, check out everything Märvel has to offer!

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