Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blue Pie records have formed a Strategic Partnership with TraxAir in an effort to give more value to your digitally distributed music!!!

Operating as a record label, producing, patenting, signing and digitally distributing music; the ability to securely utilise the digital network for use in the music industry is a top priority for Blue Pie Records. This is an aspiration shared by a number of other companies working in the music industry, one company in particular, TraxAir, provide a cross media music identification solution giving industry professionals the technology to easily track, protect, monetise and promote audio contents.

This quote from the CEO of TraxAir Cédri Gaudard, showcases the companies' beliefs and ambitions in their business model. "In our digital era, music is too often considered as a free good. At TraxAir, our everyday mission is to give value back to music by developing the first cross-media monitoring solution. We believe everyone should be able to track, protect & monetise it's content easily and accurately." - Cédric Gaudard CEO / Co-founder of TraxAir.

TraxAir's goals and services are well aligned with Blue Pie's priorities and services making this partnership all the more beneficial for both companies!
This partnership looks to greatly profit both companies and their customers alike, we look forward to working with TraxAir and hopefully we can achieve something great.

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