Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swade G - Koolaid

It is not often that a musician will come out, guns blazing, and give such a gutsy shout-out to contemporaries without simultaneously losing their artistic integrity and individuality. Yet there is plenty refreshing about Swade G's recent album, Koolaid! Listeners will be taken on a journey through hip-hop history through album tracks such asChevy's Hot”,Fly Like Me” and “I love Hoes”. For seasoned hip-hop connoisseurs, it is easy to pick up on Swade G's respectful nod to famed artists such as Michael Jackson, The Fugees, Ludacris and 50 cent. “Chevy's Hot” samples The Fugees’ 1996 hit, "Ready or Not" while “Fly Like Me” is an unmistakeable throwback to Michael Jackson's 1984 hit, "Somebody's Watching Me". The last track on the album, “I Love Hoes”, is a play on the Ludacris hit, “Area Codes” while sample beats from peers such as 50 cent are also re-interpreted. “Fly Like Me” is reminiscent of the song “This is How We Do” by The Game and 50 cent.

While several of the tracks on Swade G's Koolaid sample tunes from infamous urban songs and artists, it is in no way a tired regurgitation of familiar tracks. Swade G cleverly infuses his own technique and message into each one of his songs with great care and charisma, always careful not to disrespect the artists that he borrows from. Infused in this is Swade G’s life story,with songs like “Dear Oprah” and “Talk Money” that speak of struggle.

In its entirety, this album is a unique chronicle of Swade G's influences both musical and personal. Uniform beats and melodies throughout ensure that the album forms an organic sound that works. So roll down your windows, kick up your feet with a glass of bourbon and relax to what is undoubtedly a showcase of Swade G’s unique repertoire and talent!

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