Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sam Pollard - World of Difference

With a set of pipes that would give Steven Tyler a run for his money, it’s no surprise that Sam Pollard is being compared to some of today’s most popular artists, Robbie Williams and David Blunt included. But Pollard is through and through a true musical genius, and it’s not just his vocals that will make the ladies go gaga for this dreamy rocker.

Sam Pollard’s album, World of Difference, is certainly making a world of difference when it comes to Sam and his contemporaries. Sam’s musical talents positively ooze out of this album, whether through his piano accompaniments or through the electric and acoustic guitar arrangements. And just in case you didn’t know, Sam plays all three of these instruments, in addition to the trumpet and trombone. In a world full of mass-produced pop stars whose salvation depends on auto-tune, Pollard proves that true talent not only still exists but is also rewarded. His overpowering vocals characterize this album along with catchy, unique melodies and beautifully composed instrumentals.

Romantic ballads like World of Difference and She Has a Dream dance hand in hand with fast-paced pop-rock anthems such as The Only One Who Knows and Save Me. The result is an album that provides listeners with a smooth, gutsy and enlightening listening experience. This is very much a showcase of Pollard’s talents – his vocal range is almost unheard of in today’s typical musical acts – Pollard can really sing! But what really puts this album on the radar is the clever way in which Pollard combines piano compositions with electric and acoustic guitar arrangements. It is nothing short of brilliant. If what you’re looking for is an artist with range and excitement, this is definitely one not to miss!

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