Thursday, March 17, 2011

Didge On Fire - Didge On Fire

Didge are definitely on fire in this new release, self-titled Dige On Fire! Rock out with this up-tempo track which features sounds that are reminiscent of 80s rocked, mixed with contemporary beats and Aboriginal falvour. But don't let the background infusion of the didgeridoo fool you. Didge On Fire are as far from traditional folk music as you can get.

The song is a showcase of the band's ability to effortlessly combine unique sounds and styles into a sound that would get everyone from your next door neigbour to your 5 year old cat excited. They have certainly taken off with a bang, and the new release is burning holes through Australia's music industry. The track has already been featured in the film The Argues and its not hard to understand why! It matches the unique quirkiness of the movie with ease but is a star in itself.

Users beware! This is not a track to chill-out to on a Sunday night while nursing a hangover. It is, however, the track to blast while contributing to that inevitable Sunday morning hangover. Fast-paced beats, passionate and powerful vocals and sounds that will explode in your brain and reel around in your head - that is the name of the game when it comes to Didge On Fire.

Don't miss out on this musical experience! Dig it and download it today on iTunes!

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