Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Argues Soundtrack - Don't Argue With It

If you haven't had enough of Leon Skank and the crazy Argues movie crew, get your daily dose through this incredible compilation of 24 tracks handpicked by the Blue Pie team! If you thought the film was a quirky masterpiece, just wait until you listen to this eclectic album. The album serves a buffet of musical content and there is no shortage of choice when it comes to genres. If you feel like chilling out to some smooth beats, then "Fall" by Sahra is one for you and you can throw "Freaky Full Reactions" by Aeriel Spans Earth, if you so desire! Not freaky enough for you? Get down and dirty with some good old-fashioned rock anthems with tracks like "Daze of Normal Life"by Diggsville or "Turn it Up" by Dave Evans. As if that wasn't enough, make your lover croon by playing a soulful R'n'B tune by Eric Simins, or keep your friends guessing as to what's on next with some contemporary ethnic music by Blue Pie favourite Didge on Fire! If spice and flavour is what you've been searching for, search no more! You'll definitely find something that gets your juices flowing with this album.

Dig it and download it now on iTunes!

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