Monday, March 7, 2011

The Moscow Ancient Music Ensemble - Estro Poetico-Armonico

The Moscow Ancient Music Ensmeble has done it again! Back with new release features in this compilation series, Estro Poetico-Armonico is a fitting name for this uplifting classical album which will lull the music lover's soul. Intricate violin and piano ensembles form a delicate pairing while occasional tracks infuse the sweet sound of opera into the mix. All tracks merge seamlessly together in a flawless performance of classical music. If this album was a season, it would be spring - if it was a literary style, it would be poetry!

Listeners will be taken on a pleasant journey through this album, feeding on the banquet of euphoric melodies it has to offer. The perfect sound to coax you out of bed on a bright, Sunday morning, or to accompany you on a drive along a coastal road. So if you are seeking an antidote to the weekly rat-race, don't miss out on the beautiful harmony of sounds that form Estro Poetico-Armonico.

Dig it and download it at emusic!

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