Sunday, March 13, 2011

Funky P - Get The Funk

It’s funk meets soul and Hip-Hop. It’s R’n’B meets chillout beats with sprinkles of pop flavour. It’s Jamiroquia meets Donnell Jones! Funky P is asking you all to get the funk in the appropriately named album, Get The Funk! And who better to do it with than the new masters of funk? This album has everything a Saturday night should have – love, lust, vigour, raciness and dizzying excitement. This album is packing heat and you are its target!

It's not often that an artist will take this many risks, but Funky P does just that by combining a unique selection of genres and compacting them into an excitingly composed album, full of fresh melodies and beats that jump out and smack you across the face! Need some mood music to woo that special man or woman in your bedroom? Throw on Live By Your Side or The Days of Pearly Spencer and suddenly you're Hugh Hefner manifested. Feel like jamming out to a hot track on your way to the club on a Friday evening? Throw on the disco inspired track, Falling, and the ladies will be swooning over you because that's just how good Funky P is! You'll even find a tribute to classics in this album, with a cover of Joe Crocker's hit Beautiful.

Let these self-professed "Jazz and Funk guys" from Europe into your homes for an experience that transcends age, gender and ethnicity. Anybody who appreciates good music will be itching for some Funky P by the end of the night like it's the latest trending street drug. Don't be the last to jump on board this ship - because it's sailing fast!

Dig it and download it now on iTunes.

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