Monday, March 7, 2011

Tony Hall - The Tony Hall Show

Gritty beats? Check. Deep base? Check. Clever rhythm and rhymes? Check. Tony Hall drives it home for all Hip-Hop lovers out there with his new album, The Tony Hall Show. Hall hails from Columbia, South Carolina and his spicy Southern flavor oozes out of this album from all corners. His hard hitting tracks that boast strong lyrical content should make any authentic Hip-Hop lover feel at home. Never a dull moment, the album darts back and forth from serious tracks to club tunes that will have you guessing what comes next.

Personal struggle is chronicled through dirty beats and strong lyrics in tracks like "Time Machine", "I'm on the Grind" and "Pig Latin". But if you're in the mood for some skin-crawling Hip-Hop that will make you want to grind the night away, skip down to tracks like "Off the Chain", "Do your Own Dance" and "I'm On It". The album gives to audiences what Hip-Hop demands - strong lyrical content, beats that get down and dirty, and melodies that are sure to make hair stand. Smooth and comforting like a warm glass of scotch, don't miss your chance to embark on a journey through authentic Hip-Hop - buy

The Tony Hall Show today from iTunes!

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