Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 Horses - Brave New World

Songwriter Joanne Filips and acoustic guitarist Phil Russo have merged together to make magic once again, with the latest single from 7 Horses, Brave New World. Haunting vocals and fast-paced, racy guitar instrumentals accent this unique single. The Country-Western ambiance of this track will keep listeners guessing as to what’s around the corner; the eclectic rhythm and melody is like a shot of tequila. It starts with a bang and you can feel it reel around your head, intoxicating you with real emotion.

Brave New World is a testament to the originality of 7 horses; their music spans a wide array of genres, with tones of country, rock and alternative pop to name just a few. The song is infused with so much talent that listeners won’t know whether to focus on the raw emotion of Filip’s vocals or the acoustic journey through guitar chords. Close your eyes and allow the song to take you on a voyage through a desert highway in Texas, in the comfort of your own living room!

7 Horses has proven their worth again through this single, and its unsurprising that they were put on the list of artists to watch out for by the VH-1 song of the year contest. Users should beware; this is not for the weak at heart. So if you are interested in experimental acoustics, dreamy vocals, unique melodies all ingeniously composed, this is for you!

Dig it and download it today on iTunes!

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