Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dale Bozzio - Make Love Not War

Shoulder pads, leg warmers and outlandish haircuts are back with Dale Bozzio's album, Make Love Not War! Play this CD and you'll immediately be transported back to the 1980s. Classic 80s sounds and beats are paired together along with strong vocals from Bozzio to create a fun and eclectic experience for 80s music lovers. The album is a slice of history that encompasses Dale's personal beliefs about compassion and positive vibes - and the uplifting beats and melodies will definitely infuse positivity into any environment you choose to play this in! There's even a track on the album co-written by musical legend Prince! Take Me To Your Leader combines both Dale's person style with Prince's infamous talents to provide audiences with a vibrant track you'll be jamming to in no time. By the end of this you'll be saying, Madonna who? So don't miss your opportunity for this incredible journey through time.

Dig it and download it on iTunes today!

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