Monday, March 7, 2011

Castro - Remember Me

Castro, through the album Remember Me, has created nothing short of a brilliant variation to traditional Middle Eastern Folklore music. It is not hard to see why Castro (Mahmoud C Salha) cites meditation as one of his major influences while creating this album. The deep and emotive sounds created by both string instruments paired with horn sections and piano put a unique spin on Middle Eastern music by introducing Jazz and contemporary beats into the mix. If you close your eyes, little effort will go into convincing your mind that you are on a magical journey through the hot and dusty Arabian desert or the lapping shores of the Red Sea. Tracks such as "Eastern Magic" and "Western Breeze" are appropriately titled as this album does for Middle Eastern music what Asian Fusion does for food - it harmoniously unites two unique cultures and sounds into an intricate, delicate and meaningful flow which will serve as a slice of heaven for the ears. Not an album to be taken lightly, the intense sounds and melodies dance a delicate tango together to treat listeners to an ebb and flow of music which transports you to another realm. This is a definite must for any music lover's playlist - whether jazz, classical or middle eastern music is your poison.

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