Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roadhouse Rebels - Wanted To Be Alive

Roadhouse Rebels’ Wanted To Be Alive is a classic rock album for all true blue Aussies who love their pub music.

The album is masculinity put into its musical form. The lead singer’s low and brooding voice gives this music its mannish edge, while long and zany electric guitar solos make Wanted To Be Alive the classic rock and roll album that it is.

While rock is their predominant choice of genre, these testosterone-fueled musicians have incorporated different styles into the album too. For example, in the song that titled the album itself, Wanted To Be Alive, you’ll hear obvious hints of country, especially through the main chords that carry the song right to the end. You’ll also hear some cool electric sounds from a keyboard that resembles an organ, in Your Heart An’ Soul, giving it a kind of funk feeling.

As you can probably already tell, given its inclusion of new sounds and genres throughout, this album is far from predictable. You could play this album over and over and never get bored.

A great accompaniment to your next beer at the bar, or just hanging with the blokes out back for a barbie, Wanted To Be Alive is an album not to miss!

The Road House Rebels get some life on iTunes. This is a classic album with some simply awesome blues playing from some of Australia's best. Dig it and download it now on iTunes for the world.

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