Monday, October 18, 2010

Mick Swagger - Soul Figure

Mick Swagger and his new release single Soul Figure is out now to shake the clubs, and get us all up and dancing!

This hip-hop hit is kicking it up the charts into the club scene in Atlanta and the surrounding states, and now it’s here to rock our hemisphere!

The two-track single includes the original Soul Figure track, as well as Soul Figure (feat Treasure), which brings us a more electric feel to its forerunner.

Soul Figure (feat Treasure) is a pulsing hip-hop track that features cool digital sounds, and of course, Treasure, who sings the melodic chorus that’ll replay through your head all day.

In this addictive song, Mick Swagger also embraces a new and unconventional instrument when it comes to hip-hop, with a cool riff that runs through the chorus played by the trumpet.

Synthesizers and effects are also used throughout, especially within the vocals, giving the track a sense of futurism. Furthermore, it gives Soul Figure its own unique touch, and makes it more memorable for listeners.

Mick Swagger’s Soul Figure, is a must have!

Mick Swagger gets down to the next level and brings us his new hit Soul Figure. Click the link below to download this from iTunes.

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