Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cosmic Nomads - Vultress

Ray Vanderby digs up the Cosmic Nomads and gets them the love they need from Blue Pie. After years of not being paid by labels, Ray has made Blue Pie his musical home. A great friend of Serge Ermolls and now an ambassador of Jazz for Blue Pie, Ray has dug deep into his vaults to provide us with his much loved Blue's Rock Power Band The Cosmic Nomads.

The Cosmic Nomads’ unusual musical creations are now definitely set to get some attention from all the alternative music fans out there, with their new album, Vultress.

This album is so unique. You can hear that the band has spent so much time together creating and experimenting with sounds that are new to listeners. So many genres have been merged together throughout Vultress, including alternative, rock and roll, psychedelic, blues and jazz. This curious combination of styles is what makes this album so intriguing and exciting to listen to.

Furthermore, you’ll hear a range of very interesting instruments, and combinations of conflicting sounds. For example, Another World, as its name suggests, involves a bizarre blend of prolonged sounds from instruments like the synthesizer and keyboard, the cymbals and an occasional base line.

It is evident through The Cosmic Nomads’ music that they are not the type who cares for the acceptable norms of popular music. They have rolled with their own style and made an expression of it on their album.

Give it a go, you may just find you love The Cosmic Nomads’ out of this world musical experience!

The band's back catalogue is now on Blue Pie for the world. Check these super cool classic Aussie Rockers out and download their albums today. Dig it and download it now on iTunes for the world.

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