Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Devyl Nellys - Misery

With all of Florida and New York getting a buzz on The Devyl Nellys whenever they play, you’ll get to know why when you check out their new album Misery.

There are some super cool laid classic Californian rock tunes on this disc. Super smooth and super cool, Nelly Levon is the queen of the East Coast doing the West Coast thing.

Their latest album, Misery, has got The Devyl Nellys singing an array of songs that will get your toes tapping.

This album is so varied in the way of genres. Just when you think you have this band’s style figured out, you’re proven wrong with songs ranging from pop to alternative, to rock to a bit of jazz. Even a few country sounds can be detected throughout the playlist.

One of my favourites from Misery, is ‘Attracted;’ a cruisy tune that takes you away to a tropical island. This song brings a bluesy, jazzy feel to the album with cool layered vocals.

The country sound mentioned earlier can be heard in ‘Corina.’ You won’t hear too much of the fast tempo’d guitars and western style vocals usually associated with the genre, but there’s just enough to not sound overbearing, yet still be thoroughly enjoyable. This is accomplished through the cruisy feel that is linked to every song on the album.

Overall, The Devyl Nellys have done an outstanding job in delivering an album that’s lighthearted, up beat and fun, as well as giving it their own unique twist.

Dig this and play this one all day long! Download now from emusic with the link below.

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