Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Funkanauts

The Funkanauts are bringing back the funk into the 21st century with their radical and psychedelic tunes. Their sound will remind you of the feel good tunes brought to us in the 80’s by Earth, Wind & Fire, and will make you want to get up and ‘boogy on down!’ (As quoted in Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove”)

You’ll also hear an influence of two-man band Outkast, who are famous for their party anthems world-wide, and that’s exactly where I see The Funkanauts heading.

This band will stir up a rhythm of funk inside anyone who listens. “The Right Thang” is a hip and groovin’ tune that will lift your spirits, and get your foot tapping, while “Keepin’ It Real” has a chilled out feel, and a sense of retro-cool. “Subway” and “Chocolate Lollipop” are love songs featured on the album, minus the gloomy melodies and instrumentals.

Play this album at home, or in your car, wherever it’s played, it’s sure to pick up the mood.

Reclaiming The Pyramid definitely has the potential to become the next party album of the year. So, at your next gathering, chuck these guys on your record player, and you’ll have all your guests dancing in no time!

The Funkanauts get some heavy duty funk out on the pavement to get ya ass down on that dance floor to have help with "Reclaiming the Pyramids". This is the bands hot new album called " Reclaiming the Pyramids ". Check it out now on iTunes for the world by clicking on the purchase link below.

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